Friday Favorites: My new trucker hat and some other fun stuff




Hello and happy Friday!!  I haven’t blogged much this week because honestly, I needed a little unplugging.  I needed to let myself off the hook if I didn’t get to my blogging and running and cleaning and cooking.  It was just one of those weeks.  I had fun with the kids and we ate out every single day this week for lunch.  It’s true.  And I don’t care.

Jake left for camp on Monday….for the entire week.  What the what?!?! How in the world do I have a kid old enough for that.  I have no clue.  It’s been weird.  And quiet.  And Josh misses his buddy.  But, it’s been good for us to spend a little extra time with Josh and Lila.  Anyway….moving on to Friday Favorites that are in absolutely no particular order this week.  Because it’s early.  And I sill have to go run in this wretched heat and humidity…wish me luck.

My new Sweat Pink trucker hat

Sometimes a ball workout in your driveway is just what you need. Plus it helps that I got a cute new hat to wear while doing it. #fitapproach #sweatpink #stabilityballworkout #fitlife #fitfam #furtherfasterforever #runner #strengthtrain #texasfitchicks

Sometimes you need a new pink trucker hat to make your workouts a little more fun and interesting.  I’m fortunate enough to be an ambassador for Sweat Pink/Fit Approach and they came out with a trucker hat.  Dreams really do  come true.  I love a good trucker hat.

Ina Garten BBQ sauce


So we’ve kind of been into drum sticks lately.  We’re from Memphis so if we can get our hands on a good BBQ sauce we’re all over it.  My favorite go to homemade sauce is Ina Garten’s….


Yes.  It cuts off.  But, all you need to know is to saute the onions and garlic then add everything else, bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer 30 min.  That’s it.  I know it looks like a lot of stuff for a BBQ sauce but people… is SOOOOOO good.

Lila’s signature look of the week



In case you miss some of it let me lay it out for you…..Hello Kitty Easter basket, socks, ballet flats, romper that is in fact a size too small…at least, pig tails, beach hat.  Quite the look.  It’s cute now but I’m pretty sure it’ll get her made fun of when she’s 13.  For now, we take pictures and let her pick out her own outfits.  She is so fun.

Pool time

Swimming with this fun crew today. Can we just have summer year round? Living in the sun with push pops and cheesy fries and sunscreen and laughing happy kids. I vote for that. #summertime #summershenanigans #loveit

I love the feeling of summer.  I had 2 extra friends a few times this week and we swam and ate cheesy fries and push pops and had us a good old time.  We miss Jake so we had to fill in some time with friends.

Boot Camp!!


It’s my third week teaching camp and I AM LOVING IT!  Ya’ll.  Best job ever.  I get to teach and encourage and have fun with some awesome ladies who work hard and push themselves to reach their goals.  How can that not be awesome?  I’m loving it and adjusting to a new schedule and new responsibilities.

Trader Joe’s Jalepeno Greek Yogurt Dip


If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby then go buy this NOW!!  It is amazing.  I may have put in in last week’s Friday Faves but I don’t care.  It’s that good and I’m too tired to go check.  I dip some organic good for you sprouted stuff chips in it.  I’ve also put in on sweet potato fries and it’s to die for.  You. Are. Welcome.

A Traveling Workout

I know a lot of you are traveling this summer and it can be hard to find a routine when you are on vacation.  We need to rest and enjoy our vacations without the pressure of working out every day.  At the same time you want to continue with your goals and not get too far behind.  And if you’re like me, you may want to get outside and be active in whatever setting you find yourself in.  So, here is a great do anywhere workout for your traveling summer days…

Warm up: 30 of each

Jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees, skaters, star jumps

Round 1

10 push ups, 10 crunches, 9 push ups, 9 crunches….and so on until you get to 1

Cardio Blast: 2 min burpees

Round 2

10 squat jumps, 10 reverse lunge to knee up, 9 squat jumps, 9 reverse lunge to knee up and so on until you get to 1.

Cardio Blast: 2 min mountain climbers

Round 3 (15 of each):

plie squat, super man, curtsy lunge, tricep dips off curb

Cardio Blast: 2 min Tuck Jumps

Round 4 (20 of each):

Oblique crunch, V-Ups, Bicycle crunches, regular crunches

Repeat rounds as many times as needed for desired duration

There you have it.  A nice little challenge you can take anywhere with no equipment needed.  Happy traveling!

Big Brother



Yep.  We watch Big Brother.  Say what you will.  I know it’s kind of stupid and maybe not every 33 year old’s cup of tea, but we love this show.  We watch every Summer and get ridiculously invested.  So if you too are a BB fan, please comment below so I feel less lame.

My New Mizuno Enigma 5’s


Ok ya’ll.  This is just a sneak peak.  More to share about this shoe next week but let me just tell you. They are awesome!!  Light and airy yet cushiony(it’s a word) for my longer runs.  I’m hopefully I found my long run shoe for marathon training but again, more to come next week.

Ok that does it.  I’m off to run and get my boy back from camp today!!!!!  It’s been so weird without him this week and we are all ready to have him back.  Happy Friday friends!!

Don’t forget to link up with Erika for Friday faves!!

What is your favorite snack to get at the pool? Mine is mini corn dogs.  Just sayin

What’s your favorite long run shoe?



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  1. Hey Tara! So sorry I’m so slow to respond! Summer is insane. I am liking BB but I do think it’s a little slow this season with no one really making some big power moves. When a group works together like that it gets fun towards the end but at the beginning it can drag. But, we love the show pretty much no matter what haha. I wish you could come to camp!!!! I’m telling you salt at the pool is where it’s at!

  2. Kylie… glad you got some good shoes!! It’s critical for those long distances. And girl, Mama D was funny! Kept things interesting for sure because she wasn’t afraid to actually play the game!

  3. aw Trisha I’m jealous!!!!! Have fun at the beach and enjoy the workout!!!! Did I say I’m jealous=)?

  4. Yesssss! BB!!! How are u liking this season?! It’s taking me a bit longer to get into?! I so wish I could come to your boot camp!! Looks like fun!! My favorite pool snack is pretzels but somehow I can eat A LOT…half the bag later and I’m thinking OOPS!!!

  5. I just got new shoes (Asics) and they feel SOO cushiony for long runs! It’s totally a word;) I kept hearing so much about Big Brother that I started watching this season for the first time…I was actually so sad Mama Da got sent home last night! She made me laugh!

  6. This is awesome, thanks so much for the workout as we are headed to Seaside tomorrow! Wish I lived closer to workout with you!!

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