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Happy Friday momma’s!!  It’s Mother’s Day weekend and we leave for Spain on Tuesday.  Do you know what this means?  It means I didn’t make an appointment for a mani/pedi because I always just walk in…but it’s MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND!!! Surely there is a nail establishment in my town that won’t be filled to overflowing with desperate momma’s( me) getting their hands and feet pampered.  Because I’m running out of time.  So, tomorrow on my list is to call and make an appointment.  Let’s hope I make it in.

Moving on to our favorites.  These are all things I would LOVE to get for mother’s day or that I think you mother runner’s(or non runner’s, its ok) would love.  Here we go!!!

The Style House Frisco

If you’re local, this is where I get my hair cut.  Go there.  Thank me later.  You know how much I love JoJo from Fixer Upper right?  My salon is in an old house with SHIPLAP on the walls and old doors.  It’s amazing. This week I had a pretty fab mother’s day treat…I got a hair cut.  That’s right.  6 months of pony tails and top knots and side braids and it was time for a trimming and some style.


We’ll ignore the fact that it’s been pulled up since the next morning…and that was Tuesday.  It’s been a busy week mmk?  I’ll spruce things up next week.  But, if you need an amazing cut or color or whatever really, go see Anne at the Style House.

Ok, so it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  Which let’s be real, may not really mean that much to your normal routine.


As much as I feel like we mom’s need some pampering sometimes, it doesn’t really change the fact that people gotta eat.  And be driven places.  And get clean clothes.  We mom’s still have things to do.  So, while we may enjoy some pampering or a special lunch, we still do our thing.  And that’s kind of ok with me.  I like my thing.  Yes, there are moments I want to pull all my hair out and run out my front door just to get some time alone.  But those times are rare(kind of).  I really love being a mom and it’s a joy to watch my kids grow up.  I’ve been a mom for 9 years ya’ll.

9 years.

It’s a blink.

You need some cute stuff in your life….

Calia by Carrie Underwood

Ya’ll know I consider it my job to find you the best in workout clothes.  Well, I found a new one for you to try.  I was in Dick’s to grab a few new sports bra’s(so exciting I know) and I stumbled upon Lucy(which I love and didn’t know Dick’s had started carrying) and Calia.  I had no idea Carrie Underwood had a workout line.  I’m so not in the know when it comes to celebs.  Anyway, I grabbed a couple items and tried them on.  Oh. my. goodness.   So stinking cute, comfortable, well priced and versatile.  Here are my fave picks…


Women’s Inner Power Bracalia tank


calia tank back

Women’s Loose Fit Cross tank




Mixed Open Knit Scarf….which I clearly took the liberty of purchasing for myself.  Happy Mother’s day to me.

I’m really impressed so far with the quality and fit.  Tried on some capri’s and they fit like a dream, but I didn’t need them so I exercised some self control and put them back.  I was on a mission for one pair of running capri’s and got these……

New Nike “Run” capri’s withe leopard print detail




I know I write a lot about running/workout clothes, but capri’s aren’t something I buy often.  They’re expensive!  Since when did capri’s to run in become more expensive than my hair cuts?  I have no idea but I will keep 3 or 4 pairs that I love and wear them til you can see through them.  Almost.  So, I cleaned out my closet and all my workout stuff this week and got these cuties to replace 3 pairs I had to chunk.  I couldn’t find them online to save me life but I got them at Dick’s.   They fit great and stayed put while I ran.  Win win.

Victoria Secret Bombshell fragrance


Ok.  So, as I purged my closet, I also purged my drawers.  I threw out bra’s and sports bra’s that I had had since….well let’s just say a while.  I went to the old VS to buy a couple new sport’s bra’s and to look for a bathing suite for our trip(but because none of them were cute OR appropriate..I bought a totally exciting and totally NOT sexy pink sports bra instead).  Ok, I’m getting way off topic.  Let’s just say the bathing suite’s were a little too much for my taste.  I’m an Athleta girl.  BUT, as I was checking out they had this fragrance on the counter and it smells AMAZING.  I almost added it to my mother’s day sports bra and scarf, but I resisted.  Let me just tell you when Christmas rolls around I’ll be planting this in my stocking.

The new GARMIN Forerunner 920XT


Ya’ll.  I heart this watch.  It’s so much cuter than the black one I have(for which I’m EXTREMELY thankful.  I know it’s a pricey investment in my training so don’t get me wrong, I love my watch.  This one is just a little cuter).  I know you may not have need for this mac daddy of training watches, but it does it all if you swim, bike and run.  If not, they have less expensive options for your Fall marathon training.  I personally love having a watch as my training buddy and it’s helped me drop my pace significantly.  I’m just drooling over this one.

Oiselle Randies


Ok.  These underwear from Oiselle are amazing.  I bought them last year and they are hands down the most comfy undies I own.  For real.  They work great to run in or wear to bed.  Love them.

Altar’d State


“Stand out for Good.”

We have this adorable shop in the town next door called Altar’d State.  I’ve seen it before and been in once but it was a quick stop.  I was looking for teacher gifts for the end of the year yesterday and decided to stop in.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  The style is a little boho(is that still a thing?) and edgy but also cute and whimsy.  They have tons of accessories and shoes, bathing suites, dresses and some of the most adorable tops.  You can shop online or in one of their 30 retail shops.  You guys, seriously go check them out.  Look at their mission statement…


I just love this.  Their store is overflowing with products that give back with your purchase.  It’s the kind of place that makes me want to buy something because I know it’s going somewhere that matter’s.  So, way to stand for something Altar’d State and keep up the good work.  You definitely won me over.

Here are a few pics of my crew…






Ok ya’ll. Speaking of my crew they are flowing down out of bed and it’s time to get on with this Friday.  Lot’s to do.  I hope you momma’s have an amazing weekend filled with rest(can we all just say a collective “yea right”), mani’s and pedi’s and sweet time with your family.  Even if you are still doing laundry and taking out the trash.  Enjoy your people this weekend and hug them tight, for you are blessed.

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Best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?? Go!!!

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  1. aw thanks Becky!! I wondered about going gray with the red hair ha!! Mine has faded over the years and isn’t as red as it used to be. And thanks! We’re excited and I can’t wait to show pics and post about our trip!

  2. hey Trisha,
    I know those Nike capri’s are pricey! I now own one pair and had to sell several things in my closet to pay for those bad boys. But that’s my system. I sell things on FB sites or retail shops and that gives me a little fun money to replace the things I got rid of. Or buy my kids lunch like today=) Have a fantastic weekend as well!!

  3. I’ve seen Carrie Underwood’s line & wondered how it would fit, it’s super cute! Also, loving the Nike Capri tights but they are crazy expensive! Can’t wait to check out Altar’d State, gotta find one over here on the west side of town! Great post, hope you have a wonderful mama’s day! 🙂

  4. I always enjoy your blog Kelly! You look better than the scarf model & I am loving your hair! I’m a natural redhead but it’s losing the red, which I hear is normal. So I’m thinking I need to go get some red added back! Thank the Lord God Almighty mine isn’t grey yet though, so no complaints! Enjoy your trip! Can’t wait for that blog post!

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