Friday Favorites….and Least Favorites

Hello there and happy Friday! This week has been crazy as we wind down Summer. We had two Meet the Teachers and spent several lazy days watching Home Alone in our PJ’s until noon. It’s almost over and this week my goal was just focussing on my people. But, it also included some winner’s that just had to make a favorites post. I’m throwing in some least favorites, wamp wamp. Because that’s real life people.

Let’s get this party started.  Here are my favorites……..

Tinkle Razors

You guys. One afternoon my girlfriends and I were getting mani/pedi’s and I opted for an eyebrow wax(and lip because hello, you ask for an eyebrow wax and they automatically ask if you want your lip done too, which makes you think you NEED your lip done. You get all self conscious and say yes) and my friends, while I was getting waxed, told me about this amazing little razor.

It’s called the tinkle razor and it’s teeny tiny and easy as pie. You can use it on dry skin, although I found I had a few little red bumps doing it that way, or with shaving cream. It’s perfect for eyebrows or lips or any other stray hairs you find floating around areas they don’t belong. 

These little razors are changing my life,  and the best part is that you can order them from Amazon. You can find them here.  Never wax again!!


So for the last several years, I have held a Costco membership and done everything within my power to avoid actually going. I hate running errands. Like, hate. I never do it. I do grocery shop but besides that I’ll find every excuse not to run around fighting traffic and crowds. Costco is a decent drive from my house compared to other places I go and therefore, I put off going. When we got Penny she was on Costco dog food, which meant I had to rekindle my love for Costco, and more so, the drive to it(which in reality is like a hot 10 minutes, it’s stupid that I consider that far yes?).

I went last week and you guys, it’s like heaven on earth. How in the world could I have forgotten how amazing it is? It’s like Target on crack. I bought all the food and a new set of knives and dog food and dinner, and my kids ate a free lunch thanks to the samplers. It was glorious. Until they all started fighting and I had to separate them in the coffee aisle. Besides that, it was awesome. I’ve been back twice ha! And now that all my kids will be in school I have absolutely no excuse. I’ll start running errands like never before in my new-found freedom. Look out world.

I found these two gems, along with some amazing salmon that I forgot to take a picture of. But if you are a chip and dip a-holic like myself, this combo is legit.

I mean. Healthy-ish right? Ha!

Shady Rays Sunglasses

So I can’t remember if I tossed these in a post this Summer or not, and instead of going to check, I’m just putting them right here. Rob discovered these sunglasses after losing two pairs of Ray bans, in a very short period of time…love you babe.

So he ordered us each a pair of Shady Rays for $40 and I also got a pair to run in after rolling over my Oakley’s with my car. We are totally winning at life.

These aren’t mine, I stole it off the internet(can I say that?) but I LOVE them. They are super comfortable, inexpensive but don’t feel or look cheap. I’m a fan so far. You can find them here.

Fall is here! Kidding. It’s totally not. But it’s in the 80’s

I can not wait for Fall! It’s my favorite time of year and I’m dying to run in the cooler temps with about 4 million less mosquito bites. Well, I’m dying to run period. But more on that in my least faves. Come on Fall, Texas is ready!!

Jimmy John’s Club (#11)

So all of our traveling and Summering left me with a few too many of these bad boys. I know I know. But Summer.

So, school starts Monday as do new goals for momma. Shed a few Summer pounds, heal this toe so I can run, and start training for my next goal. But, I will say, if you find yourself in a Jimmy John’s, the #11 is a winner. Just maybe limit them to an occasional choice as opposed to a weekly one(I did not eat these weekly, but have admittedly had one too many).

Penny poo

Ya’ll. Penny will make weekly appearances regardless of how relevant because I could not be more in love with this pup. She’s already 13 weeks old and growing like a weed. She’s going to be huge. She’s my little buddy and I am so thankful she will be keeping me company next week when the kids are in school. She keeps me busy and moving and on my toes. And she’s just the cutest right?

She and Lila will miss each other desperately.

This is how Lila keeps Penny company while I make dinner. #spoiledpuppy


On our recent trip to Austin, I discovered Lush thanks to my in the know friends. I’m not much of a cosmetics gal so I’m not always up on what’s amazing. Fortunately, I have friends who are. So we went into Lush and I spent a million dollars too much on face masks and lotions. But my skin is smooth now ya’ll so it’s worth it right? I’m not sure. It was pricey which was a big drawback for me and the portions were small. We shall see. The lotion is awesome and I think will last a while, and this mask, well…we had some laughs.

This mask, as disgusting as it was to have on my face, made my skin feel great. And we had way too much fun with this on our girls trip. Who knew a green mask could make you laugh so hard? But hey, #itsvegan.

So in between favorites and least favorites falls Meet the Teacher. I had to do it twice this week ya’ll. At two different schools. And it is at least one million degrees hotter than it is outside inside this blessed event. So I wore extra deodorant and waterproof mascara, for sweat, not tears.

We did our very first middle school night and it was completely overwhelming. Jake said he felt better afterwards but my head was spinning and I’m not the one starting 6th grade. It’s a great school and I know he will do awesome,  but I’ll be a basket case on Monday. Middle school is big ya’ll!!! For this life curve I do not feel ready.

To top off my week of conflicting emotions, we had Meet the Teacher for Lila and Josh last night. I’ll have all 3 in school in just a few days and yesterday while making my coffee it hit me, and the tears started flowing. One minute I’m elated and the next I just want to hit a pause button. Once they start school time seems to have no mercy. It just goes too fast, and I know, like tomorrow, they will be in college.

Anyway, for the little two we could not be more excited about their teachers and for this school year. Lila got Josh’s kinder teacher and ya’ll, I’m the room mom, which is a first for me. I’m not sure what these poor parents are in for but I’ll do my best to not suck.

We have the best school on the planet, and half my friends are on the PTA. It’s going to be a good year. #mimosasonmonday


So here are some of my least favorite moments from this past week……..

I exploded a boiled egg in my microwave. I just wanted it warm, is that too much to ask? But like an idiot I didn’t cover it, and reaped the hour-long consequence of cleaning this out of every single tiny crevice of space. Lovely. It smelled AWESOME by the way. This was a Summer needs to end moment for sure. No tears, just cries of frustration.

So I tried my foot at running this week, and made it half a mile. If my kids would stop stepping on my broken toe(and I am not even joking. Why do kids step on our feet? It’s like they are genetically inclined to find the one spot on our body that needs to be left alone, and stomp on it) it would heal a lot faster. It was feeling a little better all that to say until last night, when it was stepped on at least 300 times. So, it was a bit of a bummer of a week. More on that next week with a running and racing update, but for now, I lift and I plank my way to sanity.

So I have no pictures of this, because I was too busy running around like a crazy person, but this past week I found out that I did not order the pre-pack school supplies for Josh and Lila that I thought I had purchased back in April.  Bummer. So, off to Office depot we went. I did in store pick up and paid for it all online, which was great, then had to stand in a long line(where I met a rad new friend who has read the blog thanks to a mutual friend, and she helped pass the time as we laughed and chatted) only to find none of my items were bagged and ready to go(first world problems. I get this). So the sweet guy helping me asked if I wanted them bagged haha! Well, it’s a cart FULL of scissors and ruler’s and pens and folders, so yes please, a bag would be most helpful.

Oh well, gotta roll with the punches. There are much worse things(understatement of the year), and honestly, doing it myself made me a heck of a lot more grateful for pencils and paper. So there’s that. Maybe I’ll do this every year.

That’s a wrap for this week! Hope ya’ll have an amazing weekend!!

Do you have any favorites this week? Come on now, a new recipe or a new must have shoe? Tank top, sports bra, or new favorite restaurant? Bring it on!




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  1. Hope you are having a good week Mindy!!! I’m so proud of your half!! WOOHOO! High five momma xoxo The bus AND TWO DRIVING!!! Too much! hugs friend!

  2. I completed my 1/2 marathon and ran all the way and my IT band didn’t flare up!

    I’m the proud mom of 2 high schoolers and one middle schooler. You are so right about time showing no mercy. I watched my girls drive off and saw my baby onto the bus (also a 6th grader) and came inside and cried.

    Highs and lows and all the in betweens!

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