Friday Favorites: Ice days, giveaway preview, and Mani/Pedi’s!


So a lot has happened this week.  At the top of the list….this…

 If there was ever a week I needed an extremely unhealthy pick me up, it was this one.  An entire case of girl scout cookies, thanks to my husband.  Then, he goes to work and leaves me at home with them.  During snow days.  With insane children.  Let’s just say there aren’t many left.

This week has been insane.  INSANE.  From snow days(really, it was ice) to my NASM exam to my husband traveling to school and homework and basketball games.  It’s been crazy.  But, we all survived and they are calling for more snow later this morning, which means the kids should be safely tucked away in their classrooms when it hits.  Here are some of my fave pics from our days at home this week……

 This my friends is how we do snow days in Texas.  Rain boots and layers.  Lots of layers.

I haven’t gotten many workouts in due to studying and ice days but I picked up Vega last week at the store.  I’ve been using the protein for recovery and the sport for pre-workout.  I drank this yesterday before my workout and felt awesome.  No shakes or jitters just sustained Energy.  I’ve heard about this stuff forever and have been wanting to try it.  So far, I’m a huge fan.  Check them out here.

And the protein bars are really good.  I’m a huge fan of Lara bars and don’t normally stray from that, but these have made my list.  Pre-workout with a banana and I was good and full.  

I also received my new “Be Brave” engraveable from my friend Jody with Stella and Dot.  It just represents this year so well.  I wore it Wednesday to take my exam and it was a very simple reminder to me to do stuff.  Go get goals and dreams.  Who cares that your’re 33 with 3 kids and a stay at home mom.  It’s ok to chase some things.  It’s ok to succeed.  It’s ok to fail.  Anyway, being brave has been my theme this past year and continues to be for 2015.  Wanna know the best part? Next week my friend Jody and I will be giving away a free engraveable of your choice!!!!  Stay tuned, giveaway goes live Tuesday.  Yay!!  Free stuff rocks doesn’t it? 

yes, I was sweating.  I wore this to run.  And there is a pimple on my chest.  Good.  Grief.  
On a totally random and unrelated note, we made the BEST cookies while stuck inside this week.  
Ooey Gooey Butter cookies.  I put the recipe on my Instagram page but for those of you that missed it, here ya go…

1(8oz) package cream cheese
1 stick butter
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 Box chocolate cake mix(I use Duncan Hines Devils Food)
powdered sugar for rolling
In a mixer combine cream cheese and butter until smooth.  Beat in egg and vanilla.  Beat in the cake mix. Chill at least 2 hours.  Preheat oven to 350.  Roll batter into tbsp size balls and rollin powdered sugar.  Place on un-greased baking sheet and bake 8-10 min.  They WILL be gooey.  It’s in the name after all.  Let them sit 10 min then serve.  Oh my word.  You. Are. Welcome. 
Moving on to the highlight of the week, besides all the sweets.  I passed my NASM CPT exam!!  If you follow me on anything then you already know this, because I plastered it all over social media like an obnoxious idiot before I even called my husband or my mom.  Yea, ridiculous.  But, this was about 8 months of my life preparing for this exam and I was so relieved and happy to be done.  

For those of you curious about NASM I’ll be posting a detailed study guide/how to on Monday so stay tuned.  No doubt this was the best part of my week.  Now, see what opportunities come my way and move on to the next season of this dream becoming a reality.  It sounds so cheesy, but it’s true.  I can’t wait.  And my hubby, who was on a plane to California while I was taking my test, sent me flowers…
One of the highlights for me was the boys reaction when they heard I passed.  Jake and Josh both came running out of school that afternoon, asked me if I passed, and when I said yes I got high fives and huge hugs.  Completely unsolicited kindness and happiness for me.  Who knew?  You know your kids and all their wonderfulness but you also know all their yuck.  Just like they know yours.  So, when you see glimpses of decent human beings, it’s kinda moving.  I cried.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  Ok, moving on.
Thursday my friend Anna and I celebrated by getting a killer workout, eating a massively unhealthy but delicious lunch, and getting mani/pedi’s…in the 30 degree frigid weather.  Worth it.  So thankful for my crew.  My friends who support me and understand why I’ve been in a hole for the past few months..and love me anyway.  I seriously have the best friends a girl could ask for and I could not be more thankful.  
So that does it.  Wraps up this crazy insane and awesome week.  Here’s to more snow days and Spring on the horizon…along with Daylight Savings Time.  It’s coming people.  The literal light at the end of this dark and cold tunnel.  Hang in there, get outside even if it’s cold, and bake some goodies.  We’ll all survive this.  Promise.  
Did you bake anything amazing while stuck inside?
Any awesome new workouts you tried to UNDO the awesome baked goods? 
Do your kids get bored when stuck at home or do they love it??
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