Friday Favorites: Happy 4th!!!!



Happy Friday and happy 4th of July weekend!!  Real life blogging sometimes means sitting in your bed on your laptop with two coughing kids on ipads or iphones, at 7:43 am with dried sweat on your face from your insanely humid early morning run after being up twice during the night with no power. I had great intentions of posting last night.  But I was tired.  And I needed to place every ounce of brain power I had left for the day into  Big Brother.  So there’s that.

I love 4th of July.  It’s my dad’s birthday and a long weekend for Rob.  Growing up we spent it at the lake watching fireworks from the boat with my cousins.  It just screams swimming and watermelon and late nights and popsicles.  Does it not?

I have some favorites from the week that I can’t wait to share with you!!!!  So let’s jump for joy over the long weekend ahead and dive into some fun finds and  moments from this week.


Monday was Lila’s birthday.  She turned 3 and I’m already seeing evidence.  Good grief this kid. She wears me out….but I can’t get enough of her.  We started the week with lunch on her birthday with her cousins.  Doesn’t Jake look stoked?  It was sunny.  He was squinting.  He actually loves his cousins and he adores Lila..


Lila’s fashion statement of the week was her puffy jacket.  Because apparently it’s cold outside. Poor thing.  She’s clearly in denial that she lives in Texas.


Yes.  I let her wear it all week.  My friend Anna gave her a mini soccer goal which she is obsessed with.  She really believes she’s a soccer player.


Maybe we need to practice some basics.

I was also introduced to THE BEST workout pants ever.  I know I talk about fitness clothes A LOT.  Especially pants.  But when I find good ones it’s my duty to share with you.  A friend and fellow TFC trainer introduced me to Kast Fitness.  They are a little loud…


But I have to tell you these things fit like a dream.  They are flattering and runner approved.  They are somehow thin and breathable without being see through and they have some awesome prints…


The adorable strawberry pants in this pic are my friend Mandy’s.  She rocked them at bootcamp this week but they Betty Johnson I believe.  Anyway, the other two are Kast.  Ya’ll I love these pants.  Please go take a look and try a pair.  You can purchase online or through my friend LeighAnne.  Check out her FB page here for more info and to stay in the loop for new styles, sizes and prints.  I ran 5 miles in them the other day and they DID NOT MOVE.  Promise.

I was also given the opportunity to try a new electrolyte drink.  Crank Sports reached out to me and sent me some samples(um huge ones…which is totally and completely awesome) to try of their gels and electrolyte/energy drink.  I have tried the drink and I LOVE it.  I’ll post a full review once I log some longer runs with it but I am extremely impressed with this company.


My husband is a triathlete and training for the Austin IM in November.  He’s testing it out as well so I’ll post more from his point of view too.  So far from what we’ve seen they outrank several leading brands in protein, carbs and sugar ratio’s and they have very few ingredients.  Plus they have been extremely kind and helpful and that to me is a win.  Good customer service goes a long way in my book.  Keep it up Crank Sports.

I went on a hunt for some new recipes this week on Pinterest.  Visit my page here and follow away.  Anyway, I found this delish homemade mac and cheese with sausage recipe.  Paired with a yummy strawberry salad and it was the perfect busy summer night meal.  Both boys are playing basketball so a few of our week nights are a little insane.  So, this recipe was perfection.  I used Trader Joe’s cheeses, pasta, and chicken andouille sausage.  You can find the recipe here.




For the salad I paired spinach, strawberries, bacon, caramelized red onion, candied pecans and Brianna’s strawberry vinaigrette.  Delish.

I had a blast this week teaching my first official week of boot camp.  These girls are so fun and I love the energy of group workouts.


I’m also so excited to get to offer online training!!!!


Through Texas Fit Chicks I can now train online with some amazing features and perks.  Check out the website here for more details and to sign up visit my page by clicking here.  I’d love to work with you!!!

I met Sara this week as she was running through the parking lot I was teaching in and today we ran together!!!  Love making new friends who love to run and who will get up at the crack of dawn after losing power during the night to run with me.  Sara, you rock!!!  Loved getting to meet this girl and loved our run in the dang humidity.  Texas, you are KILLING us.


We’ve had a pretty chill week.  Lots of swimming with friends and rest time.

And lots of basketball and bike riding and running.  Lots of running.  My new normal for the next 4 months.



My happy place. Or not so much.  I’d much rather be outside but it can’t always happen because it’s triathlon season for my hubby.  He’s out the door early.  Sometimes, we are both out the door early and take turns….


Cute right?

So that about does it ya’ll.  I’m being begged for pancakes this morning but we’re out of syrup.  OOps.  Plan B?  Toast.  Yep.  Fancy pants.  I need about 15 cups of coffee and a smoothie.  So I can float away.  Hope you have an amazing long holiday weekend!!!

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What is your favorite July 4th tradition???