Friday Favorites: Dry Shampoo….I love you


It’s been a bit of an off week for us.  Josh was sick over the weekend til Monday and home from school.  Then I got it.  Still fighting it.  And yesterday and today Lila woke up with a fever.  Not to mention a busy hubby and all the other weekly activities.  Needless to say, several little things came in handy this week since I was basically stuck at home.  First up…

My new treadmill…Bo


Yep….Dora was there with me while I ran today.  She kinda creeped me out but Lila had been playing in my room.  And I named my treadmill Bo.  Yep, just because.  That name is special to me for a lot of reasons so it seemed fitting.  With all the sickness I’ve gotten to run 3 times at home and it is AMAZING.  And so stinking easy since it’s in my room! Loving it.  On that note, my hair hasn’t gotten a lot of love this week.  All the sickies and running and lack of motivation quite frankly has left me needing some help.  Enter…

Dry Shampoo


This stuff is AMAZING!  It has a built-in conditioner as well.  Spray it on that sweaty mess and 5 minutes later your hair will feel clean and shiny and smooth.  Did I say AMAZING?  Yes, this girl needed all the help this week.  I also discovered this…

shea moisture


My hair isn’t really curly, but it has some curl underneath.  And it’s thick.  You rub this in when it’s wet and it helps it dry with some kick.  I just let it dry on its own and it still looks cute and wavy!  Lila has been sick, which meant lots of….

lila snuggles


I think it’s just viral.  But she sure is cute when she’s sick.  Give that girl some motrin though and all the ornery comes out.  She’s an absolute mess.

Athleta Shorts

Ok.  I promised ya’ll a review of these Athleta shorts from last week’s Friday Faves so here it is.


I hate to say this ya’ll, but they rode up.  NOOOOOOO!!  You know how much I LOVE Athleta.  But these shorts just didn’t work for me.  Here’s what I decided.  I have a really long torso.  Like, really long.  These shorts sit higher on the waist so they just kept going higher as I ran, making the legs ride up.   I still love the way they fit and will wear them around all summer, but I had to stop my run to take them off.  So sad.  But, I still stand by Athleta, this just wasn’t the right cut for me. They are some of the most flattering shorts I’ve ever put on with plenty of room in the leg, which can often be a challenge for me.  So I’m counting that a win.

Tuesday I met my lead trainer for Texas Fit Chick’s and friend at an amazing little spot here in the area…

the donut kitchen

Ya’ll.  This is the cutest little donut shop ever.  We had salads and took a free donut home “for the kids.”  Yea right.  It was 11am.  Kids get out at 3.  You do the math.  Sadly, my single donut needed to go away so as to not start a fight.  I was happy to help with that.  If you live nearby, go check them out.  Great owner’s.  Great food.  Great little atmosphere.


Fixer Upper

So, with Rob working a lot this week I’ve had some time on my hands after the kids go to bed.  Folding laundry just didn’t seem appealing so I crashed on the couch every night with Chip and Joanna.  I may move to Waco just to be friends with them.  I’m dead serious.


I can watch HGTV for the most part and still love my house and not want to move or bust down any walls.  But when I watch Chip and Jojo rip apart a house, it makes me want to do the same thing.  It’s so cool to watch how awesome their houses become, and I LOVE her style.  And the girl seriously has the best jeans.  Every episode she has a cute pair of jeans, and I’m a jeans girl.  We should be besties.  I’m also so excited about this!!!…..

Block Rocker

Ya’ll.  I get to jam with my chick’s during bootcamp with this bad boy.  I love music and I’m kind of a freak when it comes to good workout and running tunes.  When this comes in the mail next week, it’s party time at the Anderson house.  Can you tell I’m excited about my new job?!



Baketball goal

Ya’ll.  Best investment EVER if you have boys.


It’s instant entertainment.  Even the Fisher Price one we had when they were little was amazing.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or top end.  But, I’m a big advocate of my kids playing outside and not sitting in front of the TV all the time.  Trust me, they camp out in front of the XBox every Saturday morning because they aren’t allowed to play it during the week.  They’re like a pack of hungry wolves, and not for the pancakes. So, I shoo them outside as much as I can to offset the screen obsessions that can take place. This goal provides hours of entertainment for them, and fun for me and my hubby, as well as some relaxing time for me.

Day Designer

At the Hope Spoken conference we were all given FREE Day Designer’s by Whitney English.


Sorry this isn’t the best pic, this is better…


It includes a year and a half of months at a glance, daily pages for organizing and to do’s, dinner planning, budgeting, things to download etc.  It’s awesome.  I now have a job to add to my to do’s so this is going to come in handy.  Plus, it’s just pretty and I LOVE anything I can use colored sharpies on to organize and write stuff down.  I’m a pen and paper gal.

Vega Sport


I got a fun package in the mail!! Loving my Vega Sport Products.  I’ve told ya’ll before I have a sensitive system when it comes to sports related products.  But these I’m loving.  I’ll post a full review once I try them all and I may even include a yummy recipe so stay tuned.  For now, know this may be my new fave product.

Ok, that does it!!  Hope ya’ll stay allergy and fever free this weekend!!! Don’t forget to go visit Erika’s blog and link up for Friday Faves.  This is my favorite day of the week.  Happy Friday friends!!

What was your favorite product or moment from your week?

What’s your favorite pair of running shorts??

16 comments on “Friday Favorites: Dry Shampoo….I love you

  1. hey Meghan! YES!!!!! I love love love the tracker shorts. I wear them with like cute tops and sandals too haha!! I have some thighs so it helps that they wouldn’t fit my 2 year old like the teeny tiny speed shorts lol!

  2. Have you tried the lululemon tracker II or III shorts? Best running shorts ever, especially if you are blessed with thighs like I am!! Just thought I would share that little tid bit. 🙂

  3. Shelly I love it!! It’s seriously something I have to have caution with because I am NOT crafty, which means paying people to do all that fun stuff to my house!! ha! ANd yes, Vega sport review coming soon!!!

  4. I’m seriously cracking up on your Fixer Upper comment….I feel the same way and my 9 year old is just as hooked. We are always sitting around looking at stuff we could improve about our house!! Interested in your future review of Vega Sport.

  5. hey Kelly!! The treadmill has been amazing!!! Loving the convenience. I’m a trainer for a local bootcamp called Texas Fit Chick’s. It’s a women’s only bootcamp and I’ll also be including an online training option. Thanks so much for the encouragement and stopping by the blog!! And we had a rough weekend but everyone seems to be on the mend..thanks!! xoxox

  6. Hey Tiffany! Go order it! It has been awesome especially this week with all the running haha. And as a triathlete it will save your life with all that swimming! Glad we share our vega love=)

  7. Karen, I’m having the same problem!! It gets SO HOT and SO HUMID lol that I don’t know if I can survive outside in tights during the summer. I never try it here but I may because I’m just not getting into my shorts this season for some reason. Ugh!! I have one pair of the Be free knicker’s! LOVE them!!

  8. thanks Kylie!! I’ll have an online option if you are ever interested or just pop into the blog for workouts=) Happy shorts wearing weather!!! =)

  9. hey Cecilia! Girl, the conditioner makes your hair smooth and easy to brush through! It’s awesome. So sorry ya’ll had sickness too. I know the pollen has been horrible. It’s taken me a week to get over it and I’m still not 100%. Gotta love Spring!

  10. Tara…so funny that we both love new pens lol!!! I love a crisp and fresh new journal or planner. =) ANd yes girl, dry shampoo is where it’s at!!! Get that goal. Worth every penny

  11. Dry shampoo!?! I need to try this!! I love planner!! I’m a paper and pen gal too. I’m a little obsessed with always buying journals and new pens. Lol! I recently got interested in bible journaling but have yet to have the time to use my new pens and doodle. One day 😉 you just made me want to seal the deal on a basketball hoop! I got out voted at Christmas and they got the ps4. I want the basketball hoop!! 🙂 happy weekend!!

  12. I live by dry shampoo! I’ve never tried that one though and I’m super curious about it having conditioner in it! My Lyla was sick this week too. She’s had this horrid cough and of course her sister has it now too and I’m starting it now! Gotta love the family sickies.

  13. I have a pair of shorts like that from Target! I just blamed it on the fact that they were from Target. Ha! Lucky for you, you could escape the shorts madness…I was out and about and had no choice but to keep going! I’m so excited to keep up with your posts as you start your new job. I wish I could come work out with you! You are going to inspire so many ladies. 🙂 Happy weekend!

  14. After a winter of running in tights I don’t think I can go back to loose shorts – I love the way that tights feel on me….no moving around while I run. I am currently obsessed with Athleta “be free knicker” capri tights, which fall right below the knee so it is short enough for summer and the Athleta chi tank which is long enough to cover the butt – I can wear them to run and to school pickup and not feel totally inappropriate since the bum is covered! I have an Athleta addiction 🙂

  15. I love dry shampoo! Literally saves my life. Also, I am so wanting to get a treadmill for my apartment! What’s your new job!? Awesome Friday favorites! I hope your family is feeling better.

  16. I’m ordering that dry shampoo like RIGHT NOW. Tri training/season is starting, and I NEED that! <3 NEED.

    I <3 my Vega Sport! The Hydrator is ESSENTIAL for pre-run in the summer, and the recovery makes all the difference after the long run. For serious.

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