Friday Favorites: Cupcakes, Spain Duds and Spring!!!!!


Hello Spring!!!!

I can not tell you how glad I am that Spring is finally here!!  I’m actually ok with Winter most of the time, but this winter was particularly dreary and wet.  Today it’s pouring rain, but it’s not freezing cold and it’s officially Spring so I don’t even care.  Here are some of my favorites from this week…..

chocolate fit for a queenI made these cupcakes for a trunk show a few weeks ago and had forgotten just how much I love them.  So, it’s only right for me to share the recipe with you.  Please note* this picture is NOT of my cupcake.  I forgot to take a picture so I did what anyone else would do…I stole one from the Internet.  Don’t quit on me.  They look similar to this…minus the frosting…and salt.  But it makes you want a cupcake right?  OK..the recipe…

Cake dough:
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 Cup sugar
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 Cup water
1/3 Cup Canola/Veg oil
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp vanilla

Center Filling:
1 (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1 egg
1/2 Cup sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 bag mini chocolate chips

Mix cake dough well in a mixer and set aside
Mix filling well
Line mini muffin tins with muffin cups.  Fill 1/2 full with cake dough.  Drop 1/2 tsp. of filling into center of each cupcake
Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.  Insert a toothpick into cake portion to check for doneness.  Enjoy!!!  These are seriously the best cupcakes ever. 


This week the sun decided to pop out a bit which was GLORIOUS.  I have had some weird stomach bug combined with some seriously major heartburn for over a week.  It’s made working out and running nearly impossible.  I finally got some Nexium which seems to be saving my life and allowing me to run.  Tuesday I wasn’t feeling awesome but felt good enough to get Molly out for a run/walk.  She’s fat and out of shape. Bless her.  We’re trying. 

We just love her

I felt like poop still but I could NOT sit on the couch.  The sun was out for crying out loud. 
Sometimes you need to jump on benches and run in green pants..did I mention the sun was out?
A real live outside run…
Wednesday I took it easy and by Thursday I was aching for a real run.  Lila was at school, it was humid and rainy and perfect.  I set out to just run and was expecting a crap fest but instead, my legs were happy and did what I wanted them to do.  I made it 5 miles until my lungs and asthma and 100% humidity all collided and decided it was time to stop.  It was awesome ya’ll.  I haven’t had a good outside run in about 3 weeks.  
Finally sweating on an outside run!!!!
I love these shoes and thought I’d lost them.  I was cleaning out my closet and found them buried deep beneath the masses of other stuff that I haven’t bothered to mess with this winter.  Yay!!!

3rd grade..

I’ve griped about this before but 3rd grade is hard people.  Combine that with an unruly 2 year old who lives in her own alternate universe and a Kindergartner that would like to move on to 1st grade and it makes for some fairly insane afternoons in our house.  

Jake was on the computer doing an impossible worksheet that we ended up working on until almost 9:30 that night….Lila was coloring on her face, Josh was diving under the table because he hates having his picture taken.  Mom of the year.


I know I talk about our Spain trip ad nauseum but ya’ll..I’m 33 and I’ve never been overseas!!!!! I’m so excited and nervous and terrified at all that needs to be in order before we leave 3 kids during the school year with parents/friends for 8 days.  I’m not the most organized mom.  I’m ok with it.  Well, sometimes I’m not and beat myself up over it but I’m learning to work on it.  I try, I just get distracted easily and live in a dream world a lot of the time.  Anyway, to avoid thinking about the stress of preparing for the trip, I shop!  I’m not a big shopper, especially for non workout or running related items so this has been really fun!  Yes, I have a budget and am spacing it out here and there between now and our trip.  Did I mention I rarely shop?  Here are just a few of my favorite purchases….most from the computer because I totally forgot to snap pics as I got stuff.  

Anthropologie made it easy for me this season.  The whole store basically screams Spain. So I bought green pants and a cute white flowy top with a crochet back. Love
I’m still not sure if I need a formal dress yet, but I wanted an option I could dress up or down.  This pic doesn’t really do this dress justice. It has some super cute details and is really flattering.  I can dress it up with heels and nice jewelry or dress it down with sandals.  Love that.  It’s a Betsy Johnson from Nordstrom.   
I also decided not to go with Birkenstocks.  I wanted something I’d wear all the time at home too.  So, I went with a pair of Rainbow flip flops and a pair of adorable Converse…
Aren’t these the cutest?!?!  I love them. They look cute with everything and they are just fun to me.  Not something I would have normally bought so that makes them even more fun. Yes, I need some heals and dressy shoes.  Blah blah blah.  
You know I’d have to go to Athleta for something to wear on the plane.  It would only be right.  How do people travel all dressed up anyway? I’m going to be on a plane all. night. long.  Comfort is key…
Sorry this quality is so bad but you get the idea..most comfortable hoody EVER
And I fell in love with these pants.  They are soft and comfy and cute enough to wear out in public and not look like I’m going for a run, which is my norm. 
Ok. There you have it! A few of my favorite finds.  I’ll share a few more next week.  
Hope ya’ll have a fantastic weekend and an amazing first day of Spring!!!
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What’s your favorite thing about Spring?
Favorite thing to travel in???




10 comments on “Friday Favorites: Cupcakes, Spain Duds and Spring!!!!!

  1. Kel, your dad is a great man! You are right, the only thing that matters is that we are defined only by the “new creation” God has made us to be and that we live our lives to please and honor Him-which your dad has done! You are blessed to have him as your dad! Proud of you! Love you! mom:)

  2. I am 45…never been overseas. 🙂 And those green pants….perfection! And 3rd grade homework…..Carly will do math all day long but anything else and I’d rather stick needles in my eyes!!

  3. Thanks Trisha!!! Yep, I have several comfy maxi’s thanks to the Nordstrom junior department lol!! I’m a little nervous about being so far away from my kids but it’ll be great and I know they’ll be fine=)

  4. Thanks Michelle!! Great tips!!! Our goal is to be adventurous and do fun things, not just lay on the beach or the ship(part of it will be a cruise). Can’t wait!!

  5. So jealous of your trip, I’ll soon be 38 & never been overseas! ��Can’t wait to hear about it! Love love traveling in maxi dresses & flip flops! I’m always in workout gear but love maxi’s for airplanes! Happy Friday, Happy First day of Spring & Happy March Madness, most awesome trifecta!! ��

  6. I love the last pants that you displayed. They are one of my favorites to wear. They are soft AND flowy. It almost makes me think someone who does yoga would wear these. They aren’t jeans but not sporty.

    A trip to Spain !! Wow! Hope it is all you want it to be. Advice from me would be to open no less than 10 Spain travelers webpages. Regular travelers can give such good advice. When we travel I open dozens and scan through to see the usual basics and then anything that I might not think about. Also, any off the beaten path type stuff. I learn SO much from doing this. There is a web page that a lady has a video of how to pack TIGHT! She is good! I have been to Greece, Turkey, Costa Rica, South Africa, Mexico, Belize, Peru, 48/50 states, Canada, and the local (street food) is the best! Definitely get tips on what you NEED to try. Be adventurous, you may NEVER go back. Make LARGE memories and have NO regrets. i let fear keep me from zip lining in Costa Rica. A friend came back and had the best time! What was I thinking?? My husband wouldn’t have done it either though!:P Ciao!!

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