Friday Favorites: Chocolate, Leg day, Scarves and The Bachelor’s OLIVIA



Happy Friday!

Lots of important life altering topics to discuss today.  I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in a while so I’m totally itching to tell ya’ll about some of my favorite things from the past couple weeks.  Enough chit chat, let’s get to it.

Making a Murderer


So I don’t want to spoil this if you haven’t watched…so we’ll talk about something other than Steven Avery’s guilt/innocence.  Let’s talk about his attorney’s.  I sorta loved them.


They made me want to jump through the screen and hug them.  I didn’t really care if he did it or not, I just wanted to hear more from these two.  They totally rocked. Regardless of wether or not Steven Avery is guilty, we loved this show.  It was heart wrenching at times(Brendan anyone?) and it will make you think.  It’s a must watch for sure….and one more just for kicks…



The Bachelor’s OLIVIA


I mean really?  Need I say more?  Bless her sweet soul.  She will not marry Ben(no, I haven’t read the spoilers, I’m going strictly on common sense here) and she may not marry anyone…ever. Bless.  I really think we can just leave it at that.  But Lauren B anyone?  Love her.  But will he refer to her as Lauren B EVERY SINGLE TIME HE MENTIONS HER NAME?  That may drive me to insanity.

Leg Day!!!!!!!

I’ve been lifting a lot more and running slightly less since my sinus surgery.  It’s a nice change and I’m really hoping to see some big changes physically.  It’s good to change up your norm.  Your body can get a bit stagnant in the same routine and changing it up helps challenge different muscle groups and helps you gain fitness.  I’ve been swimming and cycling and running and lifting.  I love this combo.  Here are a few of my favorite leg moves as of late….

Here is the series……

Weighted side lunge~  8-10 reps each leg

Curtsy lunge with bicep curl~8-10 reps each leg

Dead lift~ 10-12 reps

Russian Dead lift(note…I wobble.  I’m wearing my sprinting/speed work shoes and I was off balance…but my kids were coming off the chain so I had to move along.  So until your kids are coming off the chain while you attempt to make a leg day video….at 5:30pm……don’t judge.)~10-12 each leg

Goblet squats~10-12 reps

Weighted Plie squat~10-12 reps

Repeat series 3x

Bark Thins


These are my new obsession.  They should not be called snacking chocolate. They are DANGER in a bag and became way more than a snack this week.  Perhaps more like lunch.  Which is terrible.  But they are so good! Salty and sweet is my favorite combo and the pretzel ones delivered.  Don’t eat these for lunch, eat this instead…

Ground Turkey and Veggies


This is my go to lunch lately(in addition to the chocolate of course.  All in the name of life’s just too dang short).  It’s ground turkey with some homemade taco seasoning and veggies under the broiler.  I add diced sweet potatoes as well and sometimes some quinoa.  It’s delish!!!

Eclectic joy shop scarf

I’ve talked about these scarves before and how I may have purchased some on my anesthesia hangover.  BEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!! This scarf is changing my life.


It’s comfy.  It’s GIGANTIC.  But it doesn’t feel like it’s strangling me.  It’s amazing.  I have no idea how it shrinks up to a normal scarf and then turns into basically an afghan.  It’s a miracle. But I want to wear it every day.  You can find the blanket scarf here.

Barney Butter


You guys.  This peanut butter is changing the life of my smoothie(I told you life changing things to discuss today).  And I would NEVER lie to you or lead you astray when it comes to peanut butter.  Or chocolate.  As you can tell these two things are really big parts of my life.  Throw a spoonful of this in with your favorite protein powder or recovery powder(I’m a VEGA girl all. the. way) with some cinnamon, almond milk(unsweetened) and hemp or chia seeds and blend away.  It’s amazing.  You’re welcome.

Cold Swims


I’m training for the swim leg of a half ironman relay in April.  We’re going with some friends, 3 of us doing the relay and one doing the half iron distance. I’m so excited! I love to swim and train even in the winter.  Getting in and out is slightly painful and makes me want to cry myself to sleep, but the swim itself is fantastic!  The water is nice and warm so you really don’t even think about it once you’re in.  Anyway, I have some major work to do in the next couple months but that’s what makes it fun!

My beloved yoga pants


This was a fave from the week for sure.  I put up a little post on Wednesday about yoga pants, and you guys seemed to like it a bit.  So, in that same spirit, I’ll admit I spent 4 out of 5 days this week in spandex, and I could not be happier about it.  They go from boots to running shoes to flip flops in a flat second.  What other pant can do that? And don’t say jeans.  That’s just dumb(you’re not dumb. I love you. But sometimes jeans and grown up clothes are dumb).  I can’t sit on the floor and fold laundry in jeans.  I can’t comfortably shoot workout video’s for you guys in jeans.  I can’t run stairs in jeans.  So really, stretchy pants are my preference.  However, I did throw on some jeans and my rain boots and my amazing scarf to go have a lunch with my friend Anna yesterday and I believe her exact words were….”<sigh> oh, you’re wearing real clothes.”  Because yes, this is just how we roll.

*final image courtesy of Emily Megan Photography

You can read the yoga pant post here. 

I do plan on dressing up tonight though, just so you know.  I even strolled into Anthro yesterday in all my jeans and scarf and Hunter boots glory and picked out a couple tops.  Just to prove I can in fact wear other things.  And it was sorta glorious.  Happy Friday my friends!!!!

Any favorites from your week?

Are you a Making a Murderer fan?

WITHOUT SPOILING THE ENDING…….who are your favorite little Bachelor stars??

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  1. That lunch looks so good! I’m thinking I may have to cook that up today. I seriously get stuck on something and eat it every day for lunch for weeks.

  2. will do Maureen! I’ve since heard that in general, there was a lot of information left out!! Crazy stuff!

  3. Check out the podcast on I heart radio app. It’s “Rebutting a murderer”. It totally changed the way I thought of Avery’s lawyers. The documentary left a lot out.

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