Friday Favorites..and A Random Soap Box


It’s Friday…and I’m addicted to Friday Favorites.  I know it’s simple and nothing fancy, maybe that’s why I like it so much.  No frills, just a few of my favorite things from the week that I get to share with YOU.   I saw a post on Instagram today from an author who I now plan on stalking.  She was basically talking about using social media to lift others up, not make them feel small by elevating ourselves.  It made me think.  Is that what I’m doing?  Am I elevating myself to a standard that others feel they can’t reach?  Because I know my junk.  I know my imperfections.  I know all my failures and doubts and fears.

Ya’ll have heard me talk about this before, this thing about being authentic and real.  But I seem to be running into this concept of social media’s ability to make us feel small over and over again.  So, on this blog, we’re friends ok?  We’re all in this thing together, flaws and all.  We’re going to talk about running, because I love to run, not because I’m the most amazing runner ever.

We’ll talk about training and oreo’s and sports bra’s, you’ll see some selfies(NOT of the sports bra’s…except the Oiselle strappy bra, I think I snapped a behind selfie of that one.  Shoot) but hopefully nothing that makes you feel like what you did today is somehow insignificant.  Because it wasn’t.  Let’s just be used right where we are and use these gifts we all have to encourage each other and lift one another up.  If you see me jump that ship you have my full permission to kick me in the rear and give me a piece of your mind.  Deal?  Ok, so now that I have that off my chest…let’s talk some Friday Favorites!!!!

First up…Kinetic Sand

Ya’ll..this stuff is AWESOME!!!!
It doesn’t stick, or spread, or make a mess.  Lila is obsessed with it.  You can literally put it on the table and then scoop it up and put it away when your’e done.  Goodbye playdough.  Goodbye finger paint.  Hello Kinetic Sand.  I got mine at Michael’s but you can also get it at Brookstone, Joanne’s and I’m sure Amazon or other online sources.  
Next up…Nathan Handheld water bottle

You know I’ll have some running stuff in here.  I recently left my amphipod hand held water bottle in Tennessee.  It had started to stank big time even after washing, so I used that as a good excuse to buy a new one.  I’m a creature of habit when it comes to running gear.  I hate fuel belts.  Hate them.  I feel like I’m restricted and like my hips are being yanked around which after 3 kids, is not a good feeling.  So, the hand held is my saving grace.  HOWEVER, it has to mold to the shape of my hand.  Enter Amphipod.  It’s been my go to for years.  So, I went to my local running store only to find out they won’t be carrying them anymore.  So, I tried this Nathan handheld.  I am IN LOVE.  It’s comfy to hold, slightly bigger, not heavy, and has a larger zipper case for all my kleenex, chapstick and gu’s.  Plus, it comes in super fun colors.  What’s not to love?  It is perfectly shaped to my hand and I hardly notice I have it.  Go get you one.  
Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa
Hands down this is the best salsa ever.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned it on the blog some time ago but here it is again, making it’s Friday Favorites debut.  It’s amazing.  I’m a salsa snob so to speak.  And I live in Texas, where salsa abounds.  There is even a shop dedicated to salsa’s near my house.  So you could say I’m an expert.  Pretty much anything dipped in this salsa tastes good.  You’re welcome.  
Meghan Trainor

I kinda dig this chick.  This song is so fun.  I had a hard run today and wasn’t feeling good.  This song came on and I put it on repeat for about 4 miles.  It’s fun and peppy.  It’s a little 60’s throwback(is that a thing?) but I love it!
Lila’s little Nike’s
I think I just love that Lila is getting old enough to want to be more like me.  Honestly, that kinda freaks me out.  It’s a lot of pressure.  BUT, for now, if it’s simply wearing cool running shoes, I can handle it.  Aren’t these so cute?!?!   I splurged on these at Nordstrom a few months ago when school started and she totally loves them.  This one.  She’s a handful but has me completely whipped.  
Creamed Honey

Yes, you read that right.  CREAMED HONEY…and CINNAMON flavored creamed honey at that.  I picked this up on my last trip to Memphis and ya’ll…melt in yo mouth amazing!!  I know this is kind of a tease since it’s a local thing, but if you ever see creamed honey, pick some up.  It goes great on biscuits..speaking of biscuits.  I made these today..
7UP Biscuits

So healthy right?  Y’all know I splurge some.  I’ve been craving biscuits after long runs for like, oh I don’t know 11 weeks.  Today, I gave in.  You can google 7UP biscuits and get tons of recipes.  They are pretty much all the same.  The recipe calls for Bisquick but I like to make my own with some flour, baking powder, salt and shortening or melted butter.  Same thing without all the preservatives.  You know, you gotta keep these carbonated sugary syrup butter filled biscuits as healthy as possible.  What???  I tried.  

This week it finally happened…I wore a few sweatshirts on purpose…because it was COLD!! Ok, cold is a bit of a stretch.  It was cool.  Just cool.  But still.  Here are a few of my faves..
my Athleta No sweatin it sharkbite top. Longest name EVER for a sweatshirt.  It’s comfy, cute, flattering and lightweight.  Perfect for Texas Fall’s.  

you can find it here
I’m also loving this one…
This is hands down the most comfortable sweatshirt EVER.  I bought this back in March to wear after our Marathon in Napa.  I just wanted some comfy cute sweats for later that day.  Something about going on a trip made it seem necessary to purchase new sweats.  I don’t know.  Anyway, I walked out of Victoria Secret with a gray sweatshirt that says PINK on the front.  I immediately had buyers remorse.  Am I too old for this?  Is this a classic case of a 30 something woman trying to look 13?  Because there were a whole lot of pre-teens walking out with the same sweatshirt.  I decided I didn’t care.  It’s that comfortable.  So, if you see me in this, don’t laugh.  I’m still young enough to rock a PINK sweatshirt…sort of.  In the privacy of my own home at least.  And occasionally in public. 
That does it for this week!!!! Thanks for putting up with my rando soap box shpeel and all my crazy favorites from the week.  Go check out Erika’s blog here and link up for your Friday Favorites!
What were some of your favorite items or finds from this week??
What is your most comfortable Fall look??

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