Friday Favorites and a Lulu Giveaway!!!!


Happy Friday!!  We’re going to have a little fun with our favorites today mmk?  I’m feeling festive.  I went to Lulu this week and saw some amazingly cute things.  Ok, maybe I went twice.  Cringe.  I’m slightly obsessed with winter gear.  If you don’t know this about me, I belong in the mountains in a log cabin with the Pioneer Woman as my neighbor and bestie.  It would be perfect, but don’t tell her because it would probably creep her out.  Anyway, I found some of the cutest wintery things.

Here’s how it’ll work.  I am going to hide a Christmas movie quote somewhere in the post.  The first person to find the quote and comment below with the movie title and the name of the character will win the Lulu gloves I feature in today’s post.  Simple enough right?  Ok, keep your eyes peeled and pay attention.  Have fun and GO!!!

1.  Run Swiftly long sleeved half zip

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this little number the other day.  That’s right.  My sexy little number is a new running top, not a slinky black dress.  It’s cool.  I’m totally ok with it.  Anyway I LOVE this top!!!  It’s flattering, comfortable and awesome to run in or run around town in.  And, it has thumb holes.  I’m generally always sold by thumb holes.  Put this on your Christmas list girls.  It’s amaze balls.

2.  Whole Foods Jalepeno Cilantro Hummus

If you like hummus, go get this now.  It’s SO good.  Not too spicy, really creamy and delicious and it tastes so fresh and homemade.  I dip it in pita chips but you can do fresh veggies or pretzels too.  Yum!!!  If you don’t have a Whole Foods, I’m sorry for tempting you but you could whip up this bad boy yourself if you have a good blender or food processor.   Let your imagination run amuck.  
3.  New Balance leggings

So maybe I went a little overboard on items this weekend since it’s not even Christmas yet.  But I saw these and couldn’t resist.  And after all, Tis the Season to be Merry.  Or broke.  Either way.  I fell in love with these New Balance tights.  They aren’t too long but are still to my ankles and are the softest running tights I’ve ever worn.  I wore them on my run the other day and it was in the low 30’s and I wasn’t cold at all.  The best part was that they were only 12.99 at TJ Maxx.  Yes.  Please.  
4.  Pioneer Woman Mini Meatball Sandwiches

I didn’t get a pic of the finished product, because my kids were scarfing them down.  Can I just tell you this NEVER happens.  No one complained.  Everyone ate.  Angels started singing and the heavens parted.  I even served roasted sweet potatoes with the sandwiches and the kids loved them.  What is happening?  Find the amazing recipe here.  Ree, you’ve outdone yourself once again.  Yes, we’re on a first name basis.  
5.  Lulu Rebel Runner Crop

Let me explain.  I went to Lulu for a new outfit for the marathon coming up.  It’s sort of my “you survived 5 months of running 6 days a week” treat to myself.  Bad timing with Christmas right around the corner but you understand right?  I just got caught up in the moment.  Ya’ll, these tights.  They have a zip at the bottom and a nice, wide waist line.  They are soft and comfy and look cute with running shoes.  Even if you don’t run.  How can you not love pants that zip on the sides?  Plus, they are the perfect length on me.  Not too short, not too long.  

6.  Nativity Fence

I had a pic of this fence on Wednesday’s post.  I found it at a little shop on the square here in McKinney and I thought it was so cute.  It’s leaning up against my fireplace and it’s the perfect spot for it.  
It’s simple and clean.  Not too much.  Love.  If you’re crafty, which I’m not, you could totally pull this off yourself.  
7.  Lulu Blissed Out Gloves

Yes, Lulu is getting my love today.  I love these gloves and I LOVE this color.  Find my hidden quote, and these could be yours!!!
8.  Christmas music..old and new

I love this Michael Buble Christmas album.  I don’t listen to him much other than at Christmas but this is a must have.  I cleaned all my bathrooms last week with this blaring.  Perfection.  
What can I say, I’m a child of the 80’s.  I still listen to this Amy Grant Home for Christmas album.  Album?  I don’t know.  I don’t have the CD,  I use google play so I have no idea what you call it now.  Anyway, this takes me back to my childhood Christmases and all the fun memories of growing up.  I can belt Tennessee Christmas like nobody’s business. 
Elf is one of my fave Christmas movies so it’s only appropriate we have the soundtrack blasting in our kitchen while I make dinner.  I really don’t need to say anything else about this.  It’s just happy music.  
Ok, that’s all for today.  Hope you had your eyes peeled and Good Luck!!!!  Merry early Christmas to my lucky winner!!
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  1. Cat thanks!!! I love TJ Maxx but it’s hard because I can never find something someone else got!!! Hope you find some good tights though..Thanks for reading and playing along!!

  2. I’m totally jealous of your tj maxx find with those new balance running tights! I need to find a warmer pair as its only getting colder. And what a fun little contest you had! Totally creative idea.

  3. I read that post twice looking for Christmas movie quotes and my guess was gonna be “angels singing and the heavens parted”. Hahahaha!!! I’m horrible at movie quotes. That was fun tho!!!

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