A Collection of At Home Workouts!!

Hey ya’ll!! Happy Friday!!


Flashback to running on the beach last Summer….which is sounding so crazy good right now!!!

So today’s Friday favorites are some of my favorite at home workouts!  For the past year and a half I’ve been working out at home.  We just recently re-joined our gym as Rob’s training for Ironman and needed a good pool to train in, and we really did love our gym.  However, it was a nice break for me.  It simplified my life in a time when I needed simple.  I needed more time at home and less time getting to and from the gym.  It also forced me to get creative with my workouts.

I collected equipment a little at a time and even bought an inexpensive used treadmill.  It was perfect for the season I was in. Maybe you workout at home and are in need of a little motivation or even just a change in the routine.  It’s easy to get stuck doing the same exercises and the same workouts.  So I’ve put together some of my favorite super simple at home workouts.  Hope you enjoy!!!!!

*Disclaimer: These workouts are suggestions.  Please visit your doctor to get clearance for physical activity before starting any workout program.

Get ready to cardio!!!!…….

25 cardio blast

Runner’s, this is a great workout to tack onto the end of a run. You’ll be nice and warm and this won’t take long, so you don’t have to sacrifice miles to get some good core work in.

core pyramid



So this next workout can be done next to a treadmill.  Hop on, run 30 seconds and jump off for burpees and strength.  If that’s not an option replace the 30 second run with 30 seconds of a cardio exercise of your choice.

Rounds of fun




legs on fire

One of my favorite treadmill workouts is tabata.  It’s 20 seconds of a hard push and 10 seconds of rest.  Repeat 8-10x.  It makes those miles fly that can otherwise get boring on the treadmill.  Plus, it’s a great high intensity burn for your run.

treadmill tabata

Ok last but not least.  If you find yourself heading to the beach for Spring break, this one’s for you.  If not, hang onto it until Summer.  I did this last year on our beach vacation and came back to the house soaking wet.  I love beach workouts!!!!  And I may have thrown up a little.  Kidding!!! But for real.  The sand is no joke ya’ll.


So there you have it.  Your totally workouts Friday Favorites.  Hope this is helpful you guys and give me your feedback!! I’d love to know what you think about the workouts!!

Do you workout at home or in a gym?

Do you have a favorite go to at home workout?




4 comments on “A Collection of At Home Workouts!!

  1. thanks Sabrina!!! You would LOVE tabata. It’s one of my favorites especially on the treadmill. But first, take care of that half!!! You will rock it!!!

  2. hey Lisa….thanks so much for letting me know!! I’m so sorry you are having trouble seeing the workouts. That’s so odd!! I’m working on fixing it but if you would like me to email them to you in the meantime I’m happy to try that…the workouts should be visible in the post without having to “open” them. Let me do some digging and see if I can fix it!!! Feel free to shoot me your email address if you’d like to! MY email is redheadontherun1@gmail.com. I’ll comment here if I come up with a solution. Thank you Lisa and so sorry again!

  3. I love reading your blog and enjoy all the trips you provide. However, I’m not able to open or read the various workout sessions you recommend. It you try to enlarge the sheet (ie arms) it’s blurry. Any suggestions on how to read these workouts? Thanks and have a great weekend,

  4. Holy cow these are awesome!! I’ve never tried a tabata workout, but now I want to! My first 1/2 marathon is at the end of this month, so right now I’m in survival training mode, lol. After the 1/2 I want to work on my speed and my core for a bit, so these are going to be very helpful! Thank you for sharing! Happy Friday!

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