Friday Favorites: I picked a dress!!!!


It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!  I kinda feel like that’s all I need to say.  So, keepin it sweet and simple and slightly less wordy today, here are your Friday Faves(ya’ll know it’s taking every ounce of control I have not to write a novel about my week and my feelings blah blah blah).  Ok. Here we go….


Betty Designs


betty designs


Ok.  So I don’t look this cute doing a high kick.  Nor do I look this tan.  Or cut.  Or thin legged.  But who does really?  Anyway, it’s officially triathlon season in North Texas and I am IN LOVE with some of the Betty Designs.  It’s a little edgy but I kinda dig it.  I may or may not do a couple tri’s this summer and I need a new tri suite.  They also have some super cute sporty bathing suites that I LOVE.  I try to have a few good sport suites not just for swimming and training but also for hanging in the pool with the kids.  Girls gotta stay put and it’s just not cool to flaunt your business at the family establishments.  Not that I’m telling you to flaunt your business anywhere. Let’s keep it classy ladies.

Treadmill miles….and views


My thumbnail view from the treadmill…when I’m leaning over to look out the blinds.  I’m telling you though when you’re on a treadmill on a gorgeous day, even the tiniest view keeps you from going temporarily insane.



Lila: "Is your nose taped?" Me: No baby. Lila: "then how does it stay on your face?" Valid question. Some treadmill miles while Lila sleeps after a morning of cake decorating and fun playing outside on this gorgeous spring day. Im telling yall. Some sunshine , a cute 2 year old and a good sweat can totally turn an already good day into a great day. #toddlerssaysomefunnystuff #runner #treadmillmiles #goprorunner #GoPro #goproathlete #brookspureflow #athleta #sunshine #timewithLila #priceless


A clean microwave

I put this pic on IG of my re-heating my coffee 7,981 times and the comments were all regarding how clean my microwave is.  I can’t take credit.   I had a deep clean of my house done last week.  They cleaned the microwave and even made it smell amazing.   Who does that?  Miracle workers that’s who.

Reheat #7,456. This can not be the best way to drink coffee. But after a morning filled with breakfast making, lunch making, rainbow loom bracelet making(yes. Before 7:30am), Strawberry Shortcake watching, trash taking outing, baby doll dressing craziness my coffee has spent more time in the microwave than in my hand. Such is life. #THURSDAY #reallife #allthecoldcoffee #needagoodrun #andafreshbatchofcoffee


We’re in the process of getting ready to remodel our master bath.  The kitchen is on our list and ever since I saw this picture I can’t stop thinking about kitchens!!  I have a friend in home remodel and he showed me this pic of their amazing work.  My kitchen won’t look like this just due to structure but if this doesn’t scream Fixer Upper and have JoJo’s name written all over it, I don’t know what does.  I’m in love with this kitchen ya’ll.  To see some more amazing kitchen and bathroom makeovers, click here.   If you are local, check them out for your next project.



Spain clothes

Ya’ll.  Once our Spain trip is over you will be getting workout clothes on Friday faves.  But for now, you get Spain stuff.  I made a little trip back to Anthro this week(for all my IG friends, in my “whore” pants…autocorrect is just mean) and it didn’t let me down.  Here are a few tops I got…

anthro tee

I got this one in mint green



color block tunic

white tee


spain dress!!

Here’s the deal.  The picture DOES NOT do this dress justice.  In person it’s stunning.  And the color.  I tried on lots of other pieces along with long full skirts and more formal looks.  Apparently(say the girls in the dressing room and the Anthro personal shopper….ahem) this was it.  Several sweet girls popped their heads out of their dressing rooms to weigh in and all said hands down,this is my dress.  Aren’t girls fun?  We can bond over dress shopping and fun girly things even if we’re complete strangers.   It was a fun day.  Now to figure out what to do with my hair.  I’m thinking loose messy bun but with purpose and pizaaz.  Because that makes complete sense.  Oh! And the shoes….(ignore my toes, they desperately need HELP but I’m waiting til right before we leave).


Thank you Steve Madden for saving me from the $28,000 Jimmy Choo’s the crazy lady at Nordstrom tried to get me to buy.

Vega Sport


Ya’ll know I love me some Vega.  This week I mixed the protein performance powder with cinnamon, chia seeds and PB2(not shown)and almond milk and put in in my blender bottle.  It was the jams.   And it’s really extra yummy with their mocha flavor.  Keeps me full and is awesome on these warmer days.  Love.


I had the privilege of making a cake this week for a sweet friends girl turning 2.  I love making cakes.  It’s a love language I think. =)


Jake turns 9  Monday and his birthday bash is this weekend.  He wants a Rangers cake…again.  Here is the one I did last year that I need to tweek so it’s different.  But he’s a creature of habit so I’m not surprised he wants the same cake.  I did a variation of batman 3 years in a row when he was younger.  Here’s last years cake….


My new fave dressing



It is AMAZING.  Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette.  Not too spicy.  Not too sweet.  I mixed it with spinach, oranges, strawberries, grilled chicken, chopped walnuts, and of course bacon.  Because everything is better with bacon.




I am now validated in my running shoe purchase obsession.  Thank you  I don’t know you.  But I want to.

And finally…my favorite Lila quote and moment of the week…


“Mom, is your nose taped?”  Me:  No baby it’s not taped.  “Then how does it stick to your FACE?”

Ya’ll make it a great weekend!!!!!

Don’t forget to link up with Erika today for Friday Faves!

What’s your favorite new dressing or salad combo??

What are some funny things your kids say?  Inquiring minds need to know=)  Happy Friday ya’ll!!!

6 comments on “Friday Favorites: I picked a dress!!!!

  1. Kassie..I missed being there!!! This week has been insane. And girl I’ll make you a cake since I can’t come celebrate your day…just tell me what kind=) The shoes will be yours hands down=) love you!!

  2. girl….having both in close proximity is DANGEROUS!!! I stay away normally because I have zero will power. I’m blaming Anthro for the particular Spain like look this season. Everything is fun and cute!!=)

  3. thanks Rae!! I’ll do a cake post for ya next week=) It seriously started with my need for some tradition because I don’t do a lot of other things. So, this is my thing. It’s taken years of late nights and messed up cakes and I have a long way to go haha. But it’s fun. Always part of their present=)

  4. I’m jealous because we need a trader joes and an anthro! That would be awesome. And maybe bad but more awesome than bad i would just be broke. Haha amen to retail therapy and a yummy Starbucks!

  5. A few things…. 1. We missed you dearly last night. 2. You made my bday cake too early (even though I’m turning 31, I’m sure you meant 25) 3. Lilas shoes are adorable. Please let me buy them all for Shepherd when she outgrows them. 4. Love ya!

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