Friday Favorites!!!!!


Happy Friday ya’ll!!!  You probably know by now that Friday’s are usually my favorite posts.  It’s just fun to share some of my favorites from the week with you. So, today I’m starting it off by bragging about one of my favorite companies…..Athleta.

And just for the record, I am NOT getting paid to do this.  I just had a really great experience this week and as a workout clothes aholic I feel it’s my responsibility to share that yuminess with you.

I went into Athleta to help one of my very best friends(yes, I am in 7th grade.  Do adults have best friends anymore?  Anyway, she’s a keeper) find some new things, determined not to buy anything.  But then you walk into the store and it’s strappy bra’s and printed capri’s and cute colorful tanks EVERYWHERE.  My will power left me at the door.  Oh, and I ran into Erika which is fitting since Athleta is my favorite Friday Favorite this week.  It was a fun day ya’ll.

So, I “only” bought 3 things.  Yay me.  My husband would disagree.  He would not be cheering for me in this department.  Ya’ll know I have issues.  Ok, so anyway I was talking to one of the girls that works in the store and I used to go to her gym.  She was so sweet and helpful and we were just talking about fitness and I mentioned that I was a trainer.  She told me they have a 30% discount for trainers, AND that they open the store up for trainer’s to come teach classes or bootcamps for a month. What?!?!?! Made. My. Day.

This way they get yoga instructor’s, PIYO instructor’s etc doing workouts in their store.  Genius.  I was so excited.  I returned what I had purchased and re-purchased it with my new discount, basically giving me a free item.  Yay me again!! I learned a little more about the company and ya’ll, I’m just impressed.  They are very customer friendly and that for me is huge.  I may be an Athleta girl for life.  Here’s what I snagged….

Pure Tank - Bright White

This is the Fastest Track tank and it is amazing.  I ran in it yesterday and it has this band around the bottom to help it stick so it doesn’t ride up.



Plus it was really hot yesterday and this tank was nice and cool.  Definitely a win.

I also picked up some shorts since it is officially running in shorts weather here in Texas.  It happened quick ya’ll.  This week has been a struggle because my body isn’t acclamated to running in 80 degree’s with 26,000 % humidity yet.  It takes time.  And I HATE running in the heat. Hate. It.  I decided on the Ready Set shorts.


Love these. Verdict is still out on the whole riding up issue.  Haven’t run in them yet but they are so comfy and have a nice wide waist band which I love.  I’ll keep you posted.

I also picked up a cute strappy sports bra. This is the Mind over Matter Pixel bra.  Sometimes you just need some cute straps and this bra delivers.

Mind Over Matter Pixel Bra - Navy

So that’s my gushing over Athleta for this week.  Great company and great quality and great customer service.  Win win win.

This week has been filled with baseball and running outside and playground time.  It’s Spring in Texas and we’re soaking it all up.  I’m also getting lazier by the day.  I’m over homework and tests and packing lunches.  I want my kids to roam free outside until it’s time for bed.  It’s the home stretch and I’m ready for summer.

Jake is in kid pitch for the second season, but they are starting to look so grown up!



Also, I got a few great runs in outside this week and on the treadmill.  I am building my base back up so I’m ready to start training for Chicago.  Holy crap.  Am I really running another marathon this year?  Um yes. Time to get in the game again after months of casual and gloriously aimless running.  It’s so healthy just to run because you love it, not because you have to.


Ya’ll..find a hill and go run it.  I ran out to this hill which is about a mile from my house.  Ran up and down for about 20 minutes with crunches in between each set.  I was soaked.  I ran/walked home because I had eaten way too much out to breakfast with a friend that morning and had way too much coffee.  But it was cookiedoodle coffee.  Can you blame me? But, it was still amazing.  I say this all the time but you don’t need a gym, you can get a great workout anywhere.







Hopped on the treadmill yesterday for 4 sweaty and humid miles.  In my new tank and my new Brooks Pureflow’s.  Love it all.  Rocked out to some Ed Sheeran and Andy Grammar and had me a good ole time.

Also, I put my kids to work…oh yes I did. Spring is insane and busy.  This momma needs some help and I was reminded by a friend that I have able bodied people in my house to help me out…


Once he started he just kept going.  He swept the floors and cleaned windows.  Praise Jesus.


Ok, so maybe Lila was crafting while Josh was cleaning, but ya’ll she was sitting still and not coloring on her face.  Win.

Rob was out of town so we had a few crazy moments….


Yep.  The picture says it all.

I also discovered my new favorite spinach salad that I lived on this week…


Spinach, candied pecans from trader Joe’s, strawberries, red pepper and my favorite dressing in all the world Marzetti’s sweet italian.  Yall….make this salad.  Thank me later.  Add chicken or tuna to give it some umph.

Ok.  That does it.  Kids are waking up and I need more coffee.  And I know today was a totally random string of thoughts but sometimes that’s just better.  Happy Good Friday friends!!!  Don’t forget to go link up with Erika for Friday Faves today!!



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  1. thanks friend!! I’ll run in the shorts today so I can include it in Friday faves this week. I know you love Athleta!! And showing cheeks is no good=)

  2. Yay Sabrina! Hope you found some cute stuff, it’s hard not to right now. And I’ve never tried a running skirt! I probably should!

  3. thanks girl! Yes, Athleta is a keeper. And the salad…perfect for spring freshness. Trader Joe’s just went in close to me. Im loving it but I don’t go every week. Only go for a few things, kinda like Costco haha. And no joke! The warmth and humidity…ugh!

  4. That salad looks delicious!!! I wish we would get a trader joes! Closest one in San Antonio 🙁 and the weather?! Yikes it does seem to be so humid and hot so quickly! The pool needs to warm up now! And I need to check out Althea! Cute stuff!!

  5. I love Athleta!!!! I have one of their running skirts and it is by far my favorite piece of workout gear. In fact, you just inspired me to go check out their website for some Friday inspiration. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  6. I love Athleta!!! I can’t wait for your review on those shorts. I need to find some that don’t show cheeks like Lulu. You continue to inspire me – you’re an awesome momma!!! oxo

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