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Happy Friday!! I’m linking up with Erika at A Little Bit of Everything and some of the girls for some Friday favorites.  Once I decided to add this in I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all my favorite things this week!!  How do I narrow this down?? I’ll do my best.  Some fun some practical, and some just delicious and horribly bad for you that I DON’T recommend eating often.  Here we go…

  Peanut Butter Cup oreo’s
I know I know.  It’s getting a little ridiculous how often I refer to sweets and food that is shall we say….processed crap.  I’m sorry.  I’m not trying to be a bad influence on you but really, if you LOVE chocolate and peanut butter as much as I do, you have to try these.  Here’s the deal.  I allowed myself one bag of these.  ONE! That means the next time I pass them in the store, I’ll keep moving because I’ve been there and had that.  I know if I don’t keep it in the house, I won’t eat it.  But this one week, I made an exception.  And by the way, I did not eat this entire bag.  I’m one of 5 people who live in this house.  I actually only ate a couple…ish.  
  Old Navy’s Patterned compression capri’s 

Ok so I went to Old Navy the other day for a couple of things and came out with these.  I ran in them yesterday and I LOVE them.  They are cute, flattering, slightly gathered around the bottom and super light weight and easy to run in.  Go snag some for $25 here
these are mine….slightly sideways but you get the point
 “The Best Yes”

Ya’ll..this book is awesome.  I am currently reading it and still recommending it even though I haven’t finished it yet, it’s that good.  Sometimes books just speak truth right into your life and circumstances.  That’s this book to me.  It’s about making wise choices in a busy world filled with endless motion and demands.  Go get it now!  Here it is on Amazon….click here
 Sahale Snacks
These little snacks are awesome.  They come in tons of different flavors and varieties and are DELICIOUS!!  See, I don’t always snag the bag of Oreo’s.  Go pick up some of these if you can find them.  I have found them at several local grocery stores. 
 Lila’s penguin shirt

Thank you again Old Navy.  Picked this up yesterday for my girl because in our house, penguins are important.  Josh, our middle guy, has been obsessed with penguins since he was Lila’s age.  He’s 6 now.  It’s adorable and only appropriate that Lila have a penguin that’s a little more girly.  I could not find it on their website but it’s worth looking for.  It’s so cute!!!
I know this doesn’t quite fit with cute penguin shirts and Oreo’s, but ya’ll…this stuff is saving my feet right now.  So runner’s, this one is for you.  I’ve heard putting Glide on your feet will help protect against blisters.  I was afraid it would make my feet slide around in my socks.  It doesn’t!!  It’s awesome.  Since I’m running all the stinking time my feet are a complete train wreck.  Or at least it feels that way.  Thank the Lord it’s fall so I can cover them up in cute flats or boots.  Speaking of cute flats…
Old Navy Flats

Aren’t these so cute!!!!  I LOVE them.  They are kind of a burnt orange almost in person.  They have a snake pattern and they are super comfy.  They were on sale at Old Navy this week.  Obviously Lila and I did some damage.  But, my feet desperately need covering and these were on sale.  Find them here
She Don’t Love You

I’m loving this song.  It’s by an artist named Eric Pasley who I’d never heard of until yesterday.  I heard the song and pulled it up on Google play.  I’ve had in on repeat.  If you love a good country love song, this one is for you.  Sorry, I’m from Tennessee.  This one is in my blood. 
Yesterday we went trick or treating at Robbie’s office(my hubs) which we do every year.  I’ll leave you with a couple dress up pics.

Ok that does it for the week.  I have more where that came from and I’m forcing myself to save some goodies for next week.  Go check out Erika’s favorites and the other links by clicking here.  Have a great Friday ya’ll!!! 
What are some of your “favorites” from this week?
Any yummy splurges like my Oreo’s?

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  1. Sarita, thanks!!! Sometimes you walk into Old Navy and it’s like the angels start singing because they have everything you need=)…and want. And yes, girl go get some of these oreo’s. Totally worth the splurge!

  2. Tanya, I need a highlighter AND a pen while reading this book. I’m so glad I got the hard copy instead of the Kindle Version because I am writing in it so much=) Thanks for stopping in!!

  3. Saying hello from Friday Favorites! I am reading The Best Yes right now and agree that it is so good. I have started jotting down notes about some parts because I don’t want to forget it!

  4. Thank goodness I have not run across those oreos yet!! I did the same with the pumpkin spice oreos…allowed myself one package! Love those workout pants..gonna check those out for sure and will definitely be trying out the glide on my next run! Loving your blog!

  5. I loved everything about your post! I also love me some yummy Oreos and I need to try those ones. 🙂
    Those Old Navy flats are super cute! And I, too, love that song :). Happy Friday!

  6. I snagged that very same box of Oreos last week and I might have eaten some with milk at night when the kiddos were in bed. :). Those workout pants are CUTE!!! And…I have that book on my nightstand!!

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