Friday Favorites!!!!


Happy Friday!!!  I’m tired and for one am so glad it’s the end of the week.  My husband has been traveling some, the time change STINKS and my kids have been bouncing and jumping and leaping off every surface in our house for the past 5 days.  I love Fall…LOVE it, but the time change is for the birds.

Anyway, I have found myself again taking pictures of and searching the internet for all my favorite things this week.  This really has to stop.  I’m going to try to space them out.  Wouldn’t want to run out of favorites.

First up…some fashion.  Wouldn’t want to leave that out.

Everyone needs a jacket for Fall/Winter right?  Here’s my pick…thanks to my friend Raine at Miles Thru Raine I found my true love.  The Oiselle Katron Jacket.

this is the pullover…so cute right?  It also comes in a zip up jacket

If my husband is willing to let me get an early Christmas gift for myself, this bad boy will be coming my way this week.  In my defense I don’t have a winter coat.  Just lightweight jackets.  It’s a “need” right???
I also fell in love with these…
The boys and I had a very long debate about which color I should order.  The practical side of me said to go with the gray.  But they were sold out, like everywhere.  Which meant everyone else was being practical too.  The fun part of me said pink.  So, these were available and I went for it.  We’ll see if I love them or hate them when they come in the mail.  Right now, my vote is love.  You can find them here
Next up, Panera choose 2
It was a rainy Tuesday and my hubby was working from home so we went to have lunch.  He works long hours and works hard.  We rarely get to talk during the day much less have lunch together.  Plus the choose 2 potatoe soup and cobb salad hit the spot.  And of course I got a coffee on my way out.  
It has finally gotten a little cooler here this week.  We got wood floors in our house over the summer.  I LOVE them but they are a little colder so I need some super comfy slippers to replace my Old Navy flip flops(I wear these around my house ALL summer long).  Enter my leopard slippers.  

so comfy my kids usually steel them and wear them around the house.  Even Jake who is too cool for everything.  
My friend Anna and I decided we needed a sugar detox since Halloween hailed me a sugar pig.  Too many mini kit kats.  Just because their small does NOT mean you can eat one day.  So, we cut sugar this week.  I always do one sweet night a week, usually on my long run days.  This was more to get the little bites of candy here and there under control.  So, naturally, to curb my chocolate craving I got this….

Holy Yum.  Anna, I’m sorry.  Does this mean I was cheating??
My friend Meredith ordered this sweatshirt and wasn’t happy with the fit.  So, lucky me.  I bought it right off of her, well not literally.  I wore it today and got so many compliments.  It just says Thankful in gold.  It has a cute boat neck and 3/4 inch sleeves.  It’s super comfy and casual..and will be a total statement with my pink shoes.  Kidding.  

sorry this isn’t the best pic.  It’s the only one I managed to snap and I’m too tired to go put it back on and retake it.  You can find it on the super cute Etsy shop here
Ok people, the red cup is back at Starbucks!!!
The red cup represents a lot of things to me.  My favorite time of year.  My favorite flavors of coffee(pumpkin and peppermint) and my favorite weather.  Yes, the red cup has become something we snap selfies with and such, but to me, it’s legit.  I really do love coffee and I love red cup time of year.  
I decided I needed to get more creative with lunches this week.  So, I made zucchini boats.  I browned some ground turkey with red and green bell peppers.  I added a dash of chili powder, cumin and smoked paprika.  I sliced some zucchini length wise and drizzled it with olive oil, kosher salt, and freshly ground pepper.  I roasted them on 425 for about 15 minutes.  Once they were done I spooned some turkey over the top and drizzled with a little shredded cheese.  I put it under the broiler and YUM!!!!  Awesome lunch that was filling and delish.  
This isn’t the best pic.  The zucchini is kind of small this time of year so it turned into more of a zucchini mattress, but you get the point.  
Finally, Parenthood.  Since it aires Thursday nights and Friday Favorites is well, on Friday, I could potentially include this in EVERY Friday post.  But I won’t.
This is hands down one of the best shows ever.  And it’s the final season.  Gasp.  My husband thinks its too much like real life and that no show should have you in tears during every. single. episode.  But I disagree.  I’m not a big cryer(except in the shower) so this show is somewhat therapeutic for me.  I seriously cry my eyes out.   I’ll miss it and hate that it’s ending but I also think they are going out with a bang.  Not sure I’ll be able to emotionally handle the finale. 
Ok, I’m stopping there.  Hope ya’ll have had an awesome week!!  To see last week’s favorites click here
Did you have any favorites from the week?
What is your favorite drink to get in your red cup??

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  1. Stopping over from the Friday Favorites link up on Momfessionals….very cute blog! I’m obsessed with Parenthood, too! So sad that it’s the last season, but I’m glad they know it in advance so they can give it a proper send off.

  2. I am with you on Parenthood! Love, love, love the show and I am so sad that this is the last season. I feel like it could continue, there is so much going on this season. Have a great weekend!

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