Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday!  I love Friday mornings.  My kids buy pizza at school on Fridays so there are no lunches to pack.  Homework and tests are done by Thursday so there are no folders to stuff or last minute spelling words to cram.  I have an easy run planned for today and some major bathroom scrubbing will take place.  Ok, enough chit we go!

The Oiselle Moto Lesley Tight

I LOVE these tights.  Technically, I don’t own a pair.  But that’s a formality.  Maybe my Friday favorites should be my Friday wish list?  Anyway, I prefer to give you stuff I’ve tried, but these bad boys are on my Christmas list so I’ll keep you posted.  I love the dark gray and black and they have a light fleece lining on the inside which is perfect for winter running.  So go get you some and tell me they are awesome.  You can buy them here
First Hair Cuts

Lila got her first hair cut this week!!…

Yall, it was so fun.  They painted her nails and made a big deal out of it.  She LOVED it.  Such a contrast to my oldest who I physically had to restrain for his first  hair cut.  I left that first hair cut with pit stains and tears.  It was a disaster.  But this?  This was FUN!! Plus, she needed some cute little bangs.  We celebrated at Chick Fil A with her GiGi, aunt, and cousins.  Fun fun day.
Speaking of little girls, I am making some discoveries as I go.  Not many, but some….
Little Cosmetics

This stuff is awesome!!!  It is a makeup kit that is mess free but looks real.  You can use the brushes and the lip gloss even has a roller in it!  It looks and feels like real makeup but doesn’t make a mess.  Yes please. 
It’s 19.99 for the set and I bought one for Lila for Christmas.  I also have 4 nieces so I’ll probably be ordering more!  You can find it here
Lila’s Kitty Hat and Old Navy Boots

I LOVE little boots and hats and sweaters.  It’s the cutest.  These boots are lined with fuzz and have a little leopard print on the back.  Super cute and inexpensive.  Perfect for her age.  She’s outgrowing shoes faster than she can wear them.  I love her kitty hat that I bought her last winter.  It was too big but it’s perfect now.  Since Texas is CRAZY she’ll be wearing short sleeves and crocks this weekend instead.  
November Snow

Did I mention Texas is  crazy?  It is.  Look closely at this pic and you’ll see snow.  It happened this week.  You may have to squint, but it’s there.  Sunday’s high this weekend is 70.  No wonder we’re all sick and hacking and hoarse.  


This happened…on Wednesday.  I couldn’t help myself.  Sometimes you just need a donut….or maybe 2.  It’s the one thing besides burgers that has just sounded so good during this round of training.  I haven’t given in, until this week.  Lila and I went to Duncan Donuts and splurged.  It tasted AMAZING.  It’s out of my system and I’m a better wife, mom and runner for it.  Sometimes a girl just needs a donut.  

Chia Seeds

This is my favorite thing to add to just about anything.  Right on the heels of the donut…nice right?  There are tons of health benefits and they really don’t have flavor, just a little crunch.  I add them to yogurt, oatmeal, toast with peanut butter and honey, smoothies, and cereal just to name a few.  Some of the health benefits include: they are loaded with nutrients but low in calories(including fiber, protein, Omega-3 fats, and calcium…just to name a few), filled with antioxidants, and 12 grams of “carbohydrates”, 11 of which are fiber.  The benefit of this is that they are sustaining.  They make you full because they expand in your stomach.  These are just a few of the many benefits.  I love that they are so easy to throw in to foods and they last a while too, which is nice since they are a bit pricey.  
Friends that Bring Lunch
Yesterday morning was rough.  You know, just one of those mornings where I felt like a terrible mom and couldn’t do anything right, right down to shutting Lila’s fingers in the door of her preschool class room when I dropped her off.  Oops.  After a crappy run I came home kinda defeated.  A good friend knew I was having a bad day and texted me to meet her in my driveway in 10 minutes, with a plate and a knife.  She proceeded to cut her Free Birds burrito in half and put it on my plate, along with chips and queso.  That my friends is true friendship.  And it tasted amazing.  A-MAZING.  Go bless someone today ya’ll.  Send a note, an email, a text, a treat.  It doesn’t have to be one of your besties, you could bless someone you hardly know or don’t know at all.  Just a thought.  

My new running trail….path

Those of you true trail runner’s know this isn’t so much a trail but a paved “path.”  Still, it’s new and naturey(it’s a word) and so pretty.  It’s secluded and just me and the trees.  It’s been so peaceful to be running out in nature instead of through the busy streets of my town.  I love it so it made my Friday faves.  If you are a runner, get out and explore where you live.  You never know what you may find, plus, a new route keeps running fresh.  

A New Project

As if I have nothing else on my plate, I decided to paint my laundry room this week. I’m still not done.  I went all domestic and crazy and purged.  I cleaned out every cabinet and drawer in our laundry room.  Once it was nice and cleaned and organized, I decided it needed to be gray.  My favorite shade of gray in fact…Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray.  It’s really the perfect shade.  Once I finish(which may be sometime in 2015), I’ll post a pic. But for now, the paint sits in the laundry room waiting for me to return.  I cut in all the edges and then life happened.  Hopefully I’ll knock it out this week while the kids are home, because painting with all the kids at home makes perfect sense. 

So that does it.  My faves for the week.  Hope ya’ll have an awesome weekend and time away from the normal schedule!!!
Am I the only one that starts projects that I can’t finish??  
What are the hot items on your kids Christmas lists this year??
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  1. Yes, the color stays gray. IT’s very soft and does not have a blue undertone. I found it so hard to pick a gray too!! Blues, purples, browns and greens and I could NOT tell. I ended up painting my entire downstairs in this gray lol. I’d say maybe if anything it is more in the brown family as far as the undertones go but I love it. Good luck!

  2. Hi! Love that paint color too! Could you please tell me what you think it looks like on the wall? Does it have a blue undertone…..etc? I’m looking so hard for the perfect light gray that STAYS light gray once it’s up on the wall!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Love that paint color! I have it in my master bathroom and think maybe over Christmas I’m going to tackle a few more spaces. Hope you have a better day today! And it is true…the smallest act of kindness can truly bless someones day!

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