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Happy Friday!!!!  I’m so glad it’s Friday.  My marathon is Sunday and I’m getting so excited!  I’m excited to run but I’m honestly excited to have it behind me and enjoy the Christmas season.  It’s somewhat all consuming at this point.  I’m getting ready to think about other things!  So, I tried to keep my mind off the race this week as much as possible.  So, here are my faves from the week!


Yes, she’s my favorite this week.  Don’t tell the boys.  I love them too.  Lila and I had a fun week.  She actually came down with a cold so she stayed home from school on Thursday and because I didn’t have to run much this week we got lots of time together.  She’s hilarious and wildly entertaining.  I just love her and loved getting a little extra time together…..unless I get her cold and then I take this all back.  
Albion Fit Tempo Tee

I LOVE this tee.  More pics and info to come.  This is just a little preview at next week’s GIVEAWAY!!  That’s right.  Stay tuned to my IG (@redheadontherun_1) and the blog for details on how you cold win this amazing tee.  Check out their website here
Upward Basketball

For the past several years our boys have played Upward basketball through our church.  It is a faith based league that is more recreational and a little less competitive.  It’s a great place for kids to learn the basics of the sport and how to be on a team.  They also learn scripture and values.  Josh came home last night with a verse in hand and he was saying it to himself when we went to tuck him in.  Precious.  I love that my kids can be a part of something that not only encourages them to be active and enjoy sports but also encourages them in their faith.  
My new Mug

Every year the kids have an art project at school that you then have the option of ordering on any and all items.  Really.  The booklet is huge and you can order just about anything you could ever possibly want with your child’s AMAZING <slight sarcasm> art work on it.  Honestly, we  don’t always order stuff because Jake has never been that into it.  But Josh?  This is right up his ally.  He’s the kid that could be happy with an empty toilet paper roll to play with.  So, when he comes home with those big blue eyes and asks me if I just, and I quote, “totally love his artwork and want a coffee mug to use in the mornings” I melt and say yes to whatever.  So, this is my new favorite mug.  

Run with Endurance Tank

I have seen these floating around IG and I follow Chelsey, @fitandfaithfulfc on Instagram.  I love these tanks and what they say and represent.  Running is more than running.  It’s the perfect metaphor for life sometimes and I want to run with endurance.  Check them out on her website here.  The shirt is super comfy and I plan to run the marathon in it on Sunday, unless of course ya’ll think this would be see thru in the rain?  Thoughts?  The rain presents a wardrobe challenge.  Any and all help appreciated.  Don’t want to give the people too much of a show.   

Stretchy band and Lacross Ball
If you’re a runner or athlete of any kind, get yourself these two little genius items.  The stretchy band is amazing and something I use almost daily and the lacross ball is perfect for getting in all those tight knots and grooves that the foam roller can’t quite reach.  These could save your running life.  
Gratify Chocolate covered pretzels

I’ll just say your welcome now.  Your welcome.  These pretzels are AMAZING.  I keep saying amazing today but it applies.  Promise.  And I’m not even gluten free.  I love gluten.  I also love pretzels and chocolate.  
Plaid Top from Suburban Chic

An adorable boutique here in McKinney called Suburban Chic is my new fave spot.  It’s inside Salon Voltera for those of you who are local and Asenet is the owner.  She’s adorable and amazing and crazy talented.  I did not belong in my running clothes so I had to buy something super cute to wear with a real bra.  Seriously ya’ll.  I went into her shop in my running clothes and tried on a cute top…with my sports bra.  Gross.  I bought the plaid shirt without trying it on and said I’d come back later when I was cuter.  I still haven’t gone back in.  What does that say about my life?  Anyawy, next week I plan on wearing a real bra every single day.  That’s my goal.  Follow Asenet on Facebook here.  You can also follow her on IG @thesuburbanchic

Texas Winters

Truth be told this is a double edged sword.  While I LOVE my flip flops and my Uggs, I kinda wish Texas would pick a side.  Is it winter?  Sometimes. Other days its spring and other’s like today it’s killing us with humidity…which as a runner is my least favorite thing…EVER.  But, it is nice that I can keep my amazing and fancy Old Navy flip flops at the ready all winter long.  Even though I love winter.  Confusing?  Yes.  I love winter, I love flip flops.  I don’t even know. 

Christmas Vacation Cups
Ok girls, go to Target NOW.  Like you need a reason to visit Target in December.  If you need to make your one thousandth trip to Target then make sure you pick these up while you are there.  They have other movies too but as you know, this is our fave.  Oh, DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR DISHWASHER.  You’re welcome.  Apparently it says it on the box but I don’t pay attention to details like that so I ruined one of our brand new cups.  Oops.  

Saturday morning pancakes

I don’t have many things.  I’m not one of those mom’s with all kinds of traditions and cool idea’s up my sleeves.  It’s cool.  I’m ok with who I am and what I do have.  And one thing I have is pancakes.  Killer pancakes.  It’s not my recipe so I can’t take the credit but I’ll share it with you.  I have NO clue where I got this recipe so hopefully sharing this doesn’t get my rear slapped with a lawsuit.  These are amazing and buttermilky and thick and perfect with bacon.  Because bacon makes everything better.  We try to do pancakes every Saturday.  During this training cycle it’s been a little harder depending on our schedule but I try to make this happen as often as possible.  It’s our thing. 

Buttermilk Pancakes:
2 cups buttermilk
2 cups flour
3 tbsp melted butter, slightly cooled
1 egg
2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and use a whisk to combine.  Melt butter and let cool slightly.  Add butter to buttermilk and egg.  Whisk to combine.  Pour into dry ingredients and stir but don NOT overstir.  Batter will be insanely thick and slightly lumpy.  It’s awesome that way.  Heat up that griddle and dump tons of butter on it.  Pour your batter onto your griddle and cook on both sides until done.  Serve with homemade whipped cream, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries or whatever else suites your fancy.  Enjoy your Saturday now that your belly is full.  Thank me later.  
That does it for this week!!  Make sure you go hop over to Erika’s blog for the link up.  Click here
I’m off to shower and head downtown to the Dallas Marathon Expo!!  Prayers appreciated for Sunday, the humidity will be atrocious and I have asthma and a severely deviated septum, aren’t you glad to know that?  Anyway humidity is my running enemy.  Please pray for clear lungs and a great race!!  Ya’ll are amazing and I hope you have a fab Friday!!!
What are your favorites from the week?  Any amazing Saturday morning breakfast ideas I need to know about??

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  1. Abby thank you!!! I’m sure your friend will be loving this warmer weather!! I for one would rather run in the cold, but I’m trying not to complain…it could be sleeting haha!

  2. I’m with you on this bipolar Texas weather. Will be sending prayers for you on Sunday! I know you are going to do great number one because you’ve worked your tail off but number two because you have got your head on straight. Can’t wait to hear about it. And I will be rushing right out to purchase those pancake ingredients!

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