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Happy Friday!  I’m a little late getting to this today.  I was tired this morning and needed some serious time with Jesus and my journal and the fire going and my coffee.  I also need coffee flowing all the day long because today is the day I potty train Lila.  The stubborn, too smart for her own good sassy pants who insists she’ll pee in the potty later, because she just doens’t feel like it right now.  She has also assured me she won’t pee on my couch today.  Awesome sauce.  Wish me luck.  It’s going to be a fabulous  horrible day…but I’m being totally optimistic, can’t you tell?  Today, I’m most thankful for wood floors.

So today’s favorites are a little random….but hang with me, it’s been a random week.

Just Mango

Ya’ll…this is saving my Whole30 hiney.  It’s SO yummy and it’s unsulfered(whatever the heck that means) and unsweetened.  It’s kinda like a fruit chew and I have it with unsalted almonds for a snack.  Delish
Emergency Rooms

So, this experience was NOT my favorite from this week.  A kid with croup and flu struggling to breath is no way to spend a Sunday night…ALLLLL night.  However, it makes you thankful.  I’m thankful for the ability to take my kids to a Dr. when they need it and for medicine to make them well.  It’s easy to overlook these little life details.

I think I mentioned this last week in my faves, but here it is again, same picture.  I have a toddler running around my house in underwear so I just didn’t have time to pull up a diff. pic.  I LOVE this workout program ya’ll.  Stay tuned next week I’ll be launching a giveaway on the blog and IG….you can follow me at @redheadontherun_1 to be in the loop.  It will be one month of free membership!!  Since I’ve been stuck at home a lot this week I’ve been working out at home and this has helped keep me sane. 
These 2

He’s like a daddy to her.  It melts me and she loves to hide behind his leg.  He’s 8 1/2.  And too cool for his own pants, but he loves that little stinker and would move mountains for her if he could.  
Lila’s first braids

I can braid!  Who knew?  After two boys I found I do actually have the ability to braid hair.  When I was pregnant I’d have nightmares about not being able to do Lila’s hair.  Its true.  Ridiculous, but true.  She wanted braids just like Anna…and I delivered.  Huge sigh of relief
Lara Bars

I have no idea if these are Whole30 approved, and frankly, I don’t care.  Eating eggs before my workouts was not working for me.  It was coming back up.  Ew.  So, a banana and Lara bar replaced my Cliff Bar’s and honey stingers.  This one has dates and cashews.  That’s it.  Surely that’s legal right?  Don’t tell me if it’s not.  They are my saving grace.
Treadmill Workouts

So, I notoriously HATE the treadmill.  I’ve been running outside for so long that I had totally gotten out of my gym routine.  The treadmill can actually be a really useful tool and I was reminded of that this week.  I love how you can change up your workouts and really challenge yourself in ways that may be harder to do out on the road.  It also allowed me to hit the weights immediately and keep my workout intense.  Not necessary every day, but it’s good once or twice a week to raise that intensity up a bit.  

Back on my bike

I loved getting my bike back on the trainer this week.  Like I said, being stuck at home with a sick kiddo, husband out of town and now a potty trainer(and husband back by the way…I never announce him being gone when he’s actually gone.  You never know what kind of creepers are out there! A girl can never be too careful…moving on) I have needed some at home workouts.  I threw in a “spin” type routine on the bike this week.  Here is what I did….
Using the timer on my phone I went in intervals.  
5-10 min warm up
2 min sprint intervals(30 sec on, 30 sec recover for 2 min)
1 min recovery
2 min hill intervals(30 sec hard, 30 sec easy but keep resistance high, don’t lower it during the recovery)
recover 1 min
Intervals alternating hill and speed:
2 min intervals with 30 sec speed, 30 sec high resistance
recover 1 min
Tabata drills:
With tension high, 4 min of tabata.  20 seconds hard, 10 sec. recovery and repeat.  Do this for 4 min
Recover 1-2 min and repeat 
I did 2 rounds
You want your tension high enough that you aren’t flopping around and you can maintain your form.  It should be hard but you should be able to push your pace a little during the 20 seconds.  Make sense?
Set your tension at a medium resistance and start your timer.  For 5 min you will gradually climb raising your resistance every 30 seconds.  Resist the urge to stand up.  After the 5 min recover 1-2 min then repeat.
5-10 min cool down

I promise this will get your heart rate up.  You can do this at home if you have a bike/trainer or on the spin bike at the gym.  I love going into the spin room when there are no classes.  It’s dark and quiet and a great space to work up a good sweat.  But, you have to be willing to push yourself.

This is a slightly pre-mature favorite.  I ordered my first Fabletics outfit and I’m still waiting on it to come.  Hoping today’s the day.  Lord knows by this afternoon I’ll need a pick me up.  Anyway, I’ll report back once I have tested the products and quality but I LOVE the concept.  $50 a month and you get an outfit in the mail.  You can skip a month at any time, which I imagine is the hardest part.  Remembering to skip.  You get outfit’s tailored to what you do and from what I saw, they nailed my style.  I’ll keep you posted!  Note: to get the discount on the site you have to sign up to be a VIP which is the auto payment of $50 dollars a month.  Plus, some outfits are MORE than $25 so just make sure you read carefully.  And on top of all of that, who doesn’t love Kate Hudson?? 
That does it for today ya’ll.  It goes without saying I’m getting NOTHING done today and this post took 47 hours to write.  I’m getting my own tabata workout just taking Lila back and forth to the potty.  This girl.  Have a fab Friday!!
Do you have a favorite spin workout?
Any Whole30 snack ideas I need to be aware of? 
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  1. Have you heard of the Gymboss Interval timer app? It’s perfect for Tabata… you can customize the work/rest intervals for however long you want, and it beeps and/or lights up red/green so you don’t have to keep a constant eye on the clock! 🙂

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