Friday Favorites: 25% off Athleta Friends and Family!!!!!!!!

You guys.  I will get to the 25% details…….but first.  I just feel like I need to jump right in by telling you that yesterday brought me a straight up spray tan.  And not just any spray tan, an AIRBRUSH tan. Meaning you stand in a booth stripped down “to your comfortable” and a girl half your age sprays you and ROLLS the color around.  It’s lovely.  I have to get into a flowy, short, strappy dress, shorts, and a BATHING SUIT all in the next 7ish days.  My skin just isn’t ready for that kind of exposure after months of coverage.  I had to do something.  Desperate times people, desperate times.  

Let me assure you, it does not air brush everything AWAY.  And no, they can not add to your mid section a six-pack, which I’m sure those girls are asked to do every single day.  Bummer right?

I smelled like I was pool side all. night. long, even after washing with their expensive body wash that I was suckered into purchasing during my 30 minuets of vanity.  It was buy one get one half off.  I mean, what would you have done?  IF you wash with regular soap, the spray tan could come off.  And that is just not ok.  So I bought the body wash…..and the body butter.  Which smells exactly like sun tan oil in a butter form.  My sheets need to be washed, but at least I got some color.


Glowing right?  As I was smelling myself all day and seeing the looks on my kids faces as they walked in the door from school, I was reminded of Ross.  It’s worth the 4ish minutes to watch this.  I promise.

This is the conversation via text with my friend Kassie, who is also considering this option for our cruise as opposed to blinding our poor fellow passengers with our whiteness…


Ok.  Moving on.

This week was crazy busy.  I’ve grown to hate the word busy as I’ve gotten older.  I feel I use it as a default when people ask me how I am.

Person: “So hows’ it going?”
Me: “It’s good! Busy but good!”

Anyone else find themselves having this same interaction with people ALL THE TIME?  Maybe it’s just me.  Anyway, it’s something I’m working on.  More details, less vague descriptions that just make us sound like crazy people.

We packed a lot of fun and shall we say, “activity”, into this week.  We took a quick road trip to Tennessee last weekend(16 hours in the car total between Friday and Sunday morning.  Hello butt cramps).  My mom turned 60 and we had a little get together for her with some of their close friends.  I’m SO glad we were able to go.  And Rob came Saturday and surprised us!


I love Uber.  And him.  I drove with the kids Friday because he had to work, and he showed up to be at the party and drive us home.  Yep, he’s a keeper.


While we were there(hang on, this may get sappy) we swung by my child hood home.  I’ve seen it a million times but don’t always drive by when we go to visit.  This is the house I grew up in, learned to play basketball in the driveway, got tee-peed  a million and one times(one time my dad tried to burn the toilet paper out of the tree.  And no, it didn’t work.  But the grass fire was outstanding to watch), and where Rob kissed me for the first time(awwwwwww), and the entry hall we got engaged in(we were 19.  Extravagance was not in our reality at the time). Seriously, it’s fun to look back on places you spent so much time and had so many memories.


It also made me feel really really old.

I voted this week! Yay! Voting  has always made me feel like such a legit grown up.


Remember when we used to go vote, or get hair cuts, and not take pictures of ourselves after doing so?  Those were the days.

I also have a FAVORITE Pinterest recipe from this week.  We made these for my mom’s party and they were amazing!!!!!

Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots


The recipe is from Diethood and these were my total jam.  Garlic and butter has me every time.

Lila had western day at school this week, which I completely forgot about because of all our “activity,” but she still rocked it.


Thankfully the school was not lacking in props so it looked like her mommy remembered something, which I was told by one of my offspring this week, I never do(remember things that is.  I may have reacted like a 6-year-old with hurt feelings but seriously man, it stung).

I can not go through today without mentioning the Bachelor, so let’s just sum it up with this scene that made me crawl under my couch from discomfort…


You guys.  I couldn’t even.  Of course these dates are awkward!!  They end in a hotel room where he will wake up the next day and prance on over to the next chick.  After declaring his love for you.  Oh wait.  Poor Caila.  But why do these girls expect to feel NORMAL??  This isn’t NORMAl at all!! Ok. Moving on.

I got a couple, literally, workouts in this week in the middle of all our “activity” but it was better than nothing! Some seasons are just like this girls.  Take them as they come and don’t fret.





My very favorite quote of the week is this…


I’m not going to go super deep here but ladies…….this.  I know men can struggle here but let’s be real, words can be one of our deepest and most difficult struggles to overcome.  I’m learning that even though it may come off as reserved, withdrawn or quiet, or maybe even rude, sometimes it’s what we choose NOT to say that means the most.  Sometimes sitting there in awkward silence is just what is necessary for your heart and mind. Let’s not spread everyone else’s junk.  Think before you speak and ask yourself if it benefits anyone involved.  If the answer is no, then quiet that tongue.  It’s SO hard!!!!! You are not alone here.  It’s something I’m learning and working on.

This week also brought to life the documentary that I was humbled to do with Paul Reynolds.  If you missed it, I’ll post it here.


So I know this post has been a completely random string of my thoughts and experiences from the week, but here is my FAVORITE OF MY FAVORITES


25% off to Athleta  by mentioning Red Head on the Run at checkout!!!!!!!! 

Local friends, Athleta Stonebriar is hosting their friends and family event, that is typically by invite, and they have extended that invitation to you!! If you read the blog or follow me on social media you can mention Read Head on the Run at check out or show them this flyer on your phone(it will also be posted on my IG account, Redheadontherun_1) you will get 25% off your purchase.  You guys!!!! You know I heart this company and their amazing clothing that fit REAL WOMEN so I’m more than stoked(I’m headed to California today, so I need to use my Cali lingo here. They do say stuff like stoked right? Help me out Cali friends) to represent them through F&F!!!!!

So, on that note, I have to go pack.  Off with Rob to California for the weekend.  Have a great weekend you guys!!!!!!

What’s your fave from the week?

Do you have a favorite Pinterest find that you can’t live without?


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  1. ha!!!!! I went for a run down Laguna beach….I was LITERALLY sweating brown. Awesome =)

  2. I LOL’d at your spray tan comments. I’m off to get one today. Here’s to “glowing” skin. Ha!

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