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 Sometimes, being a mommy is really hard and exhausting.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy all the time.  It’s not always cute family selfies and matching outfits(I’ve actually never done this, not sure why I said that), perfectly behaved kids and clean hair.  Sometimes it gets messy.  Our week has been messy.  I feel like I always take something away from the messes.  I feel even more grateful that my kids are truly healthy and that we have a home to keep us warm and food to fill our bellies.  I’m thankful for a lot of things.  But, I have hard days too.  I’m not here to share the perfect(because it never really is is it?), I’m here to share the real.  So, this week, you get a glimpse into my messy.

Medline Thermometer

Momma’s, this is HANDS DOWN the best thermometer ever….and I’ve tested loads of thermometers in my 8 1/2 years as a mom.  I actually lost this one a few days ago in the midst of some chaos and a scary high fever(which I’ve learned fever’s really aren’t as scary as we parents make them out to be).  I was devastated over the loss of my beloved thermometer.  I’ve had it since Jake was born.  

Tylenol and Motrin

Most of you know this, but if your kid spikes a fever and it won’t stay down, alterntae Motrin and Tylenol every 3-4 hours(I am NOT a medical professional so obviously, go to your pediatrician first, this is just a fever tip).  Lila ran a 102-104 fever for 4. days. straight.  We spent boat loads this week on these two little boxes of gold.  


My word.  What has my life come to?  Barney, the most annoying purple dinosaur on the planet(as if there were other purple dinosaurs on our planet) has made my Friday Favorites.  Neither of my boys were EVER into Barney.  The Wiggles?  Yes.  The Backyardigans?  Yes.  Caillou? Yes..and by the way that kid is so whiney, don’t let your kids watch Caillou.  Anyway, Barney never made the cut, until Lila.  I think we may have worn out our Netflix welcome this week on Barney…but it kept her happy most of the time, so it’s a win and I’m singing the songs all the day long and in my sleep, but it’s cool.  I’ll survive.  Why can’t she dig Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast?  Now those are keepers. 

Gap GiftCard

As a stay at home mom, getting out for shopping trips isn’t something that happens often.  It’s not that I’m stuck or that I can’t ever get out alone.  I have an amazing husband who is great with the kids, so getting out is totally doable.  However, other things usually get in the way.  Or, you have a sick kid and can’t leave your house for a week…and to keep your crazy from spilling out you NEED to do some online shopping.  Enter Gap Gift card.  I have felt slightly removed from the land of the living so ordering a little somethin somethin from Gap perks me up.  I love you Gap.  


Speaking of cute stuff….my Fabletics order came! I ran in the leggings first thing Saturday morning and I loved them.  They stayed put, were nice and thick and are the perfect length for me.  They were a little big in the waist but I’m on Whole30 and have gone down a little in the waist so that’s probably the cause.  Overall I feel like they were true to size.  I also ordered a cardigan thingy which I LOVE and a grey tank…which ended up in the dryer this week and shrunk a little.  So, don’t dry the tanks…or any of it really.  Just to be on the safe side.  
My Bike

I have a road bike and trainer at home….and this week it was a lifesaver.  I couldn’t get out and my husband goes early to work or the gym(one morning he skipped and I escaped to the gym) but I was stuck working out at home.  Thanks to my bike, I let out some stress and kept up with my routine as much as possible.  Sometimes, you just have to improvise.  
Dove Dark Chocolate

Yes, I’m on Whole30(for my update this week, click here) but I honestly needed something.  Just a little something.  I tend to be an emotional eater.  Not all the time.  I’m also pretty laid back and not a very emotional girl, so I rarely have things I need to drown my sorrows in, but this week..I did.  I decided the few pieces of dark chocolate was better than the Mellow Mushroom pizza I wanted or the Chick Fil A fries.  So, I chose Dove.  And it didn’t let me down.  Call me a cheater, whatever.  You would have done it too.  
Texas Winter warmth

It’s no secret I want to live in the mountains…but that comes with snow, which I don’t dig.  I LOVE winter…til Christmas is over.  Then, I’m over it.  Sickness, being stuck inside, blah.  I LOVE cold weather and I hate the heat, like Texas summer’s kill me.  But, I don’t love all the things that come with winter as a mom.  Thankfully, Texas offers a repreive every once in a while.  Wednesday, Lila and I got out for a walk because it was sunny and 65.  Her fever came back that afternoon, but it was nice while it lasted.  

I have some pretty amazing girls in my life. Friends that bring Almond Milk(unsweetened of course, because I don’t cheat on Whole30..wink wink), bread, Starbucks, BBQ.  You name it.  These girls show up.  So thankful for my crew.  They kept me sane this week.  
So there you have it.  My week.  I’m still not convinced Lila is out of the woods.  She woke up screaming at 5:45 this morning with tons of congestion and a cough, which is new.  We shall see.  God uses these little bumps in our road to teach us something, I just have to make sure I’m listening.
Did you have a “messy” week?
What do you do to keep your sanity when your kids get sick??
I need ideas so feel free to share in Comments…Barney is getting old really fast.  
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Happy Friday ya’ll!!!

6 comments on “Friday Favorites

  1. I agree Barney is older than I thought!!! The songs are permanently burned into my memory after this week=) Looking forward to a fresh new week next week. Have a good weekend Shelly!!!

  2. I really cannot believe how long Barney has been around….when my oldest (now 24) was 2 (yep…back before netflix) her sitter made a VCR tape of like 6 or 7 Barney episodes and that is what kept her busy while I was napping on the couch pregnant with #2. I can probably still recite most of the songs from Barney. We only watched Cailou a few times and I agree…too whiney. So glad you have such a great support group and such a great attitude about all this. I always say choose joy….because even when I can’t be exactly happy with everything going on in my life I can find something to be joyful in my heart about every day. Hope she is better this weekend….for her and YOU!

  3. My favorite part of your blog is how real it is! I’m a mama to 3 little ones and it’s true- life happens, especially in the winter!! Keep writing- love your blog and IG 🙂

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