Friday Favorites!!

Hello and happy Friday!!!  Per the request of a friend(Mer, this one’s for you) and because I really really missed doing Friday favorites, it’s back!! It may not be weekly because frankly, I forget to document all my favorite things during the week because of all the other things that must get done. BUT, I’ll do my best to be as consistent as possible. Also, if I purchased enough new stuff to supply you with endless lists of favorites, my husband would not be thrilled. Because that’s a lot of moolah. And it does not grow on trees people.

Ok. Here we go!!!

Lorna Jane

By now ya’ll know I’m a total sucker for workout clothes, especially in the Summer when it is ten million degrees and sweat pours forth like I just got out of the pool. What in the world is the point of cute clothes and a real bra if you are just going to sweat through them? This baffles me. And so, I live in workout clothes or bathing suites and cover ups, you know, things that actually absorb all the sweat. Because Texas.

I’ve been wanting to try Lorna Jane and popped on their website while on the hunt for a good pair of shorts(not to run in. I don’t run in shorts. I just can’t). I discovered they have an active elite loyalty program for fitness professionals, which for me spells out D I S C O U N T. Sold. You receive 20% in stores(which is less than Athleta) AND online, which I love. You also get other perks like campaign opportunities, access to special events, and monthly incentives. Plus, cute clothes. Duh. I ordered the endurance run short and they are quite possibly the MOST comfortable shorts I have ever owned. Again, I don’t run in shorts(because legs) so I can’t vouch for how they perform on the run, but wearing them to lift weights and hang out with my kids has me hooked for life.

p.s. If I had those legs, I’d run in shorts ha!

Lululemon Pace Perfect Bra

I purchased this bra last week and am LOVING it. I wish I had one in every color. It comes up a little higher on your neck so has great support while running, and, best of all, it has a handy dandy pocket for your (if you are like me) ginormous cell phone. I have the iphone 7+, which basically means I have to carry a laptop with me while I run. It fits perfectly(even in a bulky case) in this little pocket and is super easy to get out and get back in. I even did it while running on the treadmill, without falling off. #winningatlife.


Ok, if you follow me or Penny on Instagram, you get to see lots of Penny ha! She’ll be 12 weeks old on Tuesday and is growing like a weed. She’s heavy, almost too heavy for Lila to pick up. Even though she tries. Bless it.

Penny LOVES treats, to bark when she wants something like a demanding toddler, walks but only with me(I’m her favorite), EATING ALL THE FOOD, playing tug of war, laying on the laundry room floor, sleeping on shoes, and she loves mornings. She wakes up ready to tackle the world. I do not. It’s a lovely combo. And so, coffee.

And how can we forget chewing, she prefers to chew all the things. And we are absolutely smitten. She is the most amazing puppy and has all the smarts. We’re just a wee bit partial.


So, Rob and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on August 3rd, and took our partay to Grand Cayman. It was the best trip we’ve ever taken, and we’ve taken some cool trips. We’re big on getting away, even if just for a night. We feel like it’s important for our kids to see us enjoying time together, being friends and actually liking each other ha! Also, it’s fun! Getting away from the kids is just really fun. I LOVE my offspring, I really do, but I don’t spend every waking second of every single day with them without feeling like I need a trip to my closet just to be alone.

I don’t spend every day with my husband, or my friends…for if we did, we would surely kill each other. So, I can’t expect to spend that much time with my kiddo’s without needing some room to breath. It’s healthy. Good for the soul. And it’s good for them. We all come back sappy and missing each other and lovey, and it’s good. To be two married people instead of just two parents is so rewarding. It doesn’t have to be grand. It can be a $2 coffee trip to Mcdonald’s for an hour. Trust me. We didn’t do much when the kids were little. It’s morphed into more as they have gotten older, but sometimes it’s simple things like putting them to bed early and locking our door……so we can talk and eat our fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies(uh, which we do not share) and watch Big Brother in peace. Trust me, time alone is a total winner. I don’t want to wake up one day when our kids are grown, roll over in bed and wonder who that person is lying next to me. Gotta keep it fresh ya know? Ok. Pictures…..


Newton Gravity

I’ve always been a fan of Newton’s. I hate the price, they are dang expensive ya’ll. But I love the look and feel of these shoes. I tried them years ago, and because of the lugs on the bottom (under your toe) of the shoe, I thought I needed to change my foot strike. The shoe naturally puts you in a bit of a forward lean, but instead of letting that happen naturally, I tried to switch to a toe strike rather than a mid foot strike which is more natural. Needless to say, as much as I loved the actual shoe, I totally screwed things up with my achilles in the process. With all the issues I have been having with my hips(marathon update coming Monday), I went to our local running store and got fitted in the Brooks Ghost with an orthotic.  AN ORTHOTIC!!!! Ya’ll, I feel so old.

I love the Ghost for teaching and just wearing around, and doing some longer runs in, however, I ordered the Newton Gravity to revisit my old affair with this brand, and I am IN LOVE. First of all, they are so pink and rad and awesome looking. Like, you put them on and feel like you are a rockstar runner, even if you are a bit damaged and slow ha!

They added a fifth lug to the front which balances the shoe out a bit. I’ve been working on my mechanics so this time around, instead of letting the shoe change my foot strike, I am just allowing it to put me into a bit more of a forward lean and am loving the result. My run’s feel more effortless and natural. I’ve only done a few short 2-5 mile runs in them and some speed work but so far so good. I’m using them for running only, and since I’m running shorter distances for now I’m hoping they will last a bit longer, making the sticker price a bit more digestible. Because they are a pricey shoe. Didn’t I just say money doesn’t grow on trees? Yikes.


So I have this thing with books….and Amazon. I order books, with this crazy notion that I actually have time to read them.  It’s crazy I know! I mean, what are the odds I have 10 minutes to sit down and read a book during the actual daylight. Not likely. BUT, school is a comin people. So, I’m growing my collection.

Here’s where I am now.

The Kitchen House

I started, and finished I might add, this book while on vacation(see, another reason for some kid free time. YOU CAN READ A BOOK IN PEACE) and absolutely LOVED it. No full review here because puppy is up and I have to walk her or she will bark and whine like the spoiled little thing she is, but this book was lovely. It’s set in pre-civil war Virginia on a plantation with a family full of issues that will keep you coming back for more. It’s the story of a young girl(Lavinia) who was orphaned on her passage from Ireland and the family that takes her in as a slave to work in their kitchen house. It weaves together the life of the family and the slaves who worked their plantation, and the courageous efforts of Lavinia to welcome all into the family, loving them, regardless of skin color or station. It kept me completely hooked from start to finish!

Cold Tangerines

This is one of those set it on the coffee table and pick it up as you have time books. I’m about 3/4 of the way through, but it’s easy to pick up and set down. Shauna Niequist is one of my very favorite authors and this book is a glimpse into her life and journey as each chapter tells a bit of a different story. Her goal is to experience celebration and joy through the mundane and messiest parts of life, and I love her style. Each chapter is a totally different stream of thought, so again, it’s easy to start and stop as you have time. I always find I relate to some part of her writing and her life, which makes the book come alive for me.

On the Coffee Table:
Wonder by R.J. Palacio
You and Me Forever by Francis Chan
Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch
When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

See? Ambitious. We shall see how long it takes me to work my way through all of these books haha. And ya’ll, this isn’t even all of them, this is just the top of the stack! But hey, 11 years with kids at home will be coming to an end in one week, which might mean I have time to read? We’ll see. But here’s my list all the same.

Ok. I have to wrap this bad boy up for today. Lots to do to get ready for a busy weekend ahead. Happy Friday friends!!!!

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  1. ha! ok. I’ll find a recipe for ya in the next few weeks, which means I have to start cooking and planning again!!!!!

  2. Yay! She’s back and I’m one happy friend!!!!!!!

    Loved all these!!!!!!! Only thing I’m missing is a kick butt recipe of yours! Because let’s face it- you rock at all the things, but also dinner making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to post FF! They are my fav posts of yours!

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