Friday Favorites!!

It’s Friday. FINALLY. It seems that I’m not the only one who had a long week. I’m drinking the most giant cup of coffee thanks to my sweet friend Meredith who brought me a colossal sized mug last night with a note and a gift card for coffee and donuts. That’s friendship…


I’m thankful for friends this week.

Here are a few other little things that made my list this week. Oh, and did we discuss that Thanksgiving is LESS than a week away?  I am in no way prepared for it or any other big upcoming holiday. I’m still in flip-flops and the kids could technically still jump in the pool. It’s been such a weird Fall and it leaves those of us who base our holiday preparation on the weather in sort of a bad spot. Thankfully, there is a beautiful something called Amazon that makes those of us who shop at the very last millisecond look like we have it all together. Anyway, moving on.


I love to include a quote in the Friday faves. It asks out brains to think about something other than food and cute tops. I came upon this one yesterday in Interrupted and loved it. Clearly, Lila made her mark on this page too.


Put truth in and goodness and truth come out. Plant thorns, grow thorns. I’m paraphrasing of course, but it’s true though right? What we plant in our minds and hearts dictates how we see the world around us. If we do’t have a good solid grasp on truth and what we know and who we are, what we see could totally wreck us and rock our world. Food for thought.

The Find Auctions Top

This is the Marnie Plaid Top in Gray from the Find Auctions. I was pleasantly surprised how well it fit and the quality seemed pretty good…until a button literally broke in half as I was taking it off last night. It was the first time I had worn it and no, it is not too small so no button popping occurred. Ha!! It just broke. I had just finished telling a friend at school how impressed I was with it. Bummer. I’ll replace the button but I think I’ll stick to Hazel and Olive Boutique when looking for higher quality with good prices. Oh well. I tried.


Thanksgiving Feast Day…..


This was my Facebook post last night that seemed to generate some discussion so I thought I’d post it here as well. It was just one of those days that didn’t feel like it should be portrayed as pretty and put together.

In the spirit of authenticity……

It was Thanksgiving feast day. Which means my hair got a good washing after 4 days of letting it go. Jake wanted Sonic because it’s the only thing that serves lunch at 10:15 for his 10:30 lunch/breakfast. I had to put a peppermint in my mouth so I wouldn’t eat all his fries on the way to his school. I shaved today. #winningatlife. I had coffee for lunch and wore flip flops for maybe the last time for a while. I haven’t decorated a thing for any of the upcoming holidays. My dog is sleeping on my clean laundry. She decided it had been in that spot long enough, might as well make it useful( Sarah Peterson Smith you are not alone my friend). I overbooked myself today and tomorrow and had to cancel on about 32 people all in name of, “oh crap. I completely forgot.” I’ve told my mom every day this week that I would call her, only I didn’t. I’ve had kids with strep and allergies that won’t quit, friends hurting and loved ones longing for restoration and healing. I have watched countless episodes of @gilmoregirls_ when I should have been sleeping. I forgot to brush my teeth this morning. I haven’t cooked all week. That my friends is life. Real life. It’s so much more than a cute top and jeans. It’s the stuff you don’t see. The pair of jeans that were too tight that didn’t make the cut. The 4 year old Thursday meltdown(that the entire playground got to witness. What IS it with Thursday’s anyway??). It’s the day in and day out with your people. Your tribe. Doing life with all its mess and joy. Things aren’t always as they appear. So remember that. You are valuable and have purpose right where you are. In the things seen and the things unseen. So be present in your now. On that note, I’m signing off to go pick up salad and soup, that I did not make.❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️


Molly made a new bed this week….



Am I alone? I saw a friend post on Facebook this week about this constant laundry circus. It really is. It never ends, it’s always in the way, and it doesn’t matter how much I fold, it still looks messy and gets messed up. It feels fruitless and dumb. But I guess smelling like stinky feet or BO is frowned upon, so a washing we will go. Ugh.


Pumpkin spice Shakeo Protein Shake

So this is my weakness lately. Pumpkin Spice cookie butter from Trader Joe’s. Can we just skim over the sugar content and the fact that it really is in not healthy even though it looks like it might be? I don’t add it to every shake, and I only use a teaspoon, so that makes me feel better about it. Whatever. If you want to live a little and spice up your shake, here’s my fave. It does have spinach in it, so there’s that.

1 scoop shakeo chocolate vegan or your protein of choice
1-2 tsp of Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice cookie butter(or you could add a dash of pumpkin spice and some nutmeg to cut the sugar)
1 handful of spinach(not pictured, oops. I’m not Ree Drummond ya’ll)
about 8 oz milk, almond milk or water(I use almond milk)
about half a cup of ice
dash of cinnamon
Blend and enjoy!!!!!!


Protein Pancakes with Kodiak Cakes

Ya’ll. These are THE BEST. They now sell them at Target but I’ve always gotten this mix at Costco. You can add protein by adding milk and/or eggs or just add water. I put a little almond butter on top with a drizzle of honey and I can run for days. They fill me up and are delish. Seriously. If you are a runner/athlete these are great for pre-run or long ride/workout. dsc_0005

Butter makes everything better. I also pair it with my favorite sausage……


A Good run..finally


I had a great 5 mile run this week which hasn’t happened in a while. That good I could run all day feeling has been lacking in my running, and it finally happened this week. It helped to have my “life happens on the run” shirt on today. Don’t forget to visit 73Threads today for free shirt Friday!!!!

A little treat


I know I know. I’m a bad influence but you guys. There are no words. Go get you some of these…then maybe do this workout. I know, I’m a walking contradiction.

Beachbody Piyo



So I know I don’t post a ton about Beachbody stuff, but Beachbody On demand is one of the resources I use most at home for workouts. I was pretty sore after a rousing game of flag football on Sunday(my hip flexors are not used to that business. Or I’m just getting old. Sheesh). Anyway, Monday I did the Beachbody Piyo Sweat and my mat was SOAKED. It helped stretch me out but was also a really good workout. It’s great for active recovery so I highly recommend this program if you need at home workout options. You are welcome.

Strep stinks


Strep hit Lila and Jake this week and knocked them down for several days each. Both are well and back to school but praise God for antibiotics!!! Which I’m just now realizing I forgot to give Jake this morning before school, for the second day in a row. And he forgot his retainer. Dang it!!

Ok ya’ll. That does it for today and for this week!! Next week is all about chilling out and spending time together at home. Rob’s been out of the country all this week and gone all of last week so we are ready to be 5 again!! Happy weekend friends!!

Do you have any favorites this week? Any sickness? I hope not!!! xoxoxo