Friday Favorites!!

Hey hey and happy Friday!! It’s been a busy week with Halloween and ALL THE BASEBALL this week. Go Cubs!!!! I’m still feeling the effects of that late night, because I’m getting old. Anyway, here are my favorites from the week. I’m linking up with Heather this week at Life in Leggings for today’s faves. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your faves!!!

Hazel and Olive Boutique

So you may have seen Hazel and Olive floating around your Facebook feed. It’s an adorable boutique with great prices and great quality..and freaky fast shipping. Like Jimmy Johns, but not sub sandwiches(if you don’t know what Jimmy Johns is I’m so sorry, you are totally missing out. Best sandwiches ever and they deliver “freaky fast”). Anyway, we went to church with Taylor(the owner) years ago and have kept in touch over the years via social media. It’s been so fun to watch her business grow. They donate a portion of all their proceeds to various organizations locally and around the world, which I absolutely love. So, I had to order a few Fall staples. Go take a peak at the shop online and tell me what you think! I ordered several things but my favorite so far is this t-shirt…

img_7764 img_7761

Plus I voted. So there’s that.

Chicken and potatoes with garlic parmesan cream sauce


So this was our dinner Thursday night and you guys…it was SO STINKING GOOD!!! Every delectable bite was heavenly. Josh said it was the best chicken ever….hands down. I grabbed a container of new potatoes with some onion and rosemary from Whole Foods to make it a little easier to prepare. I made the sauce and browned the chicken the dumped it all together in a pan and let her rip. The house smelled so good. I wish you could smell through the screen sometimes, because the smell? That’s what sells it. You can find the recipe here at Damn Delicious. 

A little something for the house

I decided we needed something other than wood and gray to look at in our entry hall. Lila and I were perusing Target this week(i.e. buying stuff we don’t need because it’s all JUST RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE) and I spotted this print. It’s a little aztechy but it’s cute and blue and I’m LOVING the way it looks when you walk in the front door. Thank you Target for always taking more from me than I intend on spending when I walk in the door. Every. Single. Time. And doesn’t Molly look so cute with her paws crossed?!?! She’s such a lady.


Whole Foods Finds

I am loving this hummus for a healthy snack this week. I hit up Whole Foods(right after the Target incident, so it was NOT a good day for the credit card) to grab a few healthy things to snack on besides ya know, candy and potato chips. I snagged some carrots and this jammin hummus to snack on while making dinner this week and it was the perfect choice.


I also picked up some of these pre-made chicken burgers for lunches for me and they were the jams as well, thank you Whole Foods. Oh, and if you haven’t tried their tortilla soup you are missing out. It’s the BEST!!


Saucony Ride 9

I’ve been participating in a campaign with Saucony and Gore-tex called #owntherun. You can read my own the run story by clicking here.

Anyway, part of the campaign was previewing the Saucony Ride shoe that is equipped with Gore-tex technology. I was able to run in these shoes this week and found them comfortable and totally versatile. I can’t give a comprehensive review just yet as I haven’t had the time to put many miles on them, but from what I feel so far, I think I’m going to love them as an alternative to my Triumph and Kinvara. They are a little bulkier than what I’m used to with the Kinvara(the ride has an 8mm off set and the Kinvara a 4mm offset and a heel stack height of 27 with the ride and 22 with the kinvara) so they run differently. I wouldn’t tackle speed work in this shoe but for getting off the road and running in the elements or taking these for some longer distance runs, especially in the winter elements, they are a great choice.



So I have 3 HUGE baseball fans in my house. Both the boys have played since they were 4 and Rob has always loved the sport. The world series is hands down one of my favorite sporting events to watch, and we do it right. You can’t beat sitting on the porch in November with no shirt(Josh only, I assure you) eating dinner and staying up late to watch the Cubs win the world series!!! It was such a fun week with the kids watching the games.



So we all voted and we decided that Halloween on a school night totally and completely sucks. You have to get to bed at a decent time and well, that’s just no fun. But, we all survived(and I pray their teachers did too) and had a great time trick or treating.


Alright guys, my kids are wandering in from their sleep(late) to get ready for school and since I did NOT plan ahead to get this done yesterday, I gotta roll. Have an awesome Friday and a great weekend!!!!!

Do you have any favorites from this week? Thoughts on the big win? 





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  1. Love that aztec print! and I agree about Target – I literally can hardly set foot in there or I’ll find a million things I wanna buy. Happy Friday!

  2. Oh I love that shirt! And it looks so comfortable. I will need to check out that shop. And I am a little sad that grilling season has pretty much come to an end, but looking forward to some good baked chicken recipes to try. That one does look delicious!

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