Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday!!!!  We had Monday as a holiday so this week has flown by.  Baseball and bike rides and a little more baseball have made for a crazy past few days.  We sayed up late watching(half dozing, half watching) the Washington/LA game last night so I’m dragging and chugging the coffee this morning.  I’ll run later.  Maybe.

So here are some favorites for the week.  As usual feel free to share any of your fave new finds in the comments below.  Have a fierce Friday ya’ll!!

73 Threads


So I’ve been following the company 73 Threads for quite some time, because I’m a soft T-shirt junky at heart.  I just can’t resist a soft T.  They have sent several amazing shirts my way and even custom designed one for Rob after his Ironman that they now sell on their site.  How cool and personal is that?! I have recently become an ambassador for their brand and am so excited about it!!!!!!  They are personal and their customer service is off the charts.  Not only that but their products are high quality and creative.  I wear them hard so you have to just trust me on this.  You can find them on Facebook by clicking here, or on Instagram by clicking here.  Give them a follow and order yo self a great shirt!  Plus it’s Free Shirt Friday!!!!!!! Follow them on IG and like or share their post for a chance to win a free shirt… they will release a new design.  Have fun shopping away!!

Chow Mein


This isn’t the best picture of this delicious dinner, but it’s what I had time for that crazy night.  With all the baseball I needed some quick dinner ideas this week and this recipe delivered.  It’s fast and simple and you can throw in any protein you like.  Plus my kids ate it up, which is saying something.  Lila didn’t. But she doesn’t like food.  She’s weird and surely did not come from our tribe.  You can find the recipe here. Oh, and to make it even easier I found these pre-made stir fry noodles at Kroger.  The jams.  Yes, it was a carby kind of night but it was delicious.  Load up that chow mein with cabbage and carrots and veggies, it’ll make you feel better about it.

Tootsie Roll Pops


So Jake has been on the same baseball team with the same coach since he was 5.  For as long as I can remember his coach’s wife Christie has been bringing Tootsie roll pops to the games.  Everyone knows where the stash is and if you look around our team, all the parents and siblings are eating Tootsie roll pops during the game.  It’s just become our thing.  So, this week Jake, Lila and I decided it was time we take this tradition to Josh’s team. It was a huge hit.

Gap Fit Breathe Hoodie

GapFit Breathe pullover hoodie - SHEER TEAL 443

GapFit Breathe pullover hoodie – SHEER TEAL 443

You guys.  This week I discovered my dream hoodie.  I have a thing about hoodies and comfy cold weather clothes.  It’s just my favorite thing on earth.  I love Fall and winter and cold temps and all the bundly stuff you get to wear in it.  This hoodie delivers.  I trained clients in it this week and ran errands and worked out. It’s multi purpose if your life looks like mine. Crazy.  It’s SO comfortable!!!!!! I could sleep in it too. I just might. You can find it by clicking here. (ya’ll no one pays me to advertise or share this stuff, it’s simply all the stuff I like. Easy peasy…just wanted you to know).

Speed Work 

It’s been a while since I did any speed work on the road.  I’ve been running on the treadmill for speed work days but after my ride on Tuesday I decided to challenge my legs a bit on the road, after a hard push on the bike.  I only had time for a little and squeezed it in between lunges but my heart rate definitely went up. I felt good about it but I have some work to do to get some speed back under me. Time and patience friends. Time and patience!!



Arctic Zero


I got this fun care package in the mail last week from Arcric Zero and I’m loving these sweet treats.  You can find all the flavors and all about their product here. I mean how fun is ice cream in the mail?!?!  I have a sweet tooth and sometimes I just don’t want to waste the calories, so this is a great alternative.  It keeps you from feeling deprived but won’t derail you progress.  I love it! Make sure you let it sit out for 15-20 min before eating.




So I ordered a huge haul of books from Amazon about a month or so ago.  I’m working my way through, however slowly, it’s still coming along.  Carpool line or while I eat lunch. I’m trying to squeeze in 20-30 min of reading a day. It’s good for the soul and the mind.  It takes my thoughts off the stresses and puts it on deeper things, and that I love.  I finished Present Over Perfect a couple of weeks ago and Started Uninvited. I’m also reading Wild and Free at the same time…..because I have a problem. Anyway, I’m loving Uninvited and plan to tackle Falling Free next at the suggestion of a friend….after I order it on Amazon. Amazon is changing lives.


Let’s challenge our minds shall we?  Loving me some books.

GoPro Hero 5 Black 

So my Gopro broke last week…gasp…and my world stopped. Not really, but ya’ll know this little camera is like an extension of me.  It’s small and easy to take anywhere.  I can capture my running and training world as well as the kids stuff which comes out so cool on the Gopro.  So, when the trouble shooting and technical support couldn’t help me, we knew it was time to retire my Hero Silver.  Rob surprised me with a new Hero 5 black and I AM LOVING IT.  It’s the best one yet.  It’s waterproof without a protective cover, the stability while filming is so much better, picture quality is perfect as usual and the lens is replaceable, just to name a few features.  I’ll do a full review in a few weeks when we have a little more time to get to know each other.


Park Days

We have this great group of friends in our neighborhood and at our school.  We genuinely enjoy each other’s company and our kids have grown up together.  Sometimes when there is no school or on a Friday night we’ll meet up at the park and let the kids run wild and play football.  It’s such a sweet and fun time and really is what community is all about ya’ll.  This.


Is that not the sweetest thing ever?  Love these boys and their families.  Thankful we get to do life together.

On the road again


I finally got on the road this week!!!!  I’ve spent months on my trainer, getting my legs back into cycling but the road is an intimidating place to me if I’m being honest.  My trainer is comfortable. No traffic and no other cyclists.  No one to run off the road and no way to crash. But life isn’t about staying comfortable is it? I tell my clients all the time to get out of their comfort zones and do things that scare you. So it’s time I follow my own advice.  I had the best time and it helped eliminate some fears. I plan to make this a regular thang.

Hope ya’ll have an awesome weekend of running or training or racing or shopping or resting or footballing. Whatever you have going on, I hope it’s awesome! I’m linking up with Life in Leggings today so go check out some more Friday Faves!!!!

What are some of your favorites from this week?!