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Hey guys! Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you, but this week has been intense. I’m looking ahead to Spring sports and activities and am absolutely convinced that it might just kill me, or turn my hair pre-maturely gray.  I absolutely may not survive to see my children reach middle school.  As they get older, the time in the car shuffling them from one thing to the other increases.  My car literally looks like a goldfish/shoe/backpack bomb went off from which there is simply no way to recover from.  My brother-in-law calls it a very expensive trash can.  True that. 

Anyway.  I’m a little tired and weary but looking back over my favorite things from the week is not only fun but it’s also a great way to be thankful for the little things in the midst of a slightly insane schedule.  Being thankful the stupid things like shoes and mascara, because they count too.  So, if you’ve had a rough week never fear, you are not alone.  Settle in to your Friday and enjoy the little blessings right in front of you.  And maybe clean out your car.

My week….

The New Adidas Pure Boost


You guys know the highlight of my week has to be a new pair of running shoes.  Because I have a problem.  I ordered these on a whim because well, how could I not? They look so comfy and I’ve been looking for a good speed work/short run/teaching/cross training shoe(like that? My expectations of my shoes are high. They need to be multi function).  I was so excited when I put it on.  It did not disappoint on a comfort level.  I’ve worn them all week to teach in and lift in, but the run….not so much.  I’ll do a full review in the next few weeks but for me personally, this isn’t a shoe I can run in.  There is a little more arch than I personally need and I just didn’t quite feel like there was enough under me.  They were pretty good on the treadmill for shorter distances but on the pavement my feet were needing more.  BUT, super comfy and a great cross training shoe fo sho.  You can check them out here. 



After 5…or 6, months with no was just time.  I opted for layers and I’m so glad I did!!  I need something easy to manage but still long, and something that doesn’t take me two years to make happen in the mornings, because who has that kind of time?  Loving my new layers and the fact that my hair has actually seen my shoulders this week and the messy bun has been given a few days off.  #winning

Lila Time


This little squirt was home with a fever yesterday and we had the best day, until 5pm. Then the crap hit the fan for about 2 hours and she lost her mind.  Other than that, the time was sweet. She got a new Pepa pig that she’s obsessed with and takes everywhere. Girls are so fun.  Until they have an emotional meltdown for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever.  Where does that come from? Certainly not me.  Is this just how girls are? Happy one second and psychotic and uncontrollably emotional the next?  I’m too much of a boy mom for this.  But I wouldn’t trade a thing about her.  She’s just a hot mess.  But aren’t we all?

Lancome Grandiose Masara


Bare with the randomness of today’s post.  This mascara is AMAZING!!  It lengthens, isn’t clumpy, and has a bent wand.  I have no idea what the science is behind this but it works.  My amazing friend Christie works for Lancome and gave this to me for a test run. I’m hooked for life and my eye lashes have never been happier.  You can check it out here.

At home workouts

So this week I worked out at home a couple times.  I literally had to remove 20 lbs of crap from my treadmill but it forced me to unpack a suitcase from our ski trip in JANUARY.  I know, but it was under other stuff so ya know, outta sight outta mind.  Anyway, I actually had a great run yesterday in spite of a chest cold and cough I can’t shake.  Then I hit weights in my garage.


Here is my Garage Core Workout

3 rounds:
15  v-sits
50 bicycle crunches

3 rounds:
12 plank rows
20 plank toe taps

3 rounds:
12 Russian twists
12(each side)side plank elbow taps(in a side plank, feet stacked with finger tips behind ears, bend down so elbow comes down toward ground)

After that I did some leg work while Lila rode her scooter.  It was a good day.  And my abs are crying.




So this week’s Bachelor was just meh for me.  Kinda boring if I’m being honest.  I was so happy…..SPOILER ALERT….if you are behind in watching step away…….

when he got rid of Olivia but she did provide loads of entertainment.  All the remaining girls are squeeky clean, play with each other’s hair and talk together about their dates.  How twisted is this show?! And yet, here I am intently thinking through it and discussing it with you.  We are surely failing as a nation.  Anyway,  I’m curious to see what happens next week and what, if any, drama Ben and the girls can pull off.  They seriously all seem like besties.  Somethings gotta explode or get good.  Oh, and poor Emily.  Hey, come meet my parents and talk about being an NFL cheerleader(did you see his mom’s face?  Bless), get your hopes up that you are THE ONE because you met my parents,  and then go home.  Wah wah.  Moving on.

For The Love


Yes.  I’m making the jump from the Bachelor to Jen Hatmaker but don’t worry, I’m sure she’d approve.

This book.  I’m reading through it for the second time and have the privilege to co-teach it to an amazing group of women at our church.  You guys.  I just love the nugget of truth in these pages and how well it applies to our culture and our generation of women.


I’m learning so much this time around as I digest it a bit more, apply God’s truth and His word to Jen’s words and process how this applies to me and my life.  And it’s good ya’ll.  It’s good to stop and step away from the distractions, because they are many.  Digest some truth.  Fill your mind and your heart with things that are deep and solid and that push you towards becoming a person of depth and substance.  Sometimes that means giving yourself grace, so that you can then give that grace to other’s.  Love one another.  Judge less.  Enjoy the blessings of today.  Ah… much good stuff.

Ok ya’ll.  I have kids to wake up and bootcamp to teach and coffee to finish… I can get another cup.  Hope you have a fantastic Friday!!

Any favorites from this week?

Any must read books on your coffee table right now???


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