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Linking up with Erika for Friday Faves.  I’m excited about this week’s favorites!!  I’m always excited about Friday favorites.  I’m like a kid on Christmas.

Starbucks coffee January

That’s right.  Free coffee the entire month of January using this Tumbler.  My amazing and awesome friend Meredith gave this to me for Christmas.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  One free grande coffee a day all month is a beautiful thing, even if I am having to top it off with cinnamon and soy milk instead of cream and sugar.  I’ll make the sacrifice.,default,pd.html

Paleo sweet potato chili

I mentioned that I’d be making this chili this week…made it, ate it, every. single. day.  That’s right.  This deliciousness made it’s way into my belly every day this week.  It was that good.  Click HERE for the recipe. 

Anthropologie sunglasses and beanie 

Yep.  3 pictures of me in the car.  But notice the beanie and sunglasses?  Who doesn’t love a little shopping trip to Anthro?  I had some spending money from Christmas and I got an amazing sweater wrap thingy(because I know more about compression tights and running socks than fancy clothes) and this hat and glasses combo.  It was freezing yesterday and underneath that hat was sweaty running hair.  You never would have known right?  I did shower from the neck down, don’t worry.  I’m not that gross. 

Target’s Gilligan and O’malley sleepwear
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand from Target.  These leggings are to die for.  I am wearing them right now.  You. Are. Welcome.  You’ll never take them off.

Click HERE for the leggings
I also bought this top…it went in my stocking with the leggings….
Click HERE for the top
Gigabody Online Workouts
Ya’ll, this workout rocked my world.  It was 20 minutes, I did it on Wednesday and I am STILL sore.  Yes.  Lower body blast and it blasted.  I’ll be doing a full review and giving away a free one month subscription so stay tuned!!  I so did not feel like getting out in the friggin frigid temps to go to the gym and this was the perfect alternative.  So excited about this find!!!  Click here for more info.

Blacklist…in bed

Ok, if you haven’t gotten into Blacklist…you need to.  It’s such a good show.  I mentioned it a few months back but that was before we watched I dunno, 3 seasons in a few short weeks?  We have lives.  We’re just getting old and laying in bed with the Ipad and almonds with dried mango slices feels like a relaxing and perfect way to spend an evening.  Don’t judge.  We had to get all caught up because the new season starts right after the Superbowl!!! I’m so excited.  And also a giant nerd.  
Running in the cold

I may be the hottest natured person on the planet, so running in freezing temps doesn’t really bother me.  I was stripping after a mile yesterday.  Needless to say, people in Texas need to remember to turn off their sprinklers.  It’s January people.  The grass is very much dead and some of us are trying to run on these sidewalks without breaking a leg.  Cold air, sunshine and me time are necessary.  Keeps me from going crazy in the winter months.  

Lila Shenanigans

every. cabinet. open.  It took 2 seconds.  I have no idea how she does it.  She also hides stuff, but this we know(ahem…marathon shoes). 

jumping on the trampoline, in her Elsa dress, and “floop flops” because her mommy is insane and wears her Old Navy flips flops around the house all. year. long.  She copies my every move which is scary as you know what, but this is kinda cute. 

Another one bites the dust.  Did I mention she likes to hide stuff?

Crazy Hair

Sorry. She’s just cute.  
Ok, that does it ya’ll.  Keeping it short and sweet this week.  Happy Friday to you!!!
Any favorites from the week?  Do share, especially if it has to do with food.  I’m starving.  

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