Friday Faves: Winter Running Gear and Soup!!

IMG_7487I’m a big dork in the winter.  Cold weather running gear is my absolute favorite.  But then again, we don’t get too extreme here in Texas.  For those of you that live in states that require yak tracks, please don’t make fun of me.  And please don’t hate on this post.  This is a TEXANS version of cold winter gear.  I’m super hot natured and used to ride horses in the winter in short sleeves so keep that in mind.  Menopause will surely do me in. 

Ok, let’s get to it…..

Base layer

My favorite base layer is the Lululemon Run swiftly long sleeved tee.


It’s like a second skin.  I know Lulu can be pricey but this item is worth it.  BUT BE WARNED: Do NOT wear a fuel belt with this top, it will pull.  If you take care of it, it’ll last.  I’ve had mine for years and I wear it under vests to run in the cold and I don’t get too warm.  It breathes well and is so crazy comfy.  It won’t let you down, unless you wear a fuel belt with it.  But you’ve been warned.

Outer Layer

Ok. I’m pretty sure this vet has made Friday Favorites already.  Is it terrible that I’m feeling too lazy to go look?  So if you’ve seen it before, consider this a sign that you need it in your life.  It’s warm and easy to run in.  It insulates without making you feel suffocated and it allows plenty of movement in your arms because well, it’s a vest.  This would be a great addition to your wish list this year and well worth the money.  I wear it to run and throw it on with jeans and some boots. Versatility is where it’s at.

Another option as an outer layer is the Saucony Nomad Jacket


It’s cute and we all know that’s the most important thing when you’re running at 5am…in the dark where absolutely no one can see you, but for reals.  I’d wear this out.  Shocking.  It’s crazy lightweight, wind resistant and water proof.  It’s a bit of a slimmer fit which I like when adding layer.  I don’t like a lot of bulk.  It has a breathable(key word) fleece lining that will keep you warm but not hot.  And I love the colors.  And I LOVE Saucony.  So there ya go.


I love the Athleta Ski Line Polartec legging.  It’s soft and comfortable but not too restrictive.  I’m funny about pants…and all things that touch my skin while I’m running.  I have some sensory issues ok?  These feel fantastic and keep me warm without making me feel like I’m suffocating.

Ski Line Polartec? 2 Tight - Black/Charcoal Heather

Ski Line Polartec? 2 Tight – Black/Charcoal Heather

For a less expensive option, I love these Addidas techfit climawarmth tight….


Winter gear is pricey ya’ll.  However, you don’t need a ton of it.  A few quality pieces will last you for years.  It’s not like summer where you can burn through a tank in a month.  These things should last.  Addidas offer’s a more affordable winter tight(the more features you add to the tight, the more expensive it gets).  These pants are moveable, which is sometimes hard to find in winter pants.  They can easily feel restrictive and hard to move in.  These addidas capri’s are flexible yet warm with just enough fleece to keep you from the elements.


I LOVE my Head multisport gloves.  They are crazy affordable($14.95 on Amazon), comfortable and warm.  They fit well and have accessible thumb and pointer fingers for using devices while wearing them.  Love.  If my hands are warm and I can switch my music, I’m a happy camper.


I also love the Brooks Drift Glove.  I’ve worn these gloves for the past two winter’s and am so impressed.  With a wind/water proof outer layer they keep your hands from the elements.  It can easily be tucked away into a little pocket on the top.  It also has reflector lights that can be turned on when running in the dark.  These gloves are nice and warm and hold up nicely.



My Under Armour Around Town Beanie is my fave cold weather running cap.  The inside is lined so you can wear it on a run, but you can also wear it with jeans and a cute top and scarf and you can’t tell it’s a running cap.  You radiate a lot of heat from your head when you run, so you don’t want something that traps that in, but is breathable while still keeping you warm.  This hat delivers.




It’s cold out.  And it’s raining a lot.  And soup is my favorite.  This week, my soup of choice is Hamburger soup from good ole Ree.  She just never lets me down.  This soup is hardy and delicious.  It’s filled with yummy goodness and veggies..which my kids devoured.  Sort of.  They never devour soup.  But they ate it and said it was good.  I’ll take it.


This soup will warm you up after a cold run!!!!!

These are the basics.  I know there are TONS of brands with TONS of cold weather options.   I could go on for days with different products I’ve tried, because I try a lot.  And winter is my favorite.  And winter running is my jam.  I know we don’t have extreme conditions here so feel free to weigh in down in the comments with your favorite winter running items!! What have I missed you guys??

Hope all those long runs and races go well this weekend.  

Are you racing?  If so which one?! 




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  1. Love your recommendations! I am very cheap when it comes to running gear and live in Asics stuff all winter. In AR we dont get too cold either. I am running my 10th half this weekend and next weekend is full #2!

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