Friday Faves: Tis the Season

So this week has been a bit of a blur. No blogging, very little running(I’ve had a nasty cold, because well, one minute it’s 70, the next it’s 18), and no following what could have been a very long and detailed to do list. After skipping town somewhat last-minute last week, getting my brain wrapped around all the hoopla of the final week of school before Christmas break has proven difficult, or impossible. Because I did nothing. Nothing on my list anyway. I had a lot of fun this week not adulting and living in complete denial that Christmas is one week away and my kids will be home for what feels like all of eternity after today. Fun times. So, I’m embracing it and counting on Amazon to save my hiney. Oh, and I woke up this morning to the sound of my dog throwing up, which is a fantastic way to start a Friday yes? Rolling with it.

Let’s get to some favorites shall we?

New Balance Vazee

So I decided I needed(term used extremely lose when it comes to running shoes) to run around in. Get it? No really, I teach and run around like a crazy person most of the time, which is why you’ll often notice a large cup of coffee in my hands…….case in point………

and I really wanted some shoes to use that weren’t my normal running shoes. Enter these beauties. Ya’ll, these shoes are THE MOST comfortable things ever!! I love love love them. And they aren’t bulky so they look cute with just about anything. They are definitely not a running shoe but a great cross trainer that I’ve used to run around town and on strength days/boot camp days. I highly recommend. Note, I have not even attempted to run in them. I can just tell they wouldn’t have enough support and I already have a go to running shoe, but for all other purposes, they are awesome, and cute…which is THE most important factor. Duh.

All the Yumminess

If you live in the Dallas area, you must try Texadelphia and Tiff’s Treats, in the same afternoon. It really is a winning combination. We obviously don’t live in Philly, and I’ve never been so I have absolutely zero authority on the subject of cheese steaks, but in my opinion, these do Philly proud. And, for a great gift idea that won’t break the bank, Tiff’s Treats delivers hot and fresh cookies. We stopped in the store while not adulting yesterday and took some home for ourselves while I picked up a few boxes for Lila’s teachers. Food is my love language. And my pals made it even more fun to skip out on all the stuff I told myself I’d do yesterday. #worthit


My friend Lauren and I took our little girls to see Moana yesterday afternoon while our big kids went to see Star Wars. Oh my word. Cutest movie ever. I loved it, but I’m way easy to please when it comes to movies. The music was awesome and we downloaded the sound track asap.

There were a few scary moments for the girls but overall it was really well made, great music and a cute story line. Again, I’m an easy sell.

Coffee to my front door? Yes please. Google Express has won my heart

You guys. Rob introduced me to Google Express this week and you can have COSTCO delivered to your front door. Hot. Dog.

This is my giant buttload of Christmas blend Starbucks, my favorite, delivered to my front door. Well, actually to my garage because I ordered so much it came in 4 giant moving boxes, but whatevs. COFFEE DELIVERY!!!

I am the world’s worst at actually making it TO Costco, so this was a win for me. The only downside is that you can’t order fresh foods or meats, so that stinks. You can enter your zip on the Google Express app and it will show you all the places available for you to order from. There is a $3 delivery charge for small orders meaning you get charged if you don’t meet the store’s minimum delivery amount, and each store is different. You get a free 3 month trial and after that it is $10 a month. In my lazy opinion, it’s worth every penny. But maybe that’s just because I hate going to the store.


Eclectic Joy shop has always been one of my favorite go to shops for scarves. She has so many cute styles and they are all ridiculously comfortable. Go get you some girls. And grab one for a friend or two while you are there.

Hazel and Olive

I’ve been featuring a lot of Hazel and Olive Boutique items lately, but it’s because they are awesome. If you are on their mailing list you will also receive a free item offered every day leading up to Christmas when you place an order. I got this adorable camo tunic(not the free item, I believe it was lined leggings that day) and I LOVE it. Super comfy and flattering. I haven’t had one item not fit me that I have ordered, and I have a harder body to fit at times. Anyway, check out this awesome company if you haven’t already. They are local and give back from a portion of all their proceeds. They are doing some really amazing things for the world and I’m happy to support them with my business.


I throw on tennis shoes, this girl throws on some heels. And a rocking ensem with Frozen jammies and a hello kitty tank top right on top. Because why not? The closet is her playground and she chooses some real winners. I’m pretty sure she wore this to pick up the boys from school that day. Just be you kid.

Last Preshool Christmas program….EVER

You guys. After 10 yeas of pre-school Christmas programs, my time in that season is coming to an end. Yesterday was Lila’s program and she’s off to Kindergarten next year. NEXT. YEAR. I didn’t even cry, I didn’t bring tissues or my big honkin camera or GRANDPARENTS. I just went, watched, snapped a few pics with my phone and then totally skipped out on her party while all the god mom’s stayed. Is that what happens by the last one? When the other two are well on their way to middle school, blessed little number 3 gets left at her Christmas party with no mommy there? I guess so because I peeled out of that parking lot so fast it wasn’t even funny. It was the last day of freedom people and I go to EVERY SINGLE PARTY and school event, yesterday I was out. The only other mom fleeing the building was my sweet friend Betsy, who has 4 boys ha!! We got a good kick out of it. And don’t worry, I warned Lila ahead of time, hugged her neck and gave her a kiss, told her mommy had some things to do(lunching with friends, eating cookies and cheese steaks and not shopping at all, but I have google express now so duh, I was off the hook) and she was totally fine. I mean, she got to go see a movie after school. Winning at motherhood after all. Kidding.

Ok. So in my typical Friday fashion I did not blog ahead, so I have to go wake up kids for their last day and do some running and baking and Lila girl has gymnastics this morning with her bestie. It’s going to be a good day ya’ll. Hope the same is true for you. Go crush it!!!!! xoxoxo

*I was not paid to advertise for any of the above companies. All opinions are mine based on my experiences.

Have you used Google Express? 

What is your go to gift this year?