Friday Faves…A Sweaty Workout and Bathing Suits. Yes. I said Bathing Suits

Do I start every single Friday post with, “wow, what a week?” I think I do. But this week, I mean it.

TGIF. That is all.

A few of my favorite things or highlights from the week……..

Step it Up Workout

This is a little blip from a workout I wrote for a client this week. It serves as a great option if you only have a short window to squeeze in a workout or it makes a great post run addition to your routine.  I don’t always have time after a run to do a 45 minute strength session or a boot camp. So, this is a great alternative.

I even did a demo video ya’ll. Hell froze. I honestly do want to be better at posting workouts with demo’s. I write them every week and I LOVE doing it, so I just need to get better at putting them together to share here on the blog. But I feel like a giant dork on video, so there’s that. Oh, and what were my neighbor’s thinking while walking their dogs and watching me talk to my phone and do random workout maneuvers in my driveway? I guess you have to not care. Working on that.


So. Speaking of those switch kicks. I spent a few hours this week taking some online courses through Ideafit. They have great options that don’t take that long to complete but still offer really valuable info. Like those switch kicks, I learned those from a HIIT course I took this week. I love this stuff and learning about more ways to train effectively. Nerd alert.

Albion Fit

Ok ya’ll. I know it’s a little pre-mature to start talking about bathing suits, but I was getting a pedicure with a friend yesterday and we randomly started talking about cute bathing suits, and she mentioned Albion. I have been following them for years but had lost track of them and I’m so glad she mentioned it to remind me how awesome they are! They are a little vintage and I’m honestly not sure I can pull off that high waist business, but they are so cute to look at!

Isn’t this so cute? They have tons of other options and again, the verdict is still out on this high waist. I need a tan. And longer legs, which I can not manufacture in a booth, so we shall see. They also have workout and lounge clothes and sweatshirts that look like heaven.

Trader Joe’s Find of the Week

I feel like every time I go to TJ’s, I walk away with a treasure. Well, this week it was their mac n cheese. I don’t eat a lot of dairy, or pasta(this is not me bragging, ya’ll know my jam is a good burger), but this is DIVINE. I mean, cauliflower and kale? YES. Just yes. I have no idea how they made it so good, probably ten pounds of cheese and a whole lot of cream, but it’s amazing and worth the splurge. Trust me.

Hoka Clayton

So. I LOVE my Saucony’s. I’m a Saucony supporter for life. But, the one that fits my foot the best(the Kinvara) is just not a good distance shoe, at least for me. It’s more of a short distance/speed work shoe. I have worn the Hoka Clifton in the past, but it was always a little too narrow for me. Enter the Clayton, my newest running shoe. I have a problem. BUT, these were on sale!!!!

I haven’t run in them yet, this is just a sneak peek. I will run in them today and I’ll write a more extensive review once I put some miles on them, but I’m excited to try them out! They are wider than the Clifton, so I’m hopeful this is my distance shoe.

Jake got his cast off!

I know. That seems lame and boring. But ya’ll, I was having to help him get clean and tie shoes and type homework. The fact alone that he can now SHOWER all by himself is glorious. And wash that arm, because it stunk. Bad. We are all thrilled with this little addition to our week. He’s been such a trooper. And now his teachers can actually read his work. Ha!

Hanah One Herbal supplement

I’ve had the opportunity to test out a new to me product called Hanah One. Go order some and try it out with me! I would LOVE to know your thoughts. Hanah One is an herbal supplement made primarily from Keralan mountain honey, artisanal ghee, and sesame oil. It includes 30 wild harvested botanical’s and is meant to give energy and mental clarity to your day. I’ve been using it with my morning routine before my run. The taste is a bit strong so it takes a little creativity on where to add it. It’s great in tea, smoothies, or mixed with peanut butter and sliced banana.  It has an herbal flavor but tastes really fresh and is a great way to add nutrients to your day without having to pop a bunch of pills. It absorbs quickly into your system for the best possible results. I’ll keep it going and give you a more extensive review next week. Meanwhile, you can find their products here.

Salad of the week

I LOVE salads. I eat them almost every day. This one includes: romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, sliced apple, bacon, turkey, diced red pepper and Olive oil with a citrus infused balsamic vinegar.  It was delish.

Running Tip of the Week

I haven’t talked much running lately, but I am doing a little training. Trying to build my weekly volume back up while still managing life and being flexible. Some weeks it’s there and working, other’s it’s just not. But, I know in training or even if you are newer to running and racing, it’s hard to know how to balance the different types of runs. So, here is my schedule:

Monday: easy miles(recovery)+ strength workout
Tuesday: speedwork
Wednesday: easy miles + strength workout
Thursday: tempo run
Friday: easy run
Saturday: easy run, just slightly shorter than long run
Sunday: long run, conversational pace, but slightly faster than a recovery pace

It’s easy to think you need to go out the door and crush it every time you hit the road. Faster pace seems to take over your thinking until you find yourself fatigued, burned out, or injured. I like to think of it like a HIIT workout or really high intensity effort. You only need a couple a week. You need a variety of aerobic steady state training with some higher intensity training. If you are pushing your pace all the time, you are less likely to build up to your goals. This is a lot of heart rate based style training, which for me is very effective, but it takes a lot of patience. You have to be willing to slow down. To think about running 6 days a week, you must have a balanced routine that allows your body the active recovery it needs but that also builds some cumulative fatigue. It teachers your body to run on tired legs, which you have to do in any distance event, but to also recover properly.

Ok. Time to rally the troops for school. Hope ya’ll have an awesome weekend!!

Do you have Trader Joe’s where you live? If so, what am I missing? Any hidden treasures?

What are some of your favorites from this week?

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