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So as many of you know I’m training this summer for the Chicago Marathon this coming October.  Training through the Texas summer is a first for me.  I’ve always done shorter distance triathlon and shorter distance running and more swimming and strength training through the summer.  Running 16 miles in the 100 degree heat with blazing humidity is not my idea of fun.  But, it’s a challenge and something I’ve never done which makes it fun in a weird and crazy way.  Plus I’m running as a St. Jude Hero.  St. Jude is a children’s hospital specializing in the treatment of cancer and other life threatening diseases.  It is located in Memphis, my home town, so it’s close to my heart.  Plus, as a mom of 3, finding out one of my children has a life threatening disease is one of my biggest fears, so, it makes running for St. Jude an absolute pleasure and privilege.  I can’t do it alone though and would so appreciate your help to reach my goal.  You can visit my fundraising page here.

So, this week we’re focussing on all the things you need to train in the Summer heat, per my personal experience these past few weeks.  Now, please note that not all of my runs are outside. I’m splitting it to about half on the treadmill and half outside because of my husband’s intense training schedule right now.  However, running in the heat is running in the heat, regardless of how many times a week you can make that happen.  First up..

Good Shoes


I know I’ve talked about these shoes a lot lately but I really am so beyond impressed with my new Mizuno Enigma 5’s.  I was given the opportunity to test these puppies out, but I honestly wasn’t sure if I had room for another running shoe in my life.  I put these on and knew almost immediately that I found my shoe for long run’s this summer.  It’s technically a neutral shoe but with maximum amounts of cushioning.  So it makes it light, but extremely supportive when you are out on a long run.  Sometimes I feel like I’m pounding the pavement and my body is taking a hit if I don’t have enough support on long runs.  At the same time I’m used to lightweight trainer’s so it’s hard to find a happy balance.  Well, I found it.  They are crazy comfortable, breathable, and lightweight at only 8.8 oz.  Loving this shoe and have made it my official training shoe of the summer.  So, my point is to find a good shoe that will withstand some miles and breathe well in this heat.



Ok.  Covering your head in the heat is important.  If you go with a full hat make sure it’s lightweight.  It needs to breathe so it doesn’t trap all that heat inside and cause you to be even hotter than you already are( to clarify…I do not look HOT..I feel like I’m melting.  Big difference).  I love my sweat pink trucker hat but I’m also a huge fan of Headsweats.  We have at least 3 or 4 of their visors floating around our house and they are our favorite.  Visor’s definitely keep you cooler.  Another recent find is this headband by Mission, the same people who make the enduracool towels….


It’s awesome.  It cools when wet so if you’re like me and you start sweating the moment you walk out the door, this headband is for you.  It’s super comfy and stays put.  Love it.  I bought mine at Sports Authority.

Good Nutrition

It should go without saying that good nutrition is key all the time, but in the summer, it’s even more important.  With the loss of salt and electrolytes plus the calories you are burning it’s important to replace what’s being lost.  This week I made grilled jerk chicken with mango salsa, sweet potatoes, and grilled veggies as one of our meals.  It was a huge hit and so super easy.  I bought the salsa at a local specialty market and used jerk seasoning I had at home.  That’s it.


We’ve also been on a huge smoothie kick.  Ya’ll.  Smoothies are a perfect way to refuel after a hot run because you are thirsty, ready for something cold and probably not in the mood quite yet to eat a big meal.


I throw everything in my smoothie’s.  Here’s this one….

Everything but the Kitchen sink smoothie:
1 banana
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
splash of juice
1 avocado
handful of carrots

Notice there aren’t measurements.  Just throw it in until it’s to the taste you like.  It’s a great way to get fruits and veggies in your system quickly after that long run.


Ya’ll…I tell my bootcamp girls this all the time but HYDRATE all the time.  Not just on days you run.  Drink water throughout the day every day and you will see a huge change in your performance outside.  Also, you can include some electrolyte replacement drinks as well.  My favorites are Nuun, Cocogo and Crank Sports. 


I’ve mentioned Crank before but I love this stuff.  It’s clean fuel and it contains protein and carbs so it’s a great option to take on your run’s as opposed to just a recovery or electrolyte replacement.  Stay hydrated people.

A Great Playlist


It may sound dumb but you need something to pass the miles.  Wether it’s a throwback theme on Thursday’s or a book on tape, find something to keep you going on long run’s.  Yesterday I hit my 90’s throwback on Spotify and made a playlist for bootcamp last night while I was running. It was so fun and made those miles fly by.  Books on tape are also a great option and keep you excited to get out there and find out what happens next in the story.

Run early


I know it’s hard to do but you have to make yourself get up early, as I sit here on the couch when I was supposed to be running this morning.  In my defense, I only have a couple easy miles today plus a strength workout which I can do later and I woke up with a headache.  That screamed coffee and blogging over running.  But, for those long run’s it is crucial that you start early to beat the heat.  I did my speed work on Tuesday outside at 3 in the afternoon, while I actually felt pretty great it was not the smartest move.  It was hot and I felt it the next day for sure.  So, set those alarms and get out the door early.

Get your attitude right

It’s hot.  So make a choice to enjoy those run’s anyway.  Sweat and feel like you just conquered the world when you come in the front door dripping.  Think about how amazing those cold weather run’s will feel in the fall and how you’ll fly.  I promise it will be worth it but decide now to have a good attitude so you don’t miss out on the joys of training.

Slow Down

Finally, slow your pace when you need to.  I feel like I’ve said this before but it’s ok to slow down. Tell yourself you don’t have to fly all the time and be ok with a slower pace.  You are still working hard and trust me, there is nothing wrong with slowing down.  Get over the pride part and take some of those run’s easy.

There are so many things I could sit here and tell you to have for summer running.  So many great products out there to utilize to make running in the summer more bearable.  Let me know if you have any questions or comment below with your favorite running go to.  Great water bottles or fuel belts, favorite shorts or tops.  You name it, we’d love to hear it.  Happy Friday friends.  Don’t forget to link up with Erika today for Friday Faves!!!


6 comments on “Friday Faves…..Summer Training Essentials

  1. thanks Trisha!!! Ok I may need that tank!!!! Can not turn down a good Lulu tank. I’ll check out the First Fitness, thanks for the tip!!!! Hope you enjoyed your trip and girl, I’m still jealous=)

  2. Tara, that’s so cool that you ran your half’s for World Vision/clean water and for a friend in the fight against lymphoma. I agree it makes the miles so much more meaningful. And’s HOT=)

  3. Kelsey, I”ve always wanted to try the fly knit!! It looks so comfy. I think it would also be a great shoe for me to teach in so maybe you’ve convinced me=)

  4. I love that you are running as a St. Jude’s hero! That’s awesome and so is St Jude’s. I’ve only run two half marathons and one I ran for World Vision and clean water and the other one I ran for a friend battling Lymphoma. To me, if I had a reason and purpose to run for, I knew I couldn’t give up. It really got me through those tough miles!! I liked the shot bloks! And girl Texas heat is NO joke. I used to run at 9pm or 5am to beat the heat. Way to go pressing on!!!

  5. I’ve been running in the Nike Flyknit Lunar shoe. I have the 1 and the 2. They just came out with a 3. I love that shoe. I always heard that Nike wasn’t good for running but I got my first flyknits as a gift and I loved them so much when it was time to retire them, I bought the newer shoe!

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