Friday Faves: Spring Stuff

Morning peeps!!! This is gonna be quick because I over slept.  I did something to my back in my sleep two nights ago and can hardly move this morning.  Lovely.  I need Aleve and coffee ASAP.  I’m sure it’s perfectly fine to mix the two.  So, I’m going to fly through some of my favorites from the past few weeks since I’ve slacked on Friday faves.  Enjoy!

Spring Runnin

I have horrific allergies.  So these Spring run’s are not always pleasant.  But, the weather is AMAZING.  No humidity and nice coolish breezes.  Until yesterday spiked to 87 and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die if this is any indication of what Summer will be like here. I don’t do melting.


Baseball nights….


Lila and I make our way to the baseball fields at least 4 times a week.  We have a system. Sometimes it involves melt downs and foot stomping(mine included) or a Sonic dinner, but for the most part, we LOVE it.  It’s so fun and we have the BEST teams ever when it comes to families and friends.  It’s seriously the best to watch your kids do something they love and are good at.

IMG_0853 (1)

Josh has started swinging his bat and it is SO CUTE I ALMOST DIED.  When do they get big enough for cups and bat swinging? And by cups, I do not mean to drink out of.  Ugh.  Tomorrow he’ll be shaving.  Speaking of shaving….


I’m fairly certain birth certificates need to come out at these games.   You guys, I can’t even.  When Rob showed me this picture I almost died…again.  Our poor player was staring up at Goliath.  There is only about a 2 year difference in age between these kids!!!!  They grow up quick momma’s.


The weather has been awesome and these girls have crushed it! It was great to have a friend do some shooting for me this week to have a new video coming soon for my boot camps. Whoo hoo!



Pioneer Woman made my week. First wings(that literally while I was in the process of making a friend texted me asking a good place close by to get wings.  Hmmmm) and then Hawaiin burgers.  Thanks PW.  I heart you.



Worth every single calorie.

Run Streak

So you guys know I don’t mess around.  No faking here.  The Run streak made it 21 days.  Then a LOT of life happened this week.  Too much to go into on a Friday morning but I’m resting in the fact that not stressing over getting a run done was the right call.  I needed to tend to things and it didn’t involve running the past two days.  We’re all about grace here.  I’ll keep doing as many days straight as I can, but I needed to unload the expectation and just except that I’m in a season where I don’t need any must do’s when it comes to fitness.  Just DO SOMETHING is where I am.  And that’s ok.



I’m notorious for killing things.  Well, plants anyway.  People I manage to keep alive, for now.  But plants?  I love the idea of tending to my garden(how lame does that sound?) but I just manage to let things wither away.  I planted some pots on the front porch and my kids are keeping a running tally to see how many days I keep these suckers alive.  I’m going on 5.  Lets’ hope it lasts longer than the run streak.


Me Before You

I finished!! Finally.  It only took a million years but I finished this book in absolute sobbing tears.  You guys.  Go read this NOW.


Facebook Flashbacks

So this popped up on the news feed this week.  My very first half marathon a million years ago. Can you see the fear on my face?  I didn’t say a WORD the entire morning.  So go do things you are scared of and don’t think you can do.  A million years later you’ll look back on it so proud you took the leap, and more than likely with many other leaps that have been taken since.  It’s worth the fear.


Lila needs a pool

Enough said.

IMG_0900 (1)

Take your daughter to work day? 

So this isn’t really a thing for us trainers, but sometimes you forget to make arrangements for the little person while you teach, so she comes with you and lays in the back of your car with a movie.  Technology, I also heart you.



Ya’ll.  I did a set of lunges this week that involved weighted forward lunge to center squat then straight to a reverse lunge.  I did a lot of them and now I can’t walk.  Or sit on the toilet without cringing. Or stand up without a tear trickling down my face.  Youch.



Thanks Kassie for showing me this cute T!!! I just needed it so I ordered it and can’t wait to wear it all Summer…in Texas=)

It’s from Sevenly.  You can find it here.

Ok ya’ll that’s it for today.  Gotta get moving around here!! So glad it’s Friday and hope you have a fantastic weekend!

What’s your favorite burger recipe?

Do you keep plants alive?  Please share your secrets if you do. 



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  1. that looks delicious Eunice!!! I love turkey burgers. Glad I’m not the only one who needs fake plants=) Thanks for reading!!! xoxoxo

  2. I do have a favorite burger…a turkey burger and it’s just delicious ( )! Also, I can’t keep plants alive to save my life. I’m thinking I’m heading to IKEA soon to pick up some face succulents for the house. As for the outside…well….I live in the Mitten state and it’s currently snowing out (I know!! How ridiculous!) so I don’t have to worry about those for a while! LOVE reading your blog!

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