Friday Faves: PrAna Review and discount code!!!

Clothing for people who live life fully, play long, and travel well.
Life fully.  Play long.  Travel well.  All things that I’m sort of really passionate about.  
Today I’m dedicating Friday Favorites to one thing…PrAna.  It’s a new yoga/workout company to me that I’ve had the privilege of working with this month.  Ya’ll know I NEVER turn down new workout clothes.  I actually wore jeans a couple times this week…and a scarf.  Gasp.  But this is my true love and I just kinda have to own that.  I love clothes that challenge me and motivate me to live active.  That’s what this does.  When I got my PrAna stuff in the mail I was SO excited, but slightly nervous.  I never wear colored leggings…like ever.  I just feel like you can always see way too much…um muscle?  Or whatever else is going on under them pants.  So, black or at least darker colors are usually what I go with.  I went out on a limb and ordered green pants.  Yes, green. pants.  
Much to my surprise the pants were nice and thick…and flattering!!  I know, I was shocked.  So, I ordered the Nixie Top in gray and the Florence Capri in cool green…..
Cute right?
I also tried them out in several different ways.  

On my mat….

On my bike…
And on a run.  Although it was a little too cold for the pants so it was just my tank along with wintry gear.  And it was layered because well obviously, it’s winter.  So no pic.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  
The tank is soft and comfy and stayed put while on my mat, on my bike, and while I was running.  This is huge for me.  I have major sensory issues when it comes to clothes I work out in.  It needs to be comfortable and also stay where it’s supposed to be.  It’s a nice thick material so that I love.  I also love the detail of this tank on the back…
The pants were actually a little big to run in.  I ordered them a size up because, I ordered green pants for crying out loud.  I honestly thought going up a size would be the “safer” option.  But, I was so happy they were a little big ha!  It just means these clothes run true to size and that’s one of the biggest selling points for me with anything I wear or any company I look at.  If clothes are true to size and high in quality, I’m sold.  So, yes, my pants that are slightly too big were a pleasant surprise.  They are perfect for yoga and spinning just not quite for running.  Next order, I’ll order my true size.  Live and learn! 

So, this month I’ve also tried spending more time on my mat through the SweatPink #taketheleap challenge.  I’ve failed miserably some days, and other’s have been successful.  Life is busy and you can’t do it all.  However, as a runner I know the importance of yoga in my life.  Having a challenge that motivates me to do something I’m not good at making myself do?  Perfect.  Throw in some cute new clothes and I’m all set.  
One other aspect of this company is sustainability.  Go check out their site by clicking here for more info on how they make their product. 
Ok.  So now that you’ve seen what I ordered here is a sneak peak at a few of my other favorite items by PrAna
Love this suite for running around on the beach with all 3 kids….so staying put!

I think I love the details of these two tanks the most.  So creative and feminine and unique.  

I hope you LOVED what you saw.  Head over to the PrAna homepage to check out the new Spring 2015 line.  When you find something you love, because I know you will, use your special discount code….
psps15ROTR for 15% off your entire purchase.  Happy Shopping ya’ll!!!!
Don’t forget to tell me what you find!!