Friday Faves: So Much Goodness In One Week!!

It’s been a good week. Last week was a little insane recovering from vacation. #firstworldproblems

Everyone came back tired and frankly, a little sick of each other. Then the weekend came and things were busy and then, school was out on Monday. For the love. Enough togetherness already.

This week, life slowed. It allowed for some rest(not sleep mind you. I stayed up too late every dang night watching Gilmore Girls and tending to my 4 year old non sleeper). I was able to get started on continuing my CEU’s for my personal trainer certification and I got some workouts in. It rained a lot which just calls for pure laziness. So I completely gave into it. Why not? So many good things about this week, but I can’t write this post without starting with the VERY best. BABIES!!!!!!! Well, baby. Singular. But it had more umph to add the s=)

Meet Knox!!!!

Our sweet friend Marybeth had her baby yesterday. His name is Britton Knox(going by Knox, which I think is just the cutest) and he’s so squishy and perfect! No, it did NOT give me the baby bug, but man is it sweet to hold a newborn. You forget how tiny they are and how still, and quiet, and non combative and argumentative ha! They don’t ask how babies come out or hit their sisters just yet. It really is magical.

Our friend Leslie was home sick, so we face timed her in. Today, we were lovin us some technology and are so thankful for our tribe.

Welcome to the world sweet Knox!!! We love you already and are so excited to watch you grow up!!

Gilmore Girls

So I started GG several months ago. It’s been my go to when Rob travels. It’s like an event. I get the kids to bed and crash on my bed with ma show and veg completely out. It’s awesome. I’m on season 7 and sort of mourning the fact that I’m almost done. What will I watch next?! I’m so invested in this show it’s ridiculous. Like, I can’t do anything else while I watch. I can’t carry on a conversation or text or read. I can’t scroll Facebook or Instagram or write workouts for clients. I have to stay 100% in tune with my TV screen(yes. I recognize how incredibly lame this is). It’s just my thing. And it’s almost over.

Weigh in here. If you watched the most recent season, do you think it was worth it? One of my besties, who got me into this whole mess, said it is. And I trust her explicitly on all things Gilmore Girls, but what are you thoughts without giving anything away? I don’t want to be disappointed. I so want it to end well with Lorelai happy and married and popping out babies. Ok, enough.

amazon prime now

Ya’ll. Lila is in some sort of strange stage. I mean, the boys never did this, so it’s new to me. She gets up for no reason during the night and comes downstairs. I’ve talked about this before. Ad nauseam perhaps, but it’s seriously driving me insane. I have no idea how to fix this?!?! The boys are and have always been such good sleepers. Unless they are throwing up, they are in bed. She’s a whole different ball game. So, yesterday afternoon, after having been up most of the night before, I realized we were out of toilet paper…and coffee. Two of life’s most important necessities. I mean, a morning without coffee and toilet paper just isn’t worth living in my opinion. I was tired and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the store. Enter Amazon Prime Now.

It’s a life saver. You go to the app, order what you need and it’s delivered to your front door a few hours later. I ordered at 3 something and we were stocked with coffee and TP by 8:45pm. Dreamy.

Butcher Board


If you have a hankering for a killer sammy, go here. Well, if you live in the area that is. They have one called the Whole Hog, and it’s exactly how it sounds. Bacon, pulled pork and ham. Ya’ll, it’s worth every single delectable calorie. I promise. The cole slaw has a kick but it’s the jams on the side. You will not be sorry you went here and tried this sandwich. Trust me.

Rob’s Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Rob’s 35th birthday all weekend long. Ya know. Parent style. Saturday was filled with soccer games, birthday parties and baseball meetings. It was actually a great day and we followed it with dinner out with our good friends Lauren and Ryan. We had cake(my FAVORITE cake by the way is Beatty’s chocolate cake from Ina Garten. You can find the recipe here) and a fabulous dinner at Mi Cocina. It was such a fun night. Birthday’s aren’t quite the same when you hit your mid 30’s, but somehow, the simpler they are, the better. Just enjoying good food and friends is the way to go.

Tabata Time

Here is one of the workouts I did this week post run. It’s a great way to add some burn and challenge by keeping your intensity high. For those of you who haven’t done Tabata, it’s designed to be 20 seconds of high intensity(working at a 10 out of 10. This is max effort) and then 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets. On this workout, I included 4 Tabata’s to choose from. You do not have to do them all in one workout. You can pick one or two and mix them up however you choose. You can also change out some of the exercises. A few of these(core work for example which would be at the end as sort of a cool down) is lower in its intensity, so you could trade it out with squat jumps or high knees for example. It’s up to you! You can get creative here, but keep it at a max effort. You should not want or need or be able to chat while doing these. ┬áSo, if your kids come out and interrupt you, just wave an angry fist. That’s what I do anyway=) Oh, and use a timer or Tabata app. Spotify also has tabata play lists to choose from to keep you on point.

La Croix Cerise Lemon

Ya’ll, go buy this.

Oiselle Volee

I am so excited about this!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be joining the Oiselle Volee team!! I love this company and what they represent. Women encouraging women. You don’t have to be fast or famous or racing every weekend. They encourage and motivate women to do their thing in this sport, whatever season of it they might find themselves in, and encourage other’s while they do so. I love this. I’ve tried several years in a row to get on this team, and this year it happened. I LOVE that they are making this opportunity available to the every day mom and runner like me. They also make amazing clothes that I’ve been wearing for years, since there was very little to choose from. It’s been so amazing to watch them grow into a thriving business, and now to join their team. Yay!!!!!


Ok ya’ll. It’s that time again. Early Friday morning and time to drag my kids’ lifeless bodies out of bed, which by the way, they manage to do all on their own come Saturday morning. What is up with that?! I don’t get it. I hope your weekend is awesome!!!!!!