Friday Faves: Ice Cream and Planking and T-shirts Oh My

Happy Friday!!!! I can’t remember the last time I was so ready for a weekend. It’s been a long week and this weekend it’s going to feel like Fall ya’ll.  At least for about 48 hours. Josh is having his birthday party at the house tomorrow night. We’re heating up the pool and firing up the fire pit for Smores. He wants a Bronco’s cake, so there’s that. It’s what I’ll be doing on my Friday night, and I can’t wait. Love making their cakes. It’ll be a good weekend.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the week. I’m linking up with Heather from Life in Leggings so check out all the link ups!!! I’m sure you’ll find lots of good stuff! Ok, off we go.


It was so brutally hot this week. I know I complain about the heat…like a lot, but honestly, I think I’ll miss a nice sweaty workout. It makes you feel like you’ve run a million miles uphill in the most grueling of circumstances, which makes your workout feel awesome. Even if it was only 20 minutes. Of course I pounded out the heat this week in my “Life Changes on the Run” T from 73Threads.  Check out their Instagram page here for Free Shirt Friday!!!! Today’s free shirt is one of my favorites and it’ll make you laugh. Promise.  Also, stay tuned in the coming days for a promo code to use on all your future purchases from Red Head on the Run.  Love me a good t-shirt.


So on a healthy note(or so not) enter this life changing ice cream. I’m not really an ice cream person. I can take it or leave it.  However, this is a game changer…..and a hip/butt/thigh changer if not used responsibly. My friend Leslie raved about it so I got myself a little bit and had a few bites after my super sweaty workout the other day. Ya’ll, for a splurge, eat THIS.


Next up is my Enduropacks Electrolyte spray.  You squirt a few drops into your water and it adds electrolytes and minerals to you naturally and organically, without all the sugar and mess from sports drinks(I know this may seem like a double standard coming from the girl who just recommended Ben and Jerry’s artery clogging ice cream. But go with me on this. You gotta live a little).  It’s just tasty enough to give your water a little something without being too sweet. Loving this new find. They have a free shipping promo code on their site right now and offer lots of other products such as multi vitamins and recovery aids.


So I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I recently took the plunge into Gilmore Girls. Ya’ll. I can’t even pay attention to ANYTHING else. I tried folding laundry while watching and that was mildly successful. But seriously. I am LOVING this show. It’s perfect for when Rob has other things to do like watch baseball or travel or work. I’m hooked.


Lila jumped in the pool last night. The water was 66 degrees. That is all. She’s insane.


I saw this on the Chase Infinite Instagram account and it made me laugh and nod in agreement. Anyone? Comparison is the thief of joy. We all know this and hear it all the time. It’s truth, but sometimes it’s hard to absorb and I think we compare without even realizing it, especially as we scroll through our news feeds. We see snippets.  Just tiny specs of a moment out of people’s lives, most of whom we have never met. So, don’t compare yourself to strangers on the Internet, or anyone for that matter. Let them do their thing, and you do yours.


Go get your booty on Spotify and find this song. Oh my word. It is BEAUTIFUL.  So well written and so so pretty. When I get to heaven I think I’ll sing like Ellie Holcomb.


This week was all about the plank. Here’s a little routine I tried to do after every workout this week. I changed it up a bit, but the basis of it is the same.
60 seconds each exercise..get out your timer and go to work!
forearm plank
push ups
repeat 2x
30 second rest
plank twists
plank rockers
repeat 2x
30 second rest
weighted sit up
plank punches
repeat 2x


This has been a bit of a heavy week, and not just for me. Friends and family and strangers experiencing pain and heart ache. This song by Shane and Shane, Sovereign Over Us, touched me deep in my soul. It reminded me that in spite of all the hurt and pain and disappointment in this world, God is good. And His ways are ALWAYS meant for good and for His glory. Do I grasp this? Not in the slightest, but I know it to be true, because I see His goodness even in the midst of the hardest of circumstances. Tears are ok. Eating pizza and cookies in your bed at 10:30pm after a hard day(I’m not speaking from experience AT ALL) is ok. Processing and grieving and questioning is ok. God is big. He is good. And He is in control.


This is Josh the day we came home from the hospital and before my dad got sick. Actually, this was in the very beginning stages of his disease. He’s had a hard week this week so I spent lots of time looking at old pictures, especially since it was Josh’s birthday. I love how music and photo’s can take you back to another time. I’m so thankful for these memories with him and that he has absolute hope for his future. Thanks to all who have prayed and continue to pray for him and our family. Keep them coming. Oh, and Josh still sleeps with that blanket now 8 years later. How sweet is that?!?!

So there you have my totally rando list of Friday Favorites. Some fun, some serious, some seriously fatning. But that’s life right? And what’s the point if we can’t keep it real and share both the good and the bad. I hope you have an awesome weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!!

Any favorite ice cream flavors I need to know about? Do share.

Have you watched Gilmore Girls and if so, please tell me your productivity went down the crapper because of it. It’ll make me feel like less of a loser. 



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  1. LOVE Gilmore Girls!!! I started the 5th season last night. Since Danny has been traveling I probably watch 2 or 3 episodes a night! I am definitely not productive when I am watching it- HAHA!!! Hope Josh has a great birthday party!

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