Friday Faves: All the Fall Feels

Happy Friday!!!!!!  It’s been a good week here as Fall has peaked around the corner and given us Texans a little hope.  Josh is wearing a sweatshirt this mornin….be still my heart.

As we kick off cooler weather my heart gets happy.  I’m not a band wagon Fall fan.  I’m a true to my heart always loved Fall, since I was little mega fan.  The heat is oppressive to me and crisp cool air fills me with energy and makes me so happy.  Just to make a season change as sappy as possible.  I don’t go all out with Fall decor but I do love my stew’s and pumpkin bread and hoodies.  I’m a cozy person, so this season is perfect for me. I could live in a cabin in the mountains with a lit fireplace and write with a cup of hot coffee for the rest of my life and be totally content.  But that is entirely NOT practical, so in reality I stay. Ok, moving on to all the Fall feels.

It wouldn’t be a Friday faves without a little pioneer woman.  We had a bit of a Texas Sheet cake cook off in our little group of friends this week, so I thought I’d share my favorite sheet cake recipe with you, and of course…it’s Ree’s.  Although my friends do make some jammin sheet cakes.  Way to go Em and Stac!!!! You made our bellies, albeit not my hips, happy this week. 

The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever


img_6461-1 (recipe courtesy of Ree Drummond and image courtesy of

As a kid I could eat an entire sheet pan of this stuff….almost.  I scrape most of the icing off and go. to. town.  This cake always takes me back to my child hood, as most flavors take you somewhere. This is a must try.

Another one of my favorite flavors from this week is Ree’s Hamburger Soup

It starts with a large pot of goodness.  Ground beef, diced peppers, onion, tomato paste, carrots and potatoes.  Heaven.  Let it cook for 30-40 minutes and I promise, it’s even better the next day.


Eat Sign 


So in my decorating frenzy I ordered not one, but TWO different eat signs.  Oops.  So, I split them up in the dining room/kitchen, but this one I LOVE. I’m into signs. I can not for the life of me remember where I ordered this from, and I’ve tried to track it down. But, here is my fave Etsy shop for signs.  Next on my list, a GATHER sign.


So I happen to have this crazy talented friend who makes these amazing necklaces.  Seriously, they are THE MOST comfortable necklace like ever.  Made from a t-shirt type material that you can adjust and you forget it’s around your neck. They are a must have. Here are a few my friends were sporting this week……






My friends business is called SIMPLY LIVLY….which is the cutest thing ever.  Go visit her page here!!!  Pam is so lovely and talented (simply lovely….see what I did there?) you will want to buy it all.  Have fun shopping!!

This Quote….


I know this is a bit deep a big jump from jewelry, but it’s something I am claiming this week.  Choose wise friends who will encourage you and urge you to wise choices.  We tell our kids this all the time but it is just as true for adults.  As several close friends this week have urged me on into saying no to more things and guarding my time and family in this season of being present, I’ve been reminded of just how important it is to surround yourself with these people.  Your people.  Hold onto them and do the same for them, encourage and support and love with wild unconditional love through all the good and the bad, the crazy seasons and the calm ones.  Those are the ones that will stick.

Lila’s Gooooooooooo



I was up at the school this week having lunch with Josh and a friend of ours showed up to do a special presentation for the 3rd graders.  I got a free science lesson ha!!!  One of the experiments was mixing corn starch and water and deciding if it’s a solid or a liquid.  I will NOT go into the explanation of this, as I was a history and geography and English girl, but whatevs, it provided a good solid HOUR of entertainment for Lila after school. Thanks “Bill Nye” the science guy….i.e. Chris for the solid gold.  It has changed our life…and dinner time is now quiet.

Alex Moto leggings

You guys.  I do not normally order pants or leggings off of a FB fashion advertisement.  Until I did.  And I am IN LOVE with these leggings.  They look like pants but are so stinking comfortable it’s ridonculous. They fit well and are flattering on the leg, even with the pattern on the front. And they have zippers on the leg!!!!!!!! I heart them.  You can find them here.




Lila and lip gloss

oh Jesus be with us, it is TOO EARLY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!




This is my Target flannel find.  You can see loads of flannel everything here. I attempted to wear this shirt on a day that happened to be 576 degrees, but now it’s cooling down outside and it’s more likely I can keep it on for longer than 5 seconds.  Yay Fall!!!


Because I love bacon and coffee and pancakes on a cool Fall Saturday morning.  All is right with the world when bacon is involved.  That is all.



I’ve been on an omelette kick lately.  All the veggies and meats and salsa or whatever I’m in the mood to put in it.  It’s protein and filling and delish.  Try it. You won’t regret jumping on the omelette train. Promise.



Last weekend we had a nice big sweat fest at Oktoberfest….which is actually in September, which is HOT in Texas. But, we did our best to enjoy all the flavor’s and feels of Fall even though we were all drenched in sweat and drowning in humidity and mosquito bites.  Good times.  We really did have so much fun with our pals laughing and eating all the fried goodness.  It’s a must do every year.



So that does it for this week!!

Do you flannel?  What about Fall foods, what’s your favorite? I need to know!!!!!

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