Friday Faves: Austin Bound!!



Morning!! Happy Friday my peeps.  This is going to be swift today.  I mean, I’m on the couch, in my pajama’s, with my coffee….I have yet to get the kids stuff ready, put on makeup and get myself dressed for Jake’s choir performance at school AT 8, OR pack our entire family for a weekend in Austin.  Needless to say, I’m in a rush.  BUT, I missed Friday Favorites last week which basically broke my heart.  So, I’m tossing some favorites out quickly your way today. 

Feel Good Frames


Ok you guys.  How cute is this ornament frame?!?!  This is the company of a sweet friend of a friend called Feel Good Frames.  They have adorable personalized frames and right now, these precious Christmas ornaments.  I for one love ornaments.  I get one every year for our family and for each of us individually.  I love a family tree.  Nothing too fancy or frilly.  Memories to pull out of the box every year and put on our little tree.  So, this year..I’m going with this!!!  Stay tuned, we’ll be having a giveaway so you can win an ornament of your choice in the coming weeks.  This is just a teaser.

Lila’s converse

You guys.  If you have gathered anything about Lila, it’s that she marches to the beat of her own little messy yet adorable drum.  We were strolling through Nordstrom(is this attempt at strolling through Nordstrom even possible??  For me it is.  I’m not a huge shopper.  But the kids shoes…OMG) and spotted some shoes.  Well, L spotted the light up glittery LOUD shoes.  Um. Heck no.  So, we compromised on these….


We sometimes clash, the girl and I.  But these shoes fit her little Punky Brewster personality perfectly.  They are spunky and spicy but on her, they are way more adorable than they are in this picture.  So, those are her winter shoes.  Boom.  One stop shopping.



We’re headed to Austin(the hometown of my dear friend Jen Hatmaker…..we have coffee planned after some shopping and a big BBQ with our families) for Rob’s half Ironman!  I’m so proud of him for tackling his third 70.3 in the midst of a crazy season of life.  I was training for Chicago, he has a new position at work and we have 3 busy kids.  It’s nuts.  And ya’ll, the Jen Hatmaker thing…not true at all.  Just so you know.  And it’s not creepy or weird at all right??  Say right.  Moving on.


It wouldn’t be a Friday favorites post without my favorite Athleta finds for the week.  First up is this down vest…….

Downalicious Deluxe Vest - Chianti

Downalicious Deluxe Vest – Chianti

I LOVE this.  I bought it to wear in the documentary I’ll be in this month.  A girl has to have a few new things to do a video shoot right?? I know nothing about video’s and interviews and such… I was like a kid wandering around without a parent.  But, the gals at Athleta always help me pick out the perfect find, and my friend Lauren was there to make sure the pants passed the see through test.  This is important guys.  No one wants to see your hiney through your pants.  TRUST me.  So, I snatched this vest.  Speaking of pants……I am in LOVE with these…..even though I left them at the store.  Oh, and they passed the see through test.  We bent over 27 times just to be sure.

Sonar Tight Magnetic - Chianti

Sonar Tight Magnetic – Chianti

They feel AMAZING!!! It’s a new material for Athleta and I love it.  Super flattering and more of a compression tight.  I may save up and head back next month for these babies.  And they go with the vest right?! Done.

One of the best moments of the week was yesterday morning when the nurse called from my Dr. with my MRI results.  The scans came back clear!!!!!  However, I wanted to give that lady a large piece of my mind for using the words “however” and “we did find” in reference to a brain scan. Not cool lady.  NOT. COOL.  They were able to see my severely deviated septum on the scan with the contrast(the blue dye).  Ok cool.  No bigs.  But could you not have said, “Hey Kelly! This is so and so and I’m calling with your MRI results.  Everything looks great!!!!! We did see the deviated septum but……..”  I mean, is that not better than a somber and solemn “however, we did find……” She scared the crap right out of me and I shook for a solid hour after I got off the phone.  Bad form nurse.  BUT, the good news is all is well and with a little nose surgery and a visit to a migraine specialist I should be good to go!!!!  Praise the Lord, and thanks for your sweet words of encouragement and your prayers.  God is so good and so faithful.  I felt joy and peace the day of my scans, which people, can only come from Him.

Ok ya’ll.  I just realized I forgot to put Jake’s choir shirt in the dryer…CRAP!!!!!!  He has to leave for school and his choir performance in 35 minutes….which means I’m still mom of the year here on the couch.  So I gotta run.  Ya’ll have a great Friday and weekend!!!!

Any big plans?

Do you procrastinate in the mornings as bad as I do?


6 comments on “Friday Faves: Austin Bound!!

  1. Kristin..haha! This made me laugh! Agh! I always assume I have so much more time in the mornings than I actually do. You are so not alone!! And thanks for reading=)

  2. Shelly…haha!!!!! I did not see Jen in Austin. Sad to say. But I got to trudge around a muddy field for a day which was magical=) Kidding. We had a great time. And I agree!!! I don’t know how you get out the door to work AND to get kids to school!!!! I’d be a disaster

  3. I was seriously about to be so jelly of the Jen Hatmaker thing!! I am a total procrastinator in the morning…I really think if I could get the kids all off to school and then come back home and get ready for work I would be so much better!

  4. Procrastinator you ask? Yes!!! I’m sitting on the couch reading your blog, drinking coffee and should have woken my son up 15 min ago! I’m glad I’m not alone.

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