Friday Faves and a Weekend Dash to Tennessee

Good morning and happy Friday!! This week flew by and this morning I’m loading the kids up and heading to Tennessee to see my family for the weekend.  My mom is turning 60 so we’re throwing her a party.  So, no time to chit-chat as I have boot camp to teach and an 8 hour drive with 3 kids ahead of me today.  Here are some faves from the week…

My treadmill


I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my treadmill.  I hate it because well….it’s BORING, and yet I love it for its convenience.  This week was insane and my schedule is busy these days so I don’t always have time to get to the gym.  When I have Lila at home I can still run in my bedroom and squeeze in a 30 minute run.  And, it forces me to get creative with my workouts to keep from dying of boredom.  I’m sorry treadmill lovers, I just don’t know how you do it day in and day out.  <Meredith> I heart you.

Speaking of running…


I had a great outside run yesterday, which I haven’t had in a while.  My hips have been suffering a bit from all the treadmill running(post sinus surgery I’ve had to stay inside more with the cold air).  I’m trying to get back outside but ya’ll, my lunges were on FIRE.  So, it’ going to take some time to get my running outside over giant hills lungs back,  but it’s ok. Spring is coming and with the exception of the impending doom of HELL….I mean Texas Summer, and all the pollen in the air, Springtime in Texas is dreamy.

Just this…


You guys.  I stopped my car in the grocery store parking lot and more than likely totally freaked out anyone around me who may have watched me take this picture of total strangers, but how could I not? How adorable is this?  How much do you want this to be you down the road? They are clearly besties, and they still hold hands.  Swoon.

My Athleta Haul


It’s been a while(and by a while I mean more than a month or so) since I’ve been into Athleta.  If I stay away I can avoid spending more than I need to.  However, I had some extra cash and I have several trips coming up, so my go to is Athleta.  I can get bathing suites, cover ups, cute linen pants, shoes, all my running loves, skirts, and cute tops all in one store.  It’s a casual girl’s dream store. They quality is top-notch and they make it worth it for me as a trainer to shop there, and I just love our local store.  Anyway, my favorite find is this…

Moxie Cross Back Bikini - Multi

You can find it on the Athleta website.  The best thing about this suit is that there is a tankini option, a rash guard option and a one piece option to handle whatever style you are.  And their bottoms fit over booties.  Just sayin. Love it!!

Best Bachelor Moment…….

I was texted this picture before I even got to this scene and I was totally confused.  Then I laughed out loud and may have spewed some of my homemade margarita all over my coffee table.  Because it was also national margarita day.  Poor Jojo’s mom.  Living with those men(I’m still not convinced this whole thing wasn’t staged.  It was so weird, and where was Jojo during all of this?  Was she lost in one of the room’s of their ginormous house?  Was she drinking in a closet? Who knows) would push a woman to go straight for the bottle.  What a hot mess.

jojo's mom

CycleOps swag…


I LOVE our CycleOps trainer.  I tag them from time to time on IG and Twitter and as a thank you, they sent me this awesome swag.  I love companies who care about their customer’s, especially enough to send them some stuff with a nice handwritten note.  Made my day.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter…


Just go buy these.  That is all.

My new role as neighborhood mom


This is now what my yard and driveway look like on any given Saturday.  5-6 extra kids, all smelly boys, flock to our house ringing out doorbell by 9:30 or 10 in the am.  Some days we send them home, but for the most part, we let em all in.  They jump on our trampoline and have Nerf gun war’s at the end of our street.  They ride bikes to the park and play basketball and it gives me little glimpses into our childhood.   It brings back memories of weekends doing the same thing as a kid.  Sometimes I think that because the world is so different for our kids than it was for us, they won’t experience some of those simple kid joy’s that we did.  And this scene always brings me back and gives me hope that they won’t just turn into video playing inactive and unsocial humans.  

Finally, a long swim….and my arms still hurt


I’m supposed to be doing the swim leg of a half Ironman, in like 6 weeks.  And I’m averaging one swim every other week or so.  Not good.  Last Saturday I swam 2200 meters and felt great.  My arms were dying but the rest of me felt awesome.  It was enough to make me think that maybe I won’t drown in Galveston.  Maybe.

Poison Ivy relief


So, remember those boys that flock to my house?  Those same boys also all go to school together and flock to a wooded area near our school to make forts.  And they are dropping like flies with poison ivy.  Josh got it right in the middle of his face and basically everywhere else.  It was horrible but we’re thankful for cream and Benadryl!!


I discovered that the Backstreet boys still exist, and that they don’t suck.   Or maybe my music taste is just lame.  Who knows.

Ok.  Per my usual feelings on Fridays I could go on for days about moments or things I loved during the week.  But I have stuff to do and I’m sure you do to!

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!!

What were some of your favorites from the week? 

Do you like weekend getaways or do they stress you out and make you feel like you need another weekend to recover from your weekend?



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  1. I love that your neighborhood kids all flock to one house! I loved doing that when I was younger, too! Seriously jealous of your Athleta haul. I need to go shopping stat. Happy Birthday to your mom!

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