Friday Faves: A Stella and Dot Giveaway!!!!!!


Happy Friday!!!!!!  I’m so stoked about today because we get to do another Stella and Dot Giveaway!!  But first….a few of my faves from the week.  Don’t go anywhere!!!!!!

Target..I mean, need I say more?

Target. Why do you do this to me EVERY SINGLE TIME. I went in for milk, eggs, bread and strep meds for the oldest. #seriously #ihaveaproblem #target #swappedmyrunforakidwithstrep #andatriptotarget @targetstyle @target

Yep.  I walked in for about 4 things…and came home with a haul.  For real you guys.  It’s sick.  Go in for milk, come out with a coat for Lila, fruits and veggie’s galore, and a new kitchen rug.  Ugh.  Seriosuly Target?!

Josh turned 7!!!


This past Monday, our sweet and affectionate, funny and spunky Josh turned 7.  What in the world???! Why does 7 seem so old?  It’s like they go from Kindergarten to high school when they turn 7.  It just feels like he’s not little anymore… all.  I avoided the fetal position though, so I’m making progress with this growing up gig.  I’m dealing with it.  And I got to make a Bronco’s cake, because Josh tapped into my Colorado love.  Well played Josh.  Well played.


New Pictures!!!

Shooting new pics for the blog today with my pals. So thankful for talented friends who are crazy loyal and true. And fun. We had a ton of fun #runner #blogger #fitnessblogger #empgoestodallas #empphotos @emilymeganphoto #downtown

I spent all day Tuesday with these creative friends.  My amazing pal, Emily with Emily Megan Photography(you’ll see more images from Tuesday in this post…she’s amazing) did all new pics for me for the blog header(coming soon) and my headshots for my business page and blog.  You guys.  It was so. much. fun.  We walked around downtown Dallas like celebs and had a blast. Our friend Chris came along to shoot some behind the scenes pics of Em doing her thing.  Having creative friends who push you toward your dreams is pretty stinking cool…and we ate this…


Texadelphia for the win.

I heart this……


I mean if this doesn’t melt you, you’re made of stone.  Just sayin.

A New Fridge


So.  After a good solid 10 years with our old fridge, it was time for a replacement.  The shelves had all fallen off and well, it was beyond rescue.  It just couldn’t be cleaned.  The ice maker and water didn’t work and it was just so so very sad.  I’m not complaining, trust me.  I know what a luxury a refrigerator is….but it was time to retire old faithful to the garage.  And so we did.  And for now, this fridge is clean.

Giveaway Time!!!!!!!!!!!

By now you guys probably know how much I love Stella and Dot.  It’s versatile, fun, creative, and perfect for gals like me who like a little something without going over the top.  But, never fear.  If you are an over the top kind of girl when it comes to your jewelry, there is something for you too. I’m just a big fan.  And today, we are giving away some awesomness!!!!!

Here are some of the pieces that graced my doorstep this week…

mckinneyTXphotographer_0080*professional images courtesy of Emily Megan Photography

This is the Aurora necklace.  Isn’t it awesome?!  I’ve worn it all week.  It goes with everything and it’s super affordable.  Everything on the blog today is under $50!!  With the holiday’s coming these items make the perfect gift.  Here’s a closer look…



IMG_6453 (1)

I’m so loving this Pave Chevron ring.  It’s only $29 and it’s a great fit with the necklace.  I felt so fancy this week with my new cute ring.  Now I just need to fix my nails!!

Wishing Bracelet…

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.44.54 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.40.52 PM

This my friends is the wishing bracelet.  Isn’t it awesome? I love it because it’s sorta fancy, but casual too with the details in the back with the strap.  That’s totally my jam.  A mix of dressy and casual.  This is one of the items we’ll be giving away!!!!

Stud Pack….


How can you not want 3 pairs of earrings for only $29?  Love these and I’ve been wearing them all week.  For real.  Ok, so here’s the skinny.

Ok.  You’ve seen all my new favorites.  Now for the good part.  The Giveaway!!!

We will be choosing two winners you guys.  This is HUGE!!

My amazing stylist Jody and I will be giving away a stud pack and a wishing bracelet!! 

All you need to do is comment below with a few words to describe your style OR head on over to Instagram for details.  You can visit my page here or Jody’s page by clicking here.  Follow the directions on our pages for your chance to win!!!!! Good luck you guys!!! Winner will be announced Monday.  

For shopping, visit my link by clicking here to see my show and all my favorite things.  Shop away ladies!!!





52 comments on “Friday Faves: A Stella and Dot Giveaway!!!!!!

  1. Kylie…at least you have a cute watch!!! I sometimes just wear my ugly Garmin! Yea..I need help haha

  2. thanks Ann Marie!!!! I wish I loved fancy more!! I do sometimes though=) It’s just fun to get dressed up once in a while…then I come home to my sweats lol!

  3. oh my gosh Carrie…my favorite description of all time. Love it. I need to hit up the thrift store!!!

  4. thanks girl!!! MY kids always ask why I’m so dressed up when I put on jeans=) And yes I made the cake=) It’s just something I started when my oldest was little. It’s fun, like Christmas morning=)

  5. Priscilla….I need to be better at accessorizing….which I guess is why I’m so drawn to S&D because it does the hard work for me. It’s all cute=)oh and they have bags!!

  6. thanks Jen!!!! Fall is my favorite. Without a doubt. I love cozy and scarves and the fire place blazing…if only I had a few mountains in the background I’d be complete lol

  7. aw welcome Eunice!! Thanks for stopping by the blog! And so glad you love the jewelry…this was such a fun giveaway..good luck!!!

  8. My jewelry style can best be described as nonexistent…I wear the same pair of earrings for weeks at a time and I always throw my MK watch on my wrist on the way out the door! Maybe if I had some fun pieces like this, I would try a little harder;)

  9. My style is pretty casual. When I’m not working I’m usually in jeans or yoga pants. Thanks for the chance to win!! ?

  10. My style is classic with a lil thrift store funk thrown in. So I guess eccentric may be the right word, but that sounds old lady. Whimsical and wrinkled. Let’s go with that.

  11. I think my style is pretty simple and casual but classic. I really like to wear sort of plain tops and jeans and then accessorize with really fun jewelry!

  12. Your cakes always amaze me! I totally love Stella & Dot too….I typically make sure to have a party every other year to stock up on my favorites. Loving that ring!

  13. Really amazing photos. I am a casual person for sure. I live in running clothes. Jeans are dressing fancy to me. I want a new refrigerator so bad, but if it ain’t broke, blah blah. Did you make that cake?

  14. I love the wishing bracelet with it be more casual yet a little bling! I’m always in Loft shorts and a Tshirt or running clothes ? I’ve been crazy busy and have missed your blog! Love the new photos!! And yes I need to visit that place with that sandwich. YUM.

  15. New reader here. Really enjoying your blog, nice work! I love a simple style with pops of bright color. Love every one of those pieces of jewelry!

  16. My style would probably be best described as classic with a feminine edge. For the most part I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl. I wear a lot of cool neutrals and love bringing in color through accessories. I adore bags and jewelry!

  17. Love these pix!! And love this fun giveaway. Hmm…why is it I can style my kids so much easier and better than myself? Ha! I would say I am a fan of the cozy. Fall weather brings out my favorite kind of clothing…jeans, layers, scarves, etc.

  18. My style is classic with a modern twist. I’m a mom of three awesome kids, who loves her workout clothes as much as her jeans and tshirts! I think jewelry and accessories provide the finishing touches!

  19. aw thank you Becky!!! You are so kind and always so encouraging! Love a simple style with a little delicate on the side. And yes, the necklace is one of my faves!!!!

  20. As always, love your posts! You have found a balance in giving enough info without overdoing it! Kudos!

    My style is simple. While I used to want to be a fancy girl I finally realized it just isn’t me. So I’ve embraced simple & delicate. Love the pieces in your pictures! I noticed the necklace right away! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. I love simplicity and neutrals! In the fall/winter you can find me in a cardigan and some pretty jewels (Stella and Dot!!!❤️ ) when I’m not in scrubs or workout clothes!

  22. i am very casual and laid back type of style and would t change a thing since I have a very type aa personality so it’s a nice balance 🙂

  23. Great post! We have a Texadelphia here and we all enjoy it a LOT! Love your fridge! I’m so over mine! And happy #7 to Josh! My style is not fixy, so simple accessories are my favorites!! These are darling!!

  24. thanks Annie!!!! And girl, it was so amazing. I could eat that for breakfast myself lol. I agree with putting a cute piece of jewelry with my running clothes…why the heck not?!

  25. ha! Lorenna you always look smokin hot!!=) You totally have the semi casual but transform to night down pat. You are beautiful inside and out!!!

  26. thanks friend!!!! I love your style!!! You totally know when to pull out the sassy Texan with some statement! But you can pull off tshirt and jeans and look just as adorable, so you win the jackpot of being able to do both!!=)

  27. Katelyn…right?! I think all women have fallen victim to Target’s pull at least once=) You can find the necklace by clicking on the show link! And thank you for your sweet words!!!

  28. Yay! Such a fun post! I totally want to eat whatever that was from Texadelphia right now…it’s 9:30 am! Lol! My style pretty much consists of running shorts and leggings, so a little fancy jewelry would be fun!

  29. Style?!!!! Ummmmm what is that? You mean? Mom pants,runner pants, crackers in your bra type style. Yes!! I got style lol. I love a semi casual, that you can quickly change to night. Just in case. I do enjoy jewelry that has a purpose. Thank you ❤️

  30. I just love your blog! The pics are so great. Good job, Emily! My style depends on my mood, and if you know me, that cjangeschanges… A lot! Overall I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who enjoys simplicity. I love jewelry pieces that I can wear everyday. But I am from Texas, y’all where bigger is better, and it’s all about the bling! So occasionally I like to throw on a big statement piece… With my jeans and boots and big hair. Lol!

  31. Can I just agree with ya real quick on Target??! Geez can’t leave with spending a hundred at least haha!! I love your necklace you are wearing in the pics! I like similar easy and ready to go pieces for everyday too. And you look so SO fab in those pics! Can’t wait to see more!! xo

  32. I feel you Jessica!!! Casual for the win=) But weekends are when I fancy it up by putting on makeup…and jeans lol!

  33. Allyson….oh. How I can relate to that=) I just started sleeping in my fave necklace because it eliminated a step lol!

  34. I have two little boys under 5 so I tend to get ready in a hurry and try to make it out of the door without food and sticky hands covering my clothes. I love to dress up when I get the chance (and time to prep.)and live in running clothes when not at work.

  35. I have as simple, casual style. I like jeans and a t-shirt for work but I like to dress it up a little on the weekends.

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