Friday Faves!!

Happy Friday and happy December!


Seriously, Thanksgiving and Christmas pop up on me every year. In part because it’s just now starting to look like Fall. The leaves change just in time to fall right off the trees. But, it’s still really preetty. Christmas always comes so fast and is over before I really want it to be. Every year I say I’m going to slow down and actually enjoy it instead of running around like a crazy person for all of December. We’ll see if I can stick to that this year.

It’s been a good week here, just busy. I’ve had the same 3 loads of laundry on the floor, clean yet unfolded, for 6 straight days. This seems to be the theme. Did I mention it’s been a busy week? I did however get all of the Christmas stuff up, except the tree. But who cares. It’ll happen. I’m not going to stress over it because it’s only December 2nd, I have time right? Ok, let’s get to this week’s favorites!!

Simplylivly Necklace



I’ve talked about my friend Pam before and her amazing necklaces, but this week I went SHOPPING and came out with so many winners!! She made this sweet little necklace for Lila and she has worn it almost every day. If you click on her etsy shop here, the leaf necklace at the top is my latest obsession. I just forgot to snap a pic of myself last night wearing it. Her stuff is made out of the softest material so it is comfortable to wear and she’s always coming out with the cutest new styles. Go check out her stuff and buy a few Christmas gifts while you’re at it!!



I ordered a few things this week from Rodan + Fields to test out. I use their products and have been for about a year after confessing to my good friend and consultant that my night-time “regimine” was really more of a soap and water thing….and whatever moisturizer I snagged at Target in a mad rush between bread and apples and the shoe department. She sort of put my in my places gently and convinced me that my skin(that isn’t getting any younger) may need a little more than soap and water. So, this week it’s the mineral peptides and lash boost. I’ve heard good things about both! So far the mineral peptides(like Bare Minerals but better) has been awesome. It goes on smooth and a little goes a long way. As for the lash boost, time will tell so stay tuned!! You can check out more product here.¬†

Whole 30


So Thanksgiving and the weeks leading up to it left me feelig a little slow and lathargic and well, just horrible. I let my nutrition slip a bit and needed to get myself back on track. I’ve done Whole 30 twice in the past with great results. I’m not a diet person and think good nutrition should be part of our lifestyle, while also allowing yourself to actually live life and not be so entirely restricted that you develop an unhealthy relationship with food. With that said, Whole 30 has been a good way for me to get back on track and feel the benefits of eating clean. I noticed last weekend that every run was hard and that the tendonitis I have in my ankles(since I was wa kid) kept flairing up after not having issues for a long time. I just felt inflamation in my limbs and I felt tired, slow, sluggish and I looked it. So, last Saturday I decided I had to change it up. It’s been almost a week and the bags under my eyes are gone, I have energy and yesterday ran 4 miles with zero issues and managed to maintain a faster pace than I have in a long time. The proof is there. You can’t outrun or out train a bad diet. Now, will I go on a date this weekend and enjoy a nice meal guilt free? Yes, absolutely. But, I feel a million times better after just one week of clean eating and drinking only water and my morning coffee. I want to stick with it with the occasional exception. Ya’ll, if you aren’t seeing resutls, looke at your nutrition. It’s really so simple. Good fats, protein, fruits and veggies, lots of watrer. Your body and skin will thank you!!!!

My favorite chicken is this Whole chicken in the crock pot. You can find the recipe here. I made it Tuesday and have been eating it all week and even made some chicken stock from it. It’s SO easy!!! If you need to tweek your nutrition or have been wanting to try Whole 30 feel free to ask questions in the comments or shoot me an email. I did a complete review last time I did it, which you can see here.


Cyber Monday


This is our reality. Two lap tops to knock out our Cyber Monday shopping list. We haven’t had an ipad in a long time. We had one ancient one that got dropped and broken by a certain little kid in our house, so we just let it go. However, Jake is starting to do most of his homework on the computer and Josh has quite a bit that he can do online as well, and they constantly fight over my lap top. So, we scored a screaming deal at Nebraska Furniture Mart! It was really exciting ya’ll, because we are just that old. We bought a few other things to call our efforts successful. That’s the extent of my shopping.



Lila started indoor soccer this week with her bestie Blair. Need I say more? It promises to deliver endless hours of entertainment. We may sell tickets. Plus I get to hang with her mom who is pretty much one of my favorite people on the planet……


Moviehouse and Eatery


We have a new place in town called the Moviehouse + Eatery and ya’ll it was the bomb. Do the kids still say that these days? It was comfoy and the service was amazing. The prices were less than other similar places and you get bottomless slurpees and popcorn. Sugar those kids up then take them home and reap all the consequences. But, this was finally a family outing where no one kicked each other, no one threw a fit and everyone could enjoy it. Winning. At. Life.

Happy December Workout!

I thought I’d leave you with a little workout I had for one of my clients this week. I’m also wanting a workout when I’m at the gym for after a run so I have something to follow. It helps keep me from chatting too much or from just doing a few bicep curls and going home. Enjoy!!!


Set up 3 stations you will rotate through. You will repeat each station 2 times and need a timer. 30 seconds each exercise
Station 1:
Renegade rows
Weighted leg raise on side. 30 seconds each leg
Repeat 2x
10 star jumps
20 high knees
10 burpees

Station 2:
Weighted squats(can go heavier weights here)
Lateral raise
Dead lifts
Repeat 2x
10 burpees
10 jack squats
10 spider man push ups
Station 3:
Reverse lunge to knee up 30 second each leg
Bicycle crunches
Kettle bell swing
Repeat 2x
10 burpees
10 Squat thrusters with med ball
10 Lunge jumps
Station 4:
Turkish get ups 30 sec each side
Snatches 30 second each side
10 Skaters
10 Jump rope
20 Mountain climbers
Station 5:
Curtsy lunge weighted with bicep curl in center
Plank punches
Russian twist
Repeat 2x
20 burpees
Station 5:
Toe touches with weight
Fludder kicks
Repeat 2x

20 burpees

Repeat any stations for amount of time you want. Make sure your workout is at least 30 minutes then repeat as needed
Core if time:
30 seconds each
Side plank leg lifts(in side plank on forearm, lift and lower top leg) right
Side plank leg lifts left
Bicycle crunches
Oblique crunches(right, crunch only to right side)
Oblique crunches left

Cool down and stretch

Happy Friday friends!!!!

Did you score any Cyber Monday deals???

What are some of your fave quick and easy gifts for friends and family?

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