Friday Faves!!!

Hello and happy Friday!! It’s a good day here at the Anderson household.  After quite a week we’re so happy to be brewing coffee in the kitchen instead of the laundry room and making sausage on my actual stove.  We’re not quite done but just finishing touches from here on out.  So thankful.  Hopefully next week I’ll have pics to show, but first I have to actually unpack my kitchen!

Here are a few quick favorites from my week.  The kids are swimming and it looks like rain may be rolling in, so I’m going to make this quick!!

First up, Copperlily


You guys.  I have retreated to my room most days to escape the crazy in the house.  It’s where I fold and work and clean.  It’s the only room I have.  I had House Hunter’s on and caught an episode with this super adorable couple in Nashville, which is close to where I grew up(Memphis) and I have tons of family in Nashville so I love watching episodes that take place there.  Anyway, these two musicians started singing and it caught my ear.  I went straight to Spotify and looked them up.  I haven’t stopped listening since.  You will LOVE them.  A little country/Lady Antebellum/acoustic goodness.  They are lovely and their lyrics are so so good.  Go listen now!!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  They are just so cute and ridiculously talented.

We had worker’s in and out this week painting our kitchen cabinets.  I had no idea the painter’s would show up with gas masks on so we got the heck out of dodge.


I mean really, our clothes smell like oil based paint.  Who knew?  So I crashed with all 3 kids in a hotel this week. In the midst of that insanity and lack of sleep, our 10-year-old Golden Retriever, Molly, wandered off. She’s NEVER done anything like this.  Ever.  She wouldn’t know how to run away if she tried.  All we can figure is a door got left open and she went after a squirrel or rabbit and couldn’t find her way back to the new house.  We were terrified.  She’s been in our family since Jake was 5 months old.  She’s the most loyal dog ever.  So, we posted on social media where people responded instantly.  I posted signs and on Nextdoor.  I can’t even tell you how amazing the response and support was.  We all cried ourselves to sleep in our little hotel room Tuesday night.  We prayed for Molly’s safe return and for Rob who was miserable in a hotel room sick as a dog in California, and scared about Molly.  We were all a mess. Wednesday morning my contractor showed up at the house and she had found her way back and was in the front yard.  An answer to a lot of prayer is an understatement!!!



We missed our Molly and told her she’s now famous, but that’s not a good thing=)

We’ve been having crazy cool weather for Dallas so we’ve been outside A LOT riding bikes.  I now have a kid who is big enough to let me ride his bike when I want to.  Crazy!


It’s been so fun though!!!  So nice to get out of the house and enjoy being outside after weeks of 100 degree weather.  On an aside, Lila’s been screaming on the daily and literally driving me to madness. Preschool, where are you?!?!? Why in the world is 4 so horrible???  Is it girls?  Is it me?? I do not for the life of me remembering the boys being this tough.  Ok, moving on.  As she lies on the kitchen floor with no clothes on and not an ounce of logical thought.

So in celebration of getting back on my bike and logging some miles, I bought some new tri shorts from Betty Designs.  And I LOVE them!!  I often avoid tri gear because well, it’s not always the most flattering attire.  For reals.  Spandex from head to toe(or mid quad) can be a challenge to any curves or imperfections, and we ALL have them.  So, I was so pleased that these FIT first of all, and that they were as flattering as butt padded spandex can be.


My new watch face!!!


So proud of my girl Katie’s Fit Script for creating this awesome face for Garmin.  It’s just so pretty!!  And fitting.  Life without limits.  We all know life will hand us limits, because we’re human.  But I love the mentality of trying new things, doing things that scare the mess out of you and being fearless.  And I think that’s what this means.  Do hard things while you can, and when you are limited by one thing or another, be thankful for what you can do. You can download the new face here.

We have a stove!!  And we made sausage on it!!!!


That’s all.  We were so happy to eat breakfast in our kitchen today.

Ok ya’ll.  Pizza in the oven.  Toddler still coming unhinged.  Rain a comin.  Kiddo’s in pool.  School starts Monday which should have been #1 on the favorites list today!  We are all desperate for some routine.  I’m not looking forward to lunch packing and folder signing, but a break from each other will be good for the soul.  Can we just all agree teacher’s are actually super hero’s who don’t get paid nearly enough?  It’s true. They are saints and in my prayers on Monday!!  I’m so sorry for all we undid this Summer, hopefully their brain power comes back quickly.  Have a good weekend ya’ll!


Favorites from the week?  Any new awesome tunes??