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So this basically sums up my week.  A 3 letter word that by the middle of August makes you want to punch yourself in the face every time you hear it.  For the love of all that is good in this world, will someone PLEASE just call me by my real name?  I decided for every time they said mom I’d say their name.  That was a fun game.  It gave me a little reprieve from the never ending string of MOM’s I’m hearing ALL DAY LONG.  I swear my kids have gotten less capable of doing things that require effort and thought as the Summer has gone on.  And that’s partly my fault but still, we are dying over here for some routine.  Here are a few of my favorites from the week, some saving grace if you will. 


First and foremost, a night OUT.  I didn’t hear mom the entire time and it was dreamy.  We saw the new Jason Bourne movie and had a nice dinner at Capital Grille, our favorite spot.  I put on real clothes and real makeup and allowed my hair to escape the messy bun for one evening.  It had no idea what was going on. In Texas in August we are all nearly dead from the heat.  We take a million and one showers a day and live in grubby sweaty clothes and pulled up hair.  There is just really no point in trying when it all melts off anyway.  We’re done.  But hey, cold front coming this weekend and RAIN which is manna from heaven. It’s going to be in the 90’s!!!!!!!!!

Next up is my new hat from Betty Designs.  I have a slight hat obsession but I’ve decided it’s cheaper than Kendra Scott, so Rob should thank me right??


We’re plugging away with our kitchen remodel. We still have to paint the kitchen, paint the cabinets and add some finishing touches but it’s coming along!! Hopefully one more week, fingers crossed, because we are all slowly losing our minds.  But this week, we got new lighting and ovens!!!!



This is the Hudson pendant by Ballard Design.  It’s over the kitchen table because what was there before was green and leafy.  We can just say it was ugly.


This is our new dining room table light and is also from Ballard Design.  It’s the Arturo chandelier and it’s on sale!!!  You’re welcome.  Lights are expensive!

I ordered a new book for when I finish my current book which has taken months, but I’m at least still reading it, it just takes me a while.  Sorry, took a screen shot and didn’t bother to crop it. HA!


So thank you twotrijess and Emily Megan Photo for prompting me to buy this little gem.  I can’t wait to eat it up.

A couple of my fave quotes that I saw floating around social media land this week were these…


Because it’s Summer.  Duh.


I love this.  It just takes a choice and some hard work, but anything is possible.  I promise.

I got a little shorts happy this week and bought these cute Lulu shorts this week(yes, I am now on a spending freeze.  No more) called the hotty hot shorts and they are on sale! Rob would say, “oh wow! It’s just like they were freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!” in total and complete sarcasm.  But for real, sales are great!!



Because remember how I said we dress in Texas in August??  Here ya go.  The struggle is real.  And we are melting and in really bad mood’s.

To cool off I’ve added some swim’s back in my routine and it has felt amazing.  I love the pool.  It’s peaceful and you can’t hear anything and I always get out hungry.  Win win.  Yesterday, we channeled our inner Katie Ledecky.


I came to swim with my friend Meredith who is doing her first sprint tri in a few weeks!!!!  Loved getting to help her in the pool and give her some tips with my other friend Brooke.  We laughed and had so much fun getting time away from the kids and talking like grown ups and calling each other by our real live names.

And Meredith and I showed up dressed exactly the same.

Last but not least, my bike!!!


I’ve been back on my bike since Rob finished his Ironman and I’m loving it.  Granted, most of it is on my trainer and will be because of our schedules, it’s still good to mix it up.  I’m loving a new routine and having it all in my garage is a huge blessing.  On that note, I have a run to get to before I go teach boot camp. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!  We’ll be enjoying our cold front of 93 degrees and cloud cover here in Texas.  I may even shower before 10pm.  See ya’ll next week!!

What were some of your favorites from the week?

Any must read books to put on my list???

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  1. ha!!!! Meggie that is too funny. Rob has a low sales radar, they really mean little to him haha!! But it’s SO HOT OUT shorts are necessary for survival right now. That’s my argument lol

  2. Love your kitchen changes! And I am die laughing about the shorts, because a similar thing happened to me this week when I wanted to buy some shorts on sell. My husband informed me I didn’t need them but I won and got them anyways! haha

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