Friday Faves

Hello Friday!

I’m finally starting to get into the Summer groove where every day doesn’t feel like Saturday. This week we nailed down a cleaning rhythm(house for sale means daily cleaning before we can leave the house in case we have a showing), a screen time policy(enforcing this may be my death), and an afternoon routine. Without it we all go insane. It’s not rigid, but it’s enough of a routine that my OCD “thrives on routine” child doesn’t dive into a tail spin. It works, but it always takes the first couple weeks of Summer to work out the kinks and get used to being together again. Same for you? I’m guessing so. Kids fight a lot when they aren’t used to being together EVERY DAY.  But, it gets better.

IMG_2887 (1)

When in doubt….put them to WORK.  Yes. It’s glorious.

Ok here are some faves from this wild and crazy week of ours….

Coffee….because duh


You guys. There are 20 OUNCES of coffee in this cup, because it is the greatest coffee cup EVER. I was up at 1:15 with Lila that night because she wasn’t feeling well, and I never went back to sleep and she only slept an hour or so. At about 8:30am I was sitting at the table trying not to fall over into my oatmeal and I got a text saying we would have a showing at 12:30. Oh. Crap. I had made muffins(shouldn’t I win some kind of award for making muffins after being up since 1:15am? Or is that just what deliriously tired moms do? My kids didn’t care. They just wanted muffins. Whatever man) and had sort of let the house “go” so to speak because it had been a slow week of showings. Time to book it. So, we double timed it and I drank my 20 oz coffee and turned the house into a glistening show ready beauty.  These people better buy our house.

This verse…


The coffee and showing morning is a great segway into where I’ve tried to settle my mind lately. So many things out of our control and up in the air, but this truth has stayed with me. I shared it last week, but it’s so good I had to share again. And I want to jump into that picture.

Facebook flashbacks……that make us cry. Dang it Facebook!



And this is Josh almost 4 years ago, about 3 weeks before Lila came into our lives. Oh my heavens. I’ve always known he was like REALLY cute but this? I can’t even. Why do they have to grow up?!?!

My $5 Target hat


You guys. I got this in the $1 section at Target! Which is sort of a lie…because there is a lot in that little kid trap for MORE than $1 and I then get sucked into purchasing said items, but this I couldn’t resist. Lila got a cheap $3 flashlight that’s already broken, but at least I got a sweet hat.

20 Minute Dinner


It did not lie. 20 minutes.  My family loved this and it tasted fresh and delicious.  Simple ingredients and a perfect quick Summer night meal you can whip up after being at the pool all day. You can find the recipe here.

Girl time


This week all the kids got hair cuts but Lila got to get her nails done too. It was so cute, and a total waist of time considering the nail polish was off after about oh, an hour.  I’m kidding, it wasn’t really a waste of time, it was adorable…but it did leave me having to deal with the meltdown that ensured when she realized her nails were no longer a glittery pink.

Charles Kelley


Ok. So I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It’s sort of embarrassing to admit, but I’ve talked about this before.  I generally get NOTHING from this show except an hour or two of mindless TV watching but this week?  This week I got THIS.  I got Charles Kelley.  And this album is the jams. If you like a countryish laid back kind of vibe. It’s perfect to turn on in the evenings while I’m making dinner and the kids are outside playing and running around. I love Summer nights and this just fits perfectly. Thanks Jojo, I’m sure you didn’t really get Charles Kelley to play on the show, but way to go producers. He rocked.

Our Molly Moo

IMG_2882 (1)

This is Molly. She’s almost 10 and we LOVE her. She’s getting older so I’m trying to put her in more pictures and posts. We got her when Jake was 5 months old(yes, we were INSANE) and it was seriously the best decision EVER. She’s amazing.

Ok. I have a 10-year-old up and breathing down my neck about breakfast and boot camp to go teach!!

Ya’ll have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!!!!




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