Friday Faves!!

Hello Friday!!! It’s another rainy day here in Texas.  I actually sorta love the rain. I hate that it keeps us from getting outside, but it’s keeping the crazy heat at bay for a little longer, and for that I’m grateful.

Sharing some quick favorites from the week today. My kids are out of school for today and Monday, then go back for 3 days of movie watching ha!  Seriously though, I don’t blame their teachers. Us parents are hanging on by a tiny fraying thread, I can NOT imagine how you teachers are holding on.  Just a few more days!!! Anyway, we’ll enjoy the 4 day weekend then it’s almost Summer!

This week has been crazy and unpredictable, as life likes to be.  But, there are ALWAYS highlights to be found!! Here we go…

Priority numero uno……Bachelorette!!!

May I just say, the fact that I watch this show and ADMIT to it is a big deal.  I mean seriously.  It’s ridiculous and yet, it keeps me coming back. I don’t love it for the “romance,” I just love it because it’s mindless and wildly entertaining.  It’s check out television and sometimes a momma just needs to check the heck OUT.


So the first episode was ok. I didn’t really see anyone(I don’t know maybe one or two, I was REALLY tired that night and had trouble staying awake for the entire two hours….and the guy that came in to wish her luck during the rose ceremony? Seriously. That was dumb) that screamed genuine.  We shall see. I’m not holding out loads of hope that Jojo will walk away with her forever man.  But I could be wrong.

Chocolate Covered Walnuts


I bought a tub the size of my head of dark chocolate covered walnuts at Costco forever ago.  I’m not entirely sure if they are 21 day fix approved, but they are my treat and this week, the fact that they didn’t get thrown on a giant bowl of ice cream is a total win. #stayingontrack


IMG_2452 2

So as most of you know, I’m trying out the 21 day fix.  My update as of now is a 6 lb weight loss and I feel GREAT. My pants are fitting again in the waist and I can see big changes in just under the two-week mark. The workouts are making me sweat and it forces you to get creative with your food. This is one of my favorite creations.  Ground lean turkey breakfast sausage with sautéed spinach(can’t see in pic but it’s under there), green peppers and red onion, two scrambled eggs and spicy sweet potatoes on the side. No salt, only some yummy seasonings and it was delish.  I put a spoonful of green salsa on top to add some flavor. Yum!!

At Home Workouts

IMG_2546 2

It’s been a while since I worked out at home consistently, but I’m LOVING my video’s.  They are quick and effective, they make me sweat and I don’t have to think. I’m not writing workouts as I workout which is a nice break for me. It’s me time where I just do what I’m told to do.  I’ve still been running before the video’s most days and I’ll even double up sometimes. Yesterday I ran, did the lower fix, then the 10 minute ab fix and it was a great workout! I was soaked.  I guess that’s trippling it up!!


IMG_2454 2

This. I just LOVE this.  My dear friend Robin over at Knead To Cook shares quotes every week on her IG page.  This one just jumped out at me.  My circle has gotten smaller as I’ve gotten older in a lot of ways. But, as I’ve learned to simplify my life a bit, it’s opened my eyes to other things I love and dream about. I have fewer close friends but the ones that I have are rocks. I have had to have fewer jobs ha! I took on too much early this year and had to cut back because my family was suffering, and it was a massive relief and brought me so much joy to simplify.  Because my family is tops.  Anyway, I LOVE this quote. Thanks for sharing Robin!! I heart you.

Target workout tanks!!!!!!!

I swung through the workout section at Target yesterday(because it’s not in my DNA to pass by any “active wear” section…..ever) and was pleasantly surprised to find some super cute lightweight summer running tanks(or workout in general, not just running). They are light and comfy, fit great and are INEXPENSIVE! Woohooo!!!!

target tanks

This is the C9 Women’s performance cami.  It’s only $16.99 and is super lightweight. Love it!

target workout

This is the C9 Women’s seamless tank and it’s a little more fitted and also comes in long.  It’s flattering and lightweight for summer training. I LOVE it and am wearing it now in coral.

Time with Lila 

FullSizeRender 38

Lila’s last day of pre-school for the year was Wednesday so we’re spending some quality time together this week.  She’s a little fire cracker and often the reason for my 2pm coffee addiction, but I absolutely adore her and can’t wait to see what her life looks like as she grows up.  But I sort of wish she’d just stay 3.

Ok ya’ll. I have a run to get to, bootcamp to teach and kids to tend to. Have a fantastic Friday and holiday weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!!!