Friday Faves!!!!



Friday Favorites!!!!!!!

Sometimes I love to lay out all my favorite running gear, just because.  This was for the documentary we filmed a few weeks ago, and these are my favorite running items.  I won’t list them all.  Just peek at the pic for a glimpse into my fave running things.  Onto some non running related stuff……….

When you’re down from surgery, you have lots of time to blog and think about your favorite things.  And you may have ordered a few more items than necessary under the influence of your pain meds, or just out of boredom.  But that’s a win for you, because it means I have lots to share!!  But for real, I feel like I ordered a bunch of stuff but its’ a bit foggy.  Oops.  

First up…RELAX

lucy says relax

How perfect is this Lucy says relax tee for this time of year?  I know it’s short-sleeved and it’s like I don’t know, WINTER, but it’s the perfect reminder to calm down, chill out and take a deep breath.  This time of year is insane.  And sometimes we need a little reminder to relax.  I ordered this baby on surgery day, I’m pretty sure=) You can find it here.  And then there is this….

Take an additional 30% off sale styles!


Chick Fil A Peppermint Shake


You guys.  This was the first time I’ve ever had a chick fil a peppermint shake.  I mean crack. Which I’ve never had either, but can only imagine it tastes just like this.  I’ve heard all the amazing talk about these puppies, but because they have about a zillion calories(which frankly, I’d rather use up on a good burger than a shake) I’ve stayed away from it.  But with this surgery to correct my deviated septum has come an insanely sore throat and pain in my teeth.  So, a shake it is. And soup.  But this shake takes the cake.  So, maybe just pop for one this Christmas season.  Just don’t make it a habit.

Texas HOME T!!


I guess my deal this week was T-shirts???  Apparently I was on a kick.  But ya’ll, I’ve been wanting a Texas t-shirt forever.  And I found this one on Etsy at The Home T. It may have taken a few years, but I am now willing to call myself a Texan….sort of.  I’m a dreamer so there are LOTS of places I feel I could live and be totally happy, but for now, Texas is home because that’s where my people are.  And that calls for a shirt.  And I’m pretty sure Joanna Gaines has one, which is where the inspiration for this purchase came from.  Because I heart her.



Ok.  So you may have read through my social media that last Sunday I woke up to a little critter in my old Cuisinart coffee maker.  I was mortified.  And disgusted.  And horrified.  I mean, how does that even happen? I cleaned that sucker out EVERY DAY!  So, needless to say, Santa… tall dreamy hubby, came to the rescue with this amazing new Keurig.

It’s like nicer than any coffee maker I’ve ever had.  I had no idea just how crappy my coffee was until I tasted THIS.  I just don’t even have words.  I’m a coffee addict and proud of it.  Everyone has a vice.  And this is mine. And my husband read that love language and delivered.  You can find this bad boy lots of places, but he got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and scored lots of free coffee pod thingy’s with it.  Sweet!!


North Face Boots

We’re going to Colorado in a few weeks.  And I fell in love with these boots.  I know what you’re thinking.  I live in Texas.  Why in the world would I need these winter boots?  Well, we’re going to Colorado, and I also want to be prepared should we ever move somewhere cold and mountainous.  Not that we are.  But just in case.  Because I’m a dreamer, I want to be prepared. And there are probably a few days of the year where these most awesome boots would work in Texas.  And they’re cute right?!  You can find them here.

Meals and books and ice cream oh my


This is just one example of the kindness of my friends this week.  From a good book to meals to cough drops and tissues and ice cream delivered to my door step.  To text’s and phone calls, child care and coffee.  My tribe delivered.  And I’m extremely grateful.  You all know who you are, and this week just wouldn’t have worked without you.  Specifically, my husband who has been working from home and carting around kids and doing dishes.  All during the week before Christmas, when everyone is busy enough.  Blessed doesn’t cover it.  So to all of my people…thank you.  You are loved more than you know.



There really are no words.  Amazon Prime has saved our Christmas.  I was in the house way more than I thought I’d be post surgery, so I had to do some online shopping, as you know.  Not all of it was under an anesthesia hangover.   My kids have small list’s.  We make them write down 3 things they want, so we don’t have an ever-changing list of 78 items.  It works really well.  So, I worked my way down their lists and found almost everything on Prime, and it shipped fast and FREE.  And I don’t feel as behind as I thought I would.  But I forgot teacher gifts.  Shoot.

Blogger Spotlight


Meet Jen from Burpees For Breakfast.  Jen and I have never met in person, and in fact, she probably has no idea who I am, which makes this slightly creepy maybe?  Or not.  I just love what she’s doing in the fitness industry and you guys, read her tank.  How can you not dig her?  I’ve told you before how horrible I am at reading other blogs, so doing a little spotlight each week is helping me get to know some other bloggers and what they are all about.  It challenges and encourages me to keep forging ahead.

Jen is a nutrition coach and has a wellness company to inspire women to live healthier lives.  I teach a women’s only boot camp, and can totally relate to Jen’s passion to encourage and uplift women in their health and fitness journey’s.  She has great recipes, tips, workouts, and an amazing newsletter.  She also offer’s online boot camps.  Go check her out ya’ll!!!

Ok.  I have to get my kids ready for their last day of school before break!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

Do you have a favorite book right now?

Are you a coffee addict too? Have you taken the Keurig plunge?

Do you have a fave blog right now that you are loving?  


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  1. GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLL, thank you so stinking much for including me!! Ah, how sweet! I LOVE your insta and I need to get on the ball with reading your blog! Oh, so sweet. And I am totally loving Lucy activewear lately. I always passed the store in the mall, but never went in. I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner!

  2. Thanks Shay!!! The recovery is a tad slower than I had planned. Then again, I had planned to be out and about by Thursday. And yes, Amazon prime for the win!!!!! Not fighting the crowds and traffic was the jams!!!

  3. Amazon Prime was so clutch this year for me as well! I really enjoyed NOT having to brave the crowds and feel like I have a tad more impulse control (a tad tops) when I’m online shopping! Happy Friday and hope that you are recovering well!

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