Friday Faves!!

Hello and can I just say…Happy Friday.  I don’t know about you but ya’ll, this has been a week. I’m so glad Friday is finally here and seriously..Thanksgiving is in like two weeks.  How is that even possible?!  Since I didn’t get a Friday favorites post out last week, I have lots to share. Shocker.  Now if my coffee would just hurry up and the clock would slow down until the kids have to be up for school.  Here we go!!!

Bite Beauty Lipstick


So I LOVE this lip set from Sephora.  I know there are tons of great lip products out there but this one is fantastic because of the color options.  It’s also smooth going on with no clumping.  Very important girls(says the girl who lives in workout clothes and sheer lipgloss most of the time).  I have been trying to make a little more effort and this week I actually had some things on the schedule that required a little sprucing.  This lipstick does the trick.  Darker colors for night, lighter for day.  Boom. You can find it here.

Impractical Jokers

I am fully aware that calling this one of our favorite shows reveals a level of immaturity that may be slightly embarassing……but we love this show.


I laugh so hard I cry most of the time we watch.  It’s totally mindless television.  Which all parents need in their lives sometimes.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it on TrueTv.  It’ll make your day.

lunch with Anna at Snug

How could you not feel nice and cozy having lunch at a place called Snug?  I’ve talked about this little gem of a spot before, but it is seriously one of my favorite places to go.  And I got to go with one of my favorite people.  You know those friends who listen a LOT?  Who you can be totally real and transparent with and not feel like you have to put up anything fake?  That’s Anna.  We’ve walked through a lot of life together the past few years and every time we sit down for lunch or coffee, I feel thankful.  I’m just thankful for a friend who very simply gets me and is a solid rock.  Plus, we eat really good food when we’re together.



Um.  This was a grilled pimento cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, BACON, and jalapeno jelly.  It was AMAZING.  Nice call Anna.

cooler temps


You guys.  I LOVE this time of year.  Leaves falling(even though they’re almost all brown.  Texas isn’t exactly known for its Fall foliage) and cooler temps have made my very few runs lately feel amazing.  Well, mostly amazing.  I’ve had a few flops but yesterday was pure heaven.  Sunny and 60 with zero humidity.  My lungs were happy and allowed my legs to push a little harder.  If everyday could be sunny and 60 degrees, I’d be a happy camper.

Lila antics

You guys know this nut keeps us on our toes.


She loves Rob’s Halloween costume.  Last night she put it on to scare the babysitter and the boys.  Crazy girl.

She’s also spent most of the week in a mud pit, which is just pure awesome.  For some reason, she’s happiest when she’s digging in mud.  And when Lila’s happy, I’m happy.  She sometimes has the hormones of a 13-year-old and you never know what’s coming your way.  But when she’s outside playing she’s totally and completely content.  Love it.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Womens Running post

So I didn’t get a chance to share this last week on the blog but I was fortunate enough to have one of my posts featured on!!!! It was a huge deal to me.  I know a lot of blogger’s contribute to all the articles they share, but to be among them was such a treat.  Last week was hard, and this was a highlight for sure.  You can read my post by clicking here. For those who knew about this last week, thanks for all the love and support.  It meant the world.

IMG_6769 (1)

coffee table

I got a new coffee table!!  Get excited.  There is a fantastic shop on our town square that I’ve been shopping at for years.  Melissa, the owner, is insanely talented and her husband can make anything from anything.  Their creative prowess astounds me, as I can not even draw a star. Her shop is called Dumpster Diva and if you are local, you have to go check it out.



Ignore the messy couch.  Or don’t.  If your couch too is always covered in messy blankets and tossed pillows.

Bathroom Remodel

Ok you guys.  We had our bathroom remodeled this summer.  I haven’t really shared a lot of pictures because I feel weird about that.  Is that weird?  I feel like there are so many more important things to chat about than our bathroom.  But still….here are a couple of pics for any who want to see.  We used Beyond Interior Design in Dallas and they did a fantastic job capturing my vision.  Just so you know.  This is now the nicest room in our entire house.  And the kids have already taken over our shower.


That does it for today you guys.  I seriously hope you have an awesome weekend with lots of coffee and football and fire’s in your fireplace(not quite cold enough here for that yet, but a girl can dream) and family time.  See you back here on Monday!!!

Have you tackled a remodel?  If so, which room and how did it turn out?

Favorite totally crazy and random sandwhich? 




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  1. thanks Shan!!!!! It’s been fun. Thinking about you this weekend…keep that chin up and you will make your goal before you know it!!

  2. thanks Kylie!!! It should be pinnable? If my pin button isn’t working I’ll have to fix it!!! I went in and pinned it=) And thank you!! We’re enjoying a fancy room that’s not filled with toys lol!!

  3. thanks Teresa!!!! The only downside to the table is splinters!!!! haha. But it’s the price you pay for something cute I guess=)

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