Friday Faves!



I just can’t say anything until I say this…..

It’s 53 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And no, this isn’t my image or even anywhere close to a Texas Fall but for real, 53 is my heaven. I love cooler temps especially for running.  I’m just not a heat person.  I love brisk.  Ok, onward.

I have lots of favorites from this week!!! From Fall clothes(we’ll just live in denial that even though it’s 53 right now it’ll still get up into the 80’s today and 90 by next week. I’ll curl up and cry about it later), to my favorite recipe to a run in the rain.  Please try to contain your excitement.

First up….my favorite new snack….


You guys.  This is the Pioneer Woman’s spicy cauliflower recipe and it is to die for.  I know it’s hard to believe I could be this passionate about cauliflower, but this is seriously so good and a great snack or side dish with dinner. Make it.  I promise Ree won’t let you down, she never does.  Find the recipe here.

Sweaty or Not Jacket


So I had a little extra money left on my LULU gift card from my birthday, so I snagged this jacket.  You guys, it’s on sale at LULU for $59 marked down from $108!! I love it.  It fits great and isn’t heavy.  It’s really perfect for Texas Fall’s.  Go snag you one. You can find it here.  There aren’t many sizes left, so act fast.

Cool rainy run!!

Best run ever!!!! 4 easy and wet miles at a 9:02 avg in. The. Rain. Y'all. 74 degrees! It was such a relief and my legs felt great. So far the taper is treating me well. Happy running friends!! #marathontraining #chicago2015 #stjudehero #justrun #helloOctober #fall #rainydayrun #runner #sweatpink #fitfluential

It was cool.  It was wet.  And it was relatively fast for a taper run.  Faster than I’ve run in a while and I feel like it was easy and I was holding back, since I’m supposed to be running easy.  It’s amazing what cooler temps do for me. I think I was grinning like a fool and people must have thought I was insane but it was so fun running in the rain!  I’ve run two full marathons in the pouring rain so no, 26.2 wet miles is NOT fun, but 4?  That’s just awesome, especially after so many hot running months.

Chopped Asian Salad


This.  This was my “splurge” salad for the week.  If you could call it that.  I tossed a salad mix with ramen noodles, diced grilled chicken, green onions, carrots, almonds, orange slivers, and asian dressing.  I’ve cleaned up my diet this week and I credit the great run yesterday in part to that.  This was my treat ha! Regular dressing and yes, a few wonton strips.  Ya’ll know I’m not ashamed to say what I eat.  I love food. I love burger’s.  But, with the marathon approaching it’s important for me to be consistent this week and next with my nutrition so this week has been TONS of water, fruits, veggies and lean proteins.  And I feel great. But a good giant salad is just too good to pass up.

National Coffee Day


This week contained one of my fave days of the year, national coffee day.  Whoever came up with this is genius.  Any excuse to drink coffee.  BUT I’ll have you know, I haven’t put sugar in my coffee all week!!!!! It’s a bad habit and one I need to break.  So, a little hazelnut soy milk and some organic cinnamon and I’m actually loving it.  Who knew?

Lucy Dashing stripes long sleeve

lucy long sleeve

I haven’t bought this.  But it’s on my wish list.  It looks crazy comfy and I’m obsessed with Fall clothes.  But, this may be on my Christmas list since ya know, kids need something other than short to wear when it gets cold.  Gotta be wise so kids can go to college.  Or something like that=)

Gym Time


I haven’t worked out in a gym in forever.  We are members at our neighborhood club but the gym is tiny and we are only there for the pool and food ha! But, I had a guy working in our bathroom so running on the treadmill in my room was out and it was HOT outside.  My allergies are making life miserable so some days the treadmill is just necessary with my headaches, being outside makes it worse.  It was nice!! Nice not to be in my garage and to have a giant mirror to take a ridiculous selfie with.  I’m not a full body selfie gal.  But, I was bored.  I blamed the taper.

I’m getting old..time to take skin care to the next level

IMG_5520 (1)

You guys.  I buy my face products at Target.  I’m not a fancy cosmetics kind of girl.  But, I’ve noticed some changes in my skin as I’m getting a little older, so I assumed it was time to start taking better care of my skin.  I ordered this Rodan and Fields Reverse Regimen from a friend.  She asked what my night time “regimen” was.  Um.  My what now? I wash my face, throw on whatever Target bought moisturizer is on my counter and call it a day.  She was shocked.  Oh, and brush my teeth.  I don’t floss.

So, I guess maybe that means I need to step it up a notch.  I’ve done this twice this week and I have gone to bed feeling like my skin is freshly shaven ha! It is seriously so smooth!! Time will tell if it does reverse my issues but so far, so good.  You can visit my pal’s page here to learn more about R+F.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  I NEVER BUY THIS KIND OF STUFF.  Just to be clear.  So, I promise to give my honest opinions as I go through the process but so far, I LOVE it.

Ok.  I have to go take Lila to the mall to find Anna boots to go with her Halloween costume and buy my kids each a sweatshirt of some kind, they informed me this morning that it is now cold.  Jake turned on the seat warmer in the car.  Seriously, my kids will die in Colorado when we go skiing this winter.  They are officially wimps.  Happy Friday ya’ll!!

Do you love Fall clothes or Summer clothes?  Any fave fall items I need to know about?

Any healthy yummy snacks you’ve tried lately??


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  1. I love fall clothes, they seem more forgiving or maybe they just cover everything up!!! I have heard so much about cauliflower making a comeback, and maybe I can find some that is not pumpkin flavored. Have a great weekend.

  2. So excited to hear your Rodan and Fields review- thinking I need to up my “face care game” as well!
    You should try coffee with a scoop of coconut oil in the blender for a minute- it’s amazing. I never thought I could give up cream and now I like this even more.
    Can’t wait for your race!!0

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