For the Mom in the Yoga Pant and Messy Bun

Hello there.  I feel like we need to talk about something.  And that something is the yoga pant.  You see, it’s gotten a bit of a bad wrap and I feel like it needs a little redemption.  Some love if you will.

*Disclaimer: Please hear me yoga pant mom.  I am one of you.  This post is mean to encourage, let you laugh a bit and take a light hearted approach to wherever you might be in life.  I’m on your side and here to encourage you.  So don’t take this too seriously mmmk?=)

So the yoga pant.  It’s sorta become this thing.  To wear them or not?  Is it ok to wear them to the store, if you have not in fact been to a yoga class that day….or ever?  Is it ok for the toosh to show or should it be covered?  And let’s not even talk about the legging or the jegging or whatever.  It’s all spandex and it deserves a fair argument.


There was a time in my life I would not have been caught DEAD walking out into public wearing skin tight pants.  For reals.  And now suddenly(or gradually) I find myself with a wardrobe made up of a whole lot of spandex.  What happened?!  I for one feel like it’s become a lot more doable with the introduction of “fashionable” workout clothes.  If that’s even a thing, but I sorta think it is.  You can walk that line with spandex and dry fit while still looking cute and colorful.  Or maybe that’s just the trainer in me.


I think somewhere along the way I stopped caring.  But not in the let myself go completely way. And not in an I don’t care what’s appropriate or not way.  Just an, I don’t want to spend my energy to keep up with a certain look for the sake of always appearing as though I have it all together way.  I want to be ok with some days just being what they are, yoga pant days.

This is sensitive territory when you get past the jokes and the YouTube video’s on active wear. Its a fine line  between being appropriate and modest and aware of what you are putting on your body, and then being who you are and not attempting to be someone you’re not.  So, I want to speak to the mom who simply finds themselves in a yoga pant and messy bun frame of mind more often than not, because I think I relate to you best.  And here’s why.


You never know where someone might be in their life.  You just don’t know.  And we live in a culture where at first glance we are judged and assumptions are made about us based on our appearance.  We happen to live in a super fashionable little town.  I’m not a huge shopper and I prefer a more casual look.  So, I’ve adopted my sweet and precious yoga pants(and for the record, I only do yoga like once a week.  So I should probably refer to my pants as running capri’s, just to be clear…as if it makes a difference) as acceptable because I’m in the fitness industry, I’m a runner and a busy mom of 3 and I honestly don’t always have time(or maybe I don’t want to use my time) to shower and curl my hair and pick out a cute outfit.

I end 3 of my 5 weeknights teaching bootcamp so generally I stay in “workout” clothes on those days. Wednesday and Friday are day’s I try to spruce things up a bit but I’m not trying to hold myself to an impossible standard of always looking perfect.

Some days are hard.  Like yesterday.  It wasn’t hard.  But it was normal.  It held the daily stuff. But other days?  Those are rough.  Toddler days or newborn days or adoption days.  Sick days or trouble in your marriage days.  Up all night with a screaming baby days or overloaded by work days.  Tired of keeping up with all those Jones’s days. Some days require comfort.  Some days require getting one foot in front of the other and nothing more.  The hair goes into a messy bun and the yoga pants come out.  It’s ok momma, you are not alone.

Yes, I think there is absolutely a place for nice adorable Pinterest worthy outfits.  I have some.  And they are super cute.  And I love Anthropologie and Nordstrom and cute wedges and skinny jeans and cardigans and curled hair.  And nice makeup.  And shaved legs.  It makes a girl feel good. But ya’ll, I’m just not up for doing that sort of work EVERY DAY if it is simply for the sake of looking the part.  To impress.  To make an appearance of the mom who has it all together, all the time.  Because I so don’t.

And can we talk about hair for a second?

Fortunately for me the messy bun has become sort of a thing. At least I think it has?  I’ve convinced myself it’s fashionable and a good way to make a head of not washed(i.e. dirty) hair look cute….ish.  But maybe it’s all in my head…….

I mean. What if my husband really hates this look?  What if I think it’s cute and it’s really just NOT?  That I’ve adopted this style that I assume is socially acceptable because you can make an entire board on Pinterest on how to do messy bun’s.  But is it possible I have this all wrong??  I mean, Leah Remini seems to think it’s a good look….

Either way, some days this is the reality.  This is where the hair goes because the mind and body have other things to do and way more complicated things to think about.  And I’ve decided to rest in that and be secure in that.

With that said, I do think there are some things to consider when pulling out the spandex.

Where are you wearing them to?  If it’s a church event or a nice dinner out, please reconsider. I’m not advocating a wardrobe of yoga pants in any and all situations.  I’m simply calling out that maybe we shouldn’t give them such a bad name.  However, time and place ladies.  Time and place. It’s just not always appropriate so keep in mind where you are going and who you will be with.  A meeting with your boss is not the place to yank out the dry fit race shirt and spandex.  Spruce it up a bit.

Trade them out some days for jeans and a cute top, your husband will thank you.  It’s really not that hard to pick out a non spandexy outfit.  It isn’t.  It’s a pair of skinny jeans, a cute top and flip flops.  Maybe a little blush and some mascara and lip gloss and you’re all set.  My husband always tells me how cute he thinks I look when I’m all casual no makeup girl.  But seriously, I know it’s nice for him to see me make a little effort too.  I’m not saying that on the daily you need to go to any and all lengths to have yourself together, but it sure is nice when they walk in and can tell that you’ve put some thought into it.  Don’t hold yourself to an impossible standard, but keep in mind that it will also make YOU feel better to change it up sometimes.  But take it a day at a time.  If today you can’t get away from spit up on your shoulder, then give yourself grace.  That season will end and you’ll have time for clean tops one day soon.  Promise.

See what I mean about this being a sensitive subject?  It’s tough to find a balance there between being appropriate and taking care of yourself and also letting yourself off the hook of looking perfectly put together every single day.  Being secure enough to go out in public in all your gym clothes glory because instead of taking an hour to transform before leaving the gym, you simply have to get your groceries and get home to a forever long to do list.  And the shower just has to wait.  And that’s ok.  So let’s just not judge ok?  Give the yoga pant mom some grace, because you just don’t know what her day might hold.  It may be nothing more than spin class and Starbucks and laundry, but it may be a lot more.  So let her be, and give her a break.

And maybe a gift card to Athleta.




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  1. I had to go back and comment bc today I picked up girls up from a birthday party at Limetime dressed in normal clothes and a dad said “it’s funny that as much as I see you, the only time I have seen you NOT wearing gym clothes is in an actual gym”. Obviously I live in my activewear 🙂

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