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It’s no secret that I love me some Jen Hatmaker.  I think it’s because every time I pick up one of her books I find myself relating to a lot of what she has to say, and to who she is.  We’re a lot alike me and Jen.  Seriously.  Not in a creepy stalker way but for real.  In For the Love, she has a chapter on quirks.  So, what better way to end our week than for me to divulge some of my quirks.  And no, this has nothing to do with running, which I’ve decided is totally ok.  It’s my blog, I’ll write what I want.  Boom.


This one Jen and I share.  She too has an aversion to all the sounds.  I have 3 kids, and have always assumed I was a patient person.  That is until I had kids.  Then the whole patience thing became work.  I have two boys, and in case you didn’t know, boys are loud.  Really loud.  They put clothes away so the neighbors can hear their drawers slamming, they throw down in the playroom upstairs and it sounds like elephants are about to fall through my kitchen ceiling.  So, I’ll put on music(my husband got me an amazing speaker last year so I can jam or escape the noise by adding more noise.  I love it.  I know, it’s weird) and attempt to escape by making dinner and pretending my house is quiet and serene and peaceful.  But it’s just not.

The noise is the thing that gets me.  My skin crawls and I feel this overwhelming urge to add to it, by yelling so loud everyone gets quiet.  Obviously I’ve tried this, it doesn’t work.  It makes the little loud people cry or march off to their rooms in a huff, where they proceed to make more noise.  So, calm, cool and collected is the way to go.  When I feel it starting to get to me or it feels like the wheels are coming right the heck off, I walk away.  I go in my room, close the door and lay on my bed or sit on the toilet(you know you do this too) and escape or a few minutes.  It does wonders.  And so does a good glass of wine.  Moving on.

Phone Conversations….

I’ve talked about this before but I have a major aversion to talking on the phone.  Grab some coffee and come sit on my couch and I’ll talk for hours, put me on the phone and I break out in hives.  I don’t know.  It’s the fear of small talk I guess.  I crave meaningful conversation, which you can totally have with a good phone chat, but what if it’s awkward?  What if you run out of things to say?  What about when those really loud people I just talked about get louder and it makes attempting to speak to a human on the phone frustrating and loud and migraine inducing?  It’s just not my jam.  I love my people, but I legit struggle to make myself get on the phone.  I’ll put off making Dr’s appointments, paying bills(praise Jesus for online bill pay) and just about anything that involves making a phone call.  I hate scheduling appointments and will prolong this process as long as humanly possible.  Which explains why we are all overdue to see our dentist.  And that won’t fly with dentists.  They find you.  Which I guess is great for me, one less phone call to make.

Mailing the Letter

Shoot.  My sister and two nieces had birthdays….2 weeks ago.  We did call, but their cards?  Yea, they’re on my kitchen counter still.  Because I keep forgetting stamps at the store.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been to the store 27 times since they had their respected birthdays, and every time I walk out without stamps.  I can’t for the life of me get things in the mail on time.  I hate the post office.  I’ll put off going by doing everything else I can think of.  Who hates post offices?  This girl. It’s a simple errand and it’s about .8 seconds from my house.  And yet I hate going.  So, online shopping has saved this post office hating girls little life.  It does nothing for the letters on my counter but gifts?  Done.  No more post office trips for me.  Ship it direct baby, we love you Amazon Prime.  As for the letter’s, I’ll get to them as soon as I can remember the stamps.

Dream Land

So I’m sort of dreamer.  I alternate between my thought life which is often times completely unrealistic and very much not reality and what is in fact reality and right in front of me.  I’ve always been this way.  I day-dream.  Something I sort of thought only kids did.  What grown human gets lost daydreaming about the places I’d love to run or hike or white water raft?  I like fun.  I like escape. I love nature and the lesser.  Less stuff.  Less excess.  I’m just not really jamming with climbing any corporate ladder or getting a bigger house(please hear me…I’m sitting on my nice leather couch on my new lap top with a cup of way too expensive coffee so no, I’m not saying I have not or want not, it’s just not at the top of my priority list to keep up with all the stuff around me) or having nicer clothes.

I’d take a smaller house and more of God’s creation any day of the week.  I get weepy looking at beautiful pictures of mountains or the ocean or blah blah blah.  It’s ridiculous.  I just love beautiful places and exploring and adventuring.  So, since most of my days are laundering, driving and homeoworking(it’s a word), I escape to dream land.  And let’s just be clear.  My life is sweet.  I have one jamming amazing husband who loves me and the kids more than life, 3 awesome albeit loud,  kids,  and we are blessed with income and shelter and food and all the necessities of life plus more than we need on top of that.  I’m NOT saying I need to escape my life.  I love this life we have, I love our town.  But, I’m very much a nature and outdoorsy person who loves to travel and see new places and new things, so when I can’t physically do that, I day-dream about it. Enough said.

All the Dirty Dishes

I can not stand a messy house.  With 3 kids and a busy schedule, I’ve had to let go of some of the need to straighten all the time, because then the people wouldn’t get fed or bathed.  The house is ALWAYS in need of straightening.  However, the one thing I can leave alone and not care about are dishes in the sink.  After a while it’ll get to me, but it takes time.  I’m ok throwing it all in the nice deep sink where it’s not on the counter and I can’t really see it.  I’ll get to it later.  That’s my thing.  Later.  Then later becomes embarrassing so I have to take action.  It’s weird.  It just doesn’t bother me.  But when all the toys come out and my living room looks like Armageddon, I come unhinged.

All the Smells

I have some sensory issues.  Things that stink get to me.  Sweat(not my own, other peoples. These are called quirks for a reason people), mushrooms, really strong floral perfume, elementary school cafeterias(how do they all smell the same?!).  The list goes on.  I have a sensitive sense of smell ok.  No wonder my oldest landed himself in OT when he was 4 for sensory “issues.”  They weren’t issues at all.  They were simply inherited from me.  Poor kid.  We all screw up the oldest don’t we?

Runny Noses

I hate runny noses.   CAN. NOT. STAND. THIS.

If a kid is running around with all the bodily fluid running out his nose and his momma doesn’t care to wipe it, I lose my stuff.  Seriously, no one wants to see that.  It’s how we all get sick!!! So, wipe your kids noses FOR. THE. LOVE.

These are just a few of my quirks.  We all have them yes?  Yes.

I’m learning a lot about myself as I read through Jen’s book.  I also picked up a book she recommends called “Quiet..The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.”  Ya’ll..this is me!!! I’ve always been told what an extrovert I am.  Then beat myself up over not truly feeling as though I possess a lot of those qualities in my personality.  I’ve never taken a personality test but as I read through Jen’s assessment of herself(which was like looking in a mirror) then reading through Quiet, it all began to make sense.  My quirks and my tendencies all point to introvert.  What the what?!  I love people, wouldn’t call myself shy, but sure enough…..I’m a INFP. The idealist, the mediator.  The dreamer and explorer.  A true introvert, but not shy.  A people person, but needs solitude and alone time.  So many things make sense now!  I may have quirks, but I’m not as weird as I thought I was.  I took a personality test this week, two in fact, and they both had the same results.  It’s like an A-HA moment at 34.  How have I never known this about myself?!

So, reading is good.  Self discovery is good.  Realizing your quirks is good.  But for real, stop all the noise.

What are some of your quirks?

What personality type are you?






9 comments on “For the Love: On Quirks

  1. i have got to get busy reading her book! And I heard my boss call someone a forced extrovert recently and was thinking yes…that’s it I’m a forced extrovert.

  2. Oh and I just realized that I was an introvert about a year ago! People don’t believe me when I tell them because I am not shy, I’m actually very friendly and outgoing. But I would rather be in sweats reading a book, than going to a party any night of the week. I love small or one-on-one settings but have no desire to go to parties and other social events. They exhaust me! I think I need to read Quiet

  3. Love this! I just realized that the reason we are behind on appointments isn’t because I don’t like going to the appointment, it’s because I hate to call to make the appointment. And I have been known to keep things that don’t fit just because I have no idea how to send them back!
    My sensory thing is cotton… If one of my kids bites on their shirt or a blanket it gives me the heebie-jeebies and I freak out. Just the thought of it makes me shiver! Wet cotton – nothing worse

  4. well love you too and now even more! We’ll just never call each other or mail each other ANYTHING. Done and done lol. And you totally have your act together. I’ve seen you do burpees=)

  5. Heather, the fact that you take pictures of the cards and email them just totally and completely made my day lol!!!!

  6. OMG! Girl! I am so with you on a bunch of these. MOSTLY – the phone – Godddddddd I haaaaaate it! The whole time I’m trying to figure out how to get off! Cannot. Stand. It!!!!!

    And the mailing of the things. It just weighs on me. I can’t get it done. Things sit on my desk and haunt me forever and I just can’t do it. And I feel so guilty that I hate when I get cards (or my kids or husband do) and realize that other people actually have their act together and I’m the total failure.

    Love you!

  7. I cannot stand noise. I had three boys and the noise drives me insane. I am a smell person too, I have to have the house smelling so good I can smell it before I get inside. Horrible about mail. I just take pictures of the cards I bought and email them (how horrible is that) You are doing fine. Have a great day

  8. Kate!!!! THE SMELL OF MILK WAS ON MY LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took it off thinking surely no one will get this!!!!

  9. I have threatened to pop the balloon of a child, not one of my own even, if they rub a latex balloon. Even on accident. I. CAN. NOT. handle balloons. It’s a physical reaction. The smell of milk, regardless of how fresh it is. No. Just no. People who bite their utensils while eating. I could really get on a roll here…

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