Finding My Way in a Blogging World

I want to climb up on a soap box for just one post.  Is that cool?  I’ve been thinking about life as a newbie blogger and have some thoughts.  When I first set out to do this I had maybe read 2 or 3 blogs…ever.  If I’m being gut wrenchingly honest, and I really try to be,  I had a stigma attached to blogs.  To me, it was nothing but a giant display of perfection that I knew couldn’t be real.  No ones life is that perfect.

I know that in my spirit I was totally judging the blogger behind the blog.  I assumed what they were putting out there wasn’t real or authentic.  Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.  But that wasn’t for me to say.  I assumed that if I started a blog people would think I was trying to display a life that was polished, perfect, and put together.  That was my fear.  Because my life is very much not that way.  Sometimes it is….I guess.  But isn’t the polished and put together always accompanied by some not so put together chaos?  There is nothing wrong with being polished and put together, but I wanted to be relatable.  Real.  Raw.  Authentic.  However that looked.

Since becoming an ambassador for different companies, getting more involved in social media and ramping up my efforts with the blog I have been exposed to..wait for it…more blogs.  It seems everyone and there mother has a fitness blog here in 2014.  Blogs, facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Google +.   The list goes on.  There are so many avenues to have influence and so many people doing it better than me.  It would be so easy to see this as instant defeat.  Who am I?  Who am I to have any reach or influence on anyone?

If I let myself, I could see this as a needle in a haystack kind of thing, throw in the towel and call it a day.  This thing takes work.  My friend Michelle over at PaleoRunningMomma posted something similar the other day.  Blogging is hard.  If you want it to be successful(I’m not even saying I’m successful at this point) you have to nurture it and put time into it.  Otherwise, it dies along with all your hard work.  It takes consistency.  I want to make a stamp on the world and to do that I can’t waist time comparing myself to everyone else.

As I have walked, well maybe we should say run, down this blogging road I have been amazed at how my opinions have changed.  I’ve met and been exposed to some incredible people, with some incredible talent.  They are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.  Instead of judging them for it, I should be cheering them on.  Instead of being intimidated by the so called “perfect” pictures that are cast out there for the world to see, I should make my own mark.  Be my own self.  If my own self hasn’t brushed her teeth all day and shows up to pre-school in the clothes I slept in, that’s ok.  Sometimes life is just hard like that.  Instead of feeling defeat, I should feel motivated and encouraged to keep pressing on.

So what’s my point?  I guess my point is that we should be cheering for each other.  We should stop trying to measure ourselves against someone else’s successes.  They do this or have this or that.  It’s silly really.  God has put you, and me, right where we are supposed to be for a reason.  He has given me this blog, it’s a gift.  If two people read it and glean something from it, that’s ok.  That’s better than ok.  Don’t compare yourself to the person with the bigger following or the cuter pair of skinnies or the cutest blog.  Be who you are and influence, support, encourage and LOVE the people around you in your sphere of influence.  I have heard it said that comparison is the ultimate thief of joy.  It’s so painfully true.

In a world where we have a front row seat to what is happening in the lives of people all around us, don’t forget they are people.  People have hurts, scars..stuff.  Don’t neglect, as I did, to see the people behind the profile pictures.  Take notice of who is around you and make an effort to connect with them.  Smile at someone, you  never know what they may be going through.  I think in the age we live  in it’s so easy to put our lives out there on public display and watch what is happening in the lives of others that we become consumed.  We forget that we are all just real ordinary people.

There is nothing wrong with being real.  There is nothing wrong with having days where your stuff is just so not together.  It’s ok if there are days you don’t feel like looking cute or hiding your tears or unloading the dishwasher….again.  It’s ok NOT to be perfect.  No one is.  So, today as I read other blogs, see Facebook posts and tweets, I’m going to try my hardest to cheer on other’s success, and feel compassion for their pain.  I’m going to smile at that mom in the hallway of the pre-school because I may be the only person to show her someone cares that day.  I’m going to get over myself and take notice of what is going on outside my little world.  Otherwise, I’m nothing more than 10 fingers on a keyboard.

6 comments on “Finding My Way in a Blogging World

  1. Briana, thanks for reading!!! I can relate girl. Keep it up. I’ve had friends a long the way reminding me that even if 1 person reads something you wrote and is touched by it, then its a success. Keep it up and I wish you all the best. I’ll be sure to check out your blog!!!

  2. I love this post!!!! Thank you for sharing this. I am a very new blogger, and I was just talking to my husband about this last night. Some days I feel like I am just wasting my time posting things that nobody is reading or maybe cares about. 😉

    BTW, I found you from Erika’s blog. 🙂

  3. Thanks Heather!!! I thought I had responded to you but I’m not seeing it! I think you do an awesome job of keeping it real and being honest. I love knowing I’m not alone =) Keep it up friend, you are doing great!!!

  4. “If my own self hasn’t brushed her teeth all day and shows up to pre-school in the clothes I slept in, that’s ok. Sometimes life is just hard like that.” Ummm, amen… and don’t worry, Kassie was making fun of me yesterday at preschool drop off because I hadn’t showered after running… and then when I picked her up I still hadn’t found time to shower. Kassie totally called me out, we laughed, and went about our day! There is not a “perfect” out there! And you better smile at me at preschool… but we will just wave from afar since one of us probably stinks 🙂 Keep up the good work. Your blog is GREAT!

  5. I.LOVE.THIS!! I always struggle with trying to stay “real” but at the same time maintaining a positive outlook on life and keeping what I put out into the world on the positive side. I feel like everything you said is something I have thought or felt during my blogging journey.

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