Finding Joy in the Journey: A super cool giveaway

Several months ago I started seeing these cool wrap bracelets popping up on Instagram.  Momentum Jewelry.  They had cool sayings and were motivational and what not.  I’m not a fancy jewelry girl.  Just a little something to make me feel feminine and cute and spruce up an outfit.  That’s really all I need and this fits the bill perfectly.  The best part?  They can be worn while I run!!  So, here we are a few months later doing a Giveaway.  I love it that much.

Last night my order came in the mail.  Oh my goodness.  I LOVE this stuff.  It’s soft and comfy and simple and cute and motivational all “wrapped” up in one bracelet.

The past year and a half have held a lot for me.  This isn’t the time or the place to go into detail, but just know God has put a stirring in me for a lot of different things.  It started with a restless feeling and has blossomed into something far more than I ever could have dreamed.  I decided to pursue my career as a personal trainer, started this blog(which scared me TO DEATH), trained for and ran two marathons, formed and built lasting relationships, met new people.  Those are just a few things that are on the surface.  Anyway, it’s been a journey that has gone far beyond what I imagined.   And it’s only the beginning.  God has been teaching me to enjoy the ride.  I think it’s easy to become so focussed on ourselves and our “stuff” that we miss all there is to learn on the journey.  We get focussed on where we want to be or what we want to do and miss the middle part.

About a year ago some friends of ours started a church in Arizona.  They were in town this past weekend and were at church.  I got to hug their necks and hear my sweet friend Brenna share a little about what God has done this past year in their life.  She talked about finding joy in the journey.  How we have things that we feel we’re supposed to do, and don’t, for one reason or another.  We’re afraid.  Afraid of the unknown, afraid of failing, afraid we’ll hurt other people in the process or make the wrong decision.  I can so relate.  Fear has kept me standing still for a long time.  I’m tired of standing still.  I’m ready to step out in faith and trust God has a greater plan.  I’m ready to be brave and bold and fearless.  I’m ready to enjoy life instead of always looking to what big thing could be next.  All the pieces that make up the waiting are important too.  I don’t want to miss that.

So, how does this relate to the bracelet?  I’m glad you asked. I ordered this bracelet a while ago not having any idea how true it would ring in my own life once I received it and put it on.   I just picked something real fast and hit order.  You know how you go through seasons of your life?  Sometimes it’s dry and kind of uneventful.  Sometimes it’s busy or exciting or boring or hard.  Sometimes it’s sad.  Sometimes, there is a theme.  I have found my theme the past year and a half.  Be Brave and have joy in the journey(ya’ll know this a little and I’ve gushed enough over the book “Let’s All Be Brave”).  Not being afraid to step out and DO something with my life.  Not being afraid something bad is going to happen or that things won’t turn out the way I had hoped.  Being brave enough to recognize the gifts God’s given me, and actually use them.  Brave enough to put my yes out there with no strings attached.  I’ve read one book after the other(unintentionally) with this life theme woven throughout for a year and a half.  The first being Restless by Jennie Allen(GO READ THIS BOOK) that pushed me to think beyond my bubble.  Think God is trying to tell me something?  He wants to use me.  He wants to use you.  But He also wants us to find joy in the journey and find some contentment with where we are NOW.

This bracelet is a reminder of that.  I know we see motivational things all the time.  Jewelry, sayings and quotes or the success of others.   They keep us motivated and make us want to go on that run we’ve been dreading or finally register for that marathon.  But for me, this time around, it went so much deeper.  This little saying on my wrist is a reminder of the journey I’ve been on and the one I’m going to take.  I’m not sure what it will hold, but I want to find joy in it.  Even in the parts that are hard or horrible or messy or whatever.  Joy.  It’s possible to find joy in our journey’s.  I just love how often running relates to life.  It makes it kinda cool.  I know I’m totally cheesing it up today.  Hang with me, there is a giveaway coming…..

Want to have a wrap of your own?  Come on, you know you do.  I want you to have one too!!!! You can pick a foot note or wrap bracelet for the giveaway.  Comment below by telling me which one you would choose and why... Don’t feel like you need to pour your heart out or share all the most intimate details of your life.  Just a little something about you and your journey and which saying reflects you the best…..but if you need to gush, you are welcome to.  I do it all the time. Also go follow @momentumjewelry and Redheadontherun_1 on IG…ya’ll rock my socks off by the way.

You can check out the website here….Momentum Jewelry

Winner will be announced Friday.  Good luck ya’ll!  Thanks for choosing to follow along on my journey….even when I get all mushy.

36 comments on “Finding Joy in the Journey: A super cool giveaway

  1. Thanks Erin!! I thought I had responded and am just now seeing that it didn’t sorry!! LOVE Dig Deep and know how often I have to tell myself that!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment!!

  2. Lauren…I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to your comment!! I’m just realizing it and hate that I missed it! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I understand the mom pressures and finding joy in the mundane. And how fun that you know Meredith!!!! She’s one of my favorite people=)

  3. Hey Friend…parenting is hard isn’t it? And we’re still kind of at the starting line with Lila. I kinda find myself sludging through sometimes too and realize I’m missing so much joy in the seemingly mundane. Thanks for sharing friend!!!!

  4. Thank you Hillary!! I love your story. Isn’t it funny how we realize things later in life? I’m 33 and chasing after a career(apart from mommyhood, which is tops for me) that I never even knew I wanted when I was in college. I think we’re supposed to grow and change with age and time and I love that you have come to appreciate who YOU are. So easy to compare ourselves to other’s around us. Thanks for reading and I love love love hearing about your grandma. Love that small simple things like a certain color can remind us of people we love. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Hi Kelly,
    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and really appreciate it! I knew Meredith at Sky Ranch and she posted about it on Facebook. Anyways (felt like I needed an itro), as a mom of 3 too, I would choose “find joy in the journey” because I feel like I’ve been letting Satan steal my joy lately. It would be such a great reminder that i don’t have to let that happen, especially between the hours of 3-8!!

  6. Joy in the journey for sure because life’s circumstances are not always joyful but I can always use a reminder the God’s joy is what counts. Mine is especially when it comes to paenting – it is HARD! And I am not always joy filled or looking for the joy as I sludge thru it. I need all the help I can get and if it looks cute, even better!

  7. Kelly, what a thoughtful idea. I love it. I would choose the wrap bracelet that says “be the best version of YOU” in cardinal red, without a doubt. To be completely honest, I’m 27 years old and only recently have I really started to develop a positive, healthy, happy and vibrant relationship with myself. It’s taken a lot of hard work and energy to get there, and I am still working on it. I was always the one to question if I was good enough or doing the right thing. I’m so happy that I’ve come to the point in my life where I realize that everyday I am good enough at being exactly who I am. It’s a great feeling. And I would choose the cardinal red because it reminds me of my grandmother. Every time my mom sees a cardinal in the backyard, she says grammie is visiting. I just love that.

  8. Alicia I love this. Seriously. Live fearlessly is so applicable and doesn’t always mean jumping out of a plane or doing something crazy. So often it’s just in the simple things. The daily stuff. Letting go of what others think and just being you and going for things. Thanks for commenting!!!

  9. Candace, yes go get the book!! It’s so so good. I love that you have set a goal to run a 10k! I have found having a race on the calendar is a great motivator for me to keep going. I love that you and your hubs are doing it together. That is a huge gift in and of itself. Best of luck to you in your training!!!

  10. Lindsay I LOVE this!!! I love it also because often when I run I start out feeling terrible and several miles in start to fly and love it and remember why I do it. But, sometimes it takes a while to get there. Gotta keep going. Love this reminder and thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Hey Rae…love it. It is a daily commitment. Sometimes it’s super hard but always worth it. It always makes me feel so much better and relieves so much stress. Thanks for commenting!!

  12. Aw thank you Maggie!!! I love Be Brave. It’s tops to me too. I have a hard time breaking out of my comfort zone because it’s well, comfortable. Here’s to being brave and doing new things!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Hi Stephanie! Oh, babies. They change everything don’t they? In the very best way possible of course but they do change things. We have choices to make and I have found myself so often making excuses because I’m simply too tired to get up and move. I love that you want to set that example for your sweet girls. You are totally capable and I wish you ALL the best!!!!

  14. Hey Karen, oh the 3 kids. HA! I am so right there with you. All the noise and chaos at times takes away from what’s really there to enjoy and be thankful for. Today does count and it gets totally messy with all our worry. Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading and following along!!!

  15. Thanks Shelly! I can so relate to that right now. Life is busy and crazy and I get so stuck thinking about the next thing or all that I have to do that I miss stuff right in front of me. Thanks for sharing friend!!

  16. Hi Ashley!! I love that you pointed out our choice. It’s so true. We can let our trials deter us from joy and living or we can let them shape us into better versions of who we were before. Thank you for sharing YOUR heart. Thanks so much for reading!!!

  17. Kylie…I just love you! I think it’s hilarious that we were running together in Pittsburgh ha!! Next time Hawaii should be in the dream instead lol. Love Be Here Now. It’s so true right? I feel like I miss so much as well in my daily routine. Love that you have a story behind that and that you’ve allowed God to shape you on up into who He wants you to be. Thanks for sharing girl!!

  18. Hey Amy! How exciting about your upcoming marathon!! You will rock it. I love the run happy theme…there are so many I’d get but they won’t all fit on my shoes ha!! Thanks for sharing=)

  19. These are so cute! I would love a wrap, and it would say “Live fearlessly”. Fear can hold me back, mostly the fear of what other people would think.

  20. I love these! I’m a sucker for motivatonal sayings! I love the same one you have, find joy in the journey! I need the reminder to live for today and be thankful for all I’ve been blessed with rather than worry about the next steps of life!!

  21. I love the shoe ones! Super cute. I have neglected my health for way too long, as I’ve focused on caring for my kids. Hubby and I set a goal to run-ish a 10k in April. We are on week 3. Great post by the way. Sounds like I need to get my paws on that Brave book!

  22. I would pick a custom quote (I actually almost ordered it yesterday) and I’d use “Run Until You Fly”. I think it symbolizes to keep going no matter how hard the struggle and eventually you’ll soar.

  23. I would pick the “commit to be fit.” I am a runner with two small children and I have to remind myself that my exercise is a commitment and therefore important. 🙂

  24. I would love the “find joy in the journey” or “Be Brave” bracelet, to remind myself daily to take steps out of my comfort zone and try/do new things! Thanks for sharing so much and helping to inspire me!

  25. Oh my gosh, this is great. I would get the rectangle motivate wrap in eggplant, with the saying “no excuses.” Since having our 2nd baby in August I have been full of excuses. There’s no time. I’m tired. Blah blah blah. It was fine maybe for the first 3 months but now we are 6 months in and the baby weight isn’t budging while I make excuses. More importantly than that, as a mom of two daughters who will watch my every move as they grow up, by making excuses I am not setting a strong example for them. I want them to see a centered, confident mom who makes fitness & wellness a priority. Wearing this bracelet will be a daily reminder that the excuses must stop and that I am capable of being fit and strong.

  26. I would love the “find joy in the journey” bracelet to wear as a daily reminder that the journey (today) counts. I tend to worry (obsess) over the future and this would remind me to remain in the present. With three small kids it’s hard to enjoy the journey sometimes but there are always blessings to be found. Love your blog and I do follow you on IG 🙂

  27. Definitely would pick my theme for the year “Be Present”…..this is still challenging me every single day to actually take the time to be present and focus on the moment I am currently in instead of all the other things running through my mind!

  28. If I were to pick out a bracelet I would choose the saying “Find joy in the journey.” I would pick this one because over the last 3 years I have been through ALOT and I can’t believe how far I’ve grown as a person as a result of the trials that life throws our way. I have learned that we have a choice that we make- embrace the journey and find joy or to live a life miserable and unjoyful (is that a word??). Finding joy in the journey is a choice that I hope I can always make even when it isn’t easy but this super cute bracelet would be a great reminder :).

    Have a great day and thank you for sharing your heart! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  29. I’m such a simple makeup and jewelry person…I have many to choose from but I do/wear the same thing every day! But I love these wrap bracelets. Two years ago I went through a really random, hard break up (of the I love you but we don’t work right now variety) and it turned out to be a great thing because it really forced me to focus on MYself and MY life which is really what I should have been doing anyways but…fast forward and I have a great group of lifelong friends, I got closer to Jesus, I moved away from home for the first time for grad school, and I’m making my own life. I told my mom that this sounds conceited but I’ve realized I really like myself now! Haha. Anyways this year I am focusing on being present. God has blessed with me with so much opportunity and I feel like some days I just let it all pass by without really taking it in! I would probably customize a bracelet and make it say, “Be Here Now”. It’s the background of my laptop now. 😉

    P.S. You were in my dream last night! We went running together in Pittsburgh??? That’s my hometown hahaha

  30. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time!! I would pick either the “run happy” foot wrap because my theme for the year is joy. But also because that is my running theme all the time. 🙂 Or I would pick “26.2” because I’m about to run my first marathon!

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